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  1. bruh_peanut Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment I have no evidence anymore for this game, as I played it in 2018, but I am not sure why this is flagged
  2. Wow really, this game sucks on the PS4! I don't know if I am the only one that this happened to but I could not finish the game! Everytime I played after the sea battle against Crow the game froze up, and when I booted it back up all the entries in the log book were gone, my sea chart did not allow me to travel anywhere, my stats were locked and no NPC answered me correctly! I tried to play through this 12 times and it don't work... Really, why did the dev's leave such a horrible bug (among other) on the game and did not fix it? Just read and it was the same bug encountered by @Avatar_Of_Battle, maybe I will try again in the future
  3. The first one is fun to play, I have it on the Vita and am playing though it, for the looks of this one, it looks really evolved, at least the combat is way faster!
  4. In the end of the day I am a guy who has seen some positive notes on Arcania: The Complete Tale, and that is one bad looking game riddled with glitches, but fun in the end of the day. I like trying out new RPG that are launched in the west, so maybe when this goes on sale I will pick it up.
  5. So you guys think it is worth a buy?
  6. Hey guys, I was looking through trailers and gameplays of this game in other platforms, and let's say that the game does not look very much like a PS4 game, several comments say that the story is nice and the character development is good as well, but the gamplay is horrible, so anyone ever played this in another platform or the other games of the series? Trailer for PS4: If the story is nice, we can kind of overlook graphical flaws and what not, but if gameplay, graphics and story are all bad, it will be a hard pass... So any opinions on this game?
  7. The game is really fun! Glad to have gotten it, love this kind of plataformer! But guys, have you thought of modifying the trophies a little bit? like having the player finish the game for a trophy? Because some of the games you guys publish are really fun, like this one, I Am The Hero, Jack and Jill (Is really short but really good) Just a thought! 😁
  8. I am almost done with the Platinum, and got no glitches, it seems everthing is really working as expected in this one!
  9. One other tip I can give you is to have some other player in a party and communicate with him/her, I got most of the trophy by playing Breach with a friend, in which we stuck together and he started the fight with the other player, I waited outside until his life was flashing red and stepped in.
  10. This Hornet gameplay looks awesome, the string ball attack will be OP!!! Just hope it does not take years until it is launched in the PS4!
  11. Unfortunately the game does not allow to re-allocate in the start of the NG+, you will have to level up those points as you did in the NG. Yes, the moment you chose a new magic class that will be the trophy you will unlock when you clear the game, so if your first run through the game was as a Warrior, and in the selection of NG+ you selected Cleric, you will unlock Way of The Cleric when you beat the game. Hope it helps!
  12. I´m back to basics using the Black particle theme, that you can select by default in PS4. I was using for a long time the YS VIII theme, that is just stunning and from a game I fell in love with, but I always try to use the theme for games that really stayed with me.
  13. For me there are some trophies that take the cake in terms of being unbearable, but what I hate the most for sure is Multiplayer trophies, my reasons for this: I don't like MP so much as I used to, I liked playing MW, BO and MW2 online, but nowadays these new MP modes does not seem as fun, just grindy and monay-grabbing. Trophies like the ones in SWBF2, where you have to do impossibly boring tasks that requires absurd amounts of time, luck and some cases skill. Servers going down or being dead after a while, because of this we have several games where the trophies can never be earned again, and it sucks! MP aside, the others are manageable for me, I only find boring games where you have to replay several times and you can't skip cutscenes and dialogues.
  14. Nice video man! It can be a pain getting all those chests!
  15. Hi anyone still playing Terraria? If possible can anyone help me with the Pet Hoarder trophy? Is one of the last trophies I need for the platinum, any help would be incredibly appreciated!