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  1. They are not needed. I didn't build the Snaeggwen weapon and still got the trophy.
  2. I have killed 8 Aurogrinder in total now and still not 1 drop of Treasure Skin. At this point i think it is some kind of reward for maybe finishing all Quests or reaching a certain level in the Investigation Missions by Shusui. About that DLC: So far as i know that DLC only contains 1 Exp. class Aurogrinder.
  3. Does anyone know where to find "Treasure Skin"? I know that it is an Ult. Aurogrinder drop, but after killing 5 of these things there is still not even one drop. It wouldn't be such a big issue to create a new topic, if it weren't for the fact that the only way to encounter Aurogrinder are the Infinite Missions, and everytime i have to at least kill 15 Ult. class Oni to find 1 Aurogrinder. I know that there are also the Emergency Missions, but they don't let you save and quit, which means everytime you can only meet one Oni per Emergency Mission, you don't know which Oni it is and this Oni won't change. If anyone knows another method of farming the Aurogrinder or an other way to get this material please write it down here, so that everyone can know it.
  4. 1. FIFA South Africa 2010: I hate football games and the online servers are already offline so platinum = dead 2. Lost Planet 2: I don't want to try the same training level for 50+ hours to get a world record. 3. Homefront: I would have boosted it but the game was so full of bugs and glitches that i didn't want to force myself and the servers are offline. 4. Inversion: The multiplayer is played by maximum 5 people in a week and to get platinum you have to boost 200-400+ hours.
  5. Not sure how much you'll like this, Its a crossover of fast paced dubstep with hardcore rock, Fonik-Altered Dimensions: