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  1. I can also confirm the Tank Swap thing. I played probably 5 games prior and definitely met 300 dmg criteria, but picked Rammatra immediately. I played Junker Queen until I died, swapped, and got it pretty quickly within the same game, and I did NOT survive. I believe I was still holding my arms up when I died and it popped first time attempting the tank swap thing. Not sure if it is required to play any particular tank or hero at all, but as I need JQ wounded, I tend to pick her first anyway... Side note, it's kind of annoying how simple these ones are vs dumb stuff like Sojourn 4 killing blows while overclocked, and Baptiste's impossible amp matrix (don't even get me started on this BS, my max EVER while dying was 1800, and I have to do 2k without dying?!) I'm curious of this as well, because I swear that one is broken. I will have to try this out.
  2. I can also attest that this worked for me. I had tried to delete and redownload the game (after uploading save to PS+ cloud), and still got infinite load after 17B for the third time. After doing this, I was able to load through it.
  3. The trophy descriptions on here haven't been updated yet, at least not entirely. You'd have to go to PSN and see the actual descriptions for the up to date ones. Or you can look at the PS5 ones, those look to be correct
  4. Can also confirm that I logged in and within like 2 mins of landing from dropship in the high loot zone, I found a gold longbow and it popped right away. Got super lucky lol.
  5. I just realized, after checking the latest achievers of this trophy, nobody's gotten it since 5-10-22 lol... I don't think the gun list will rotate until next season right? Either that, or waiting for an actual update to fix it. I guess that'll be the quick way to check if anything's changed with it.
  6. It had been removed from digital purchasing for a while due to losing licensing on some of the archival history footage used in cutscenes. They recently posted on the Japanese Metal Gear Twitter about the 35th anniversary, and that they are still working to get MGS of all kinds back to digital storefronts. So it should be available again soon-ish. Supposedly should account for PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, and PSNow for the collection, then Snake Eater for 3DS, and some others for GOG and Nvidia Shield (according to the list of the delisted titles)
  7. Can confirm I also had this glitch occur. I had stopped playing when I first picked it up, and I checked where I was vs collectible guide, and I was behind 1 bottle (one between 1-9). So naturally, I went back thru the beginning and I had no bottles to pick up, so I guess I'll be needing a second playthru just to recollect bottles =/
  8. I got mine relatively quickly. I did solo S rank only tranq-ing and then joined a group, and shot off tail, broke head and wings, and tranq'd and got it either first or second game I tried. I found the lowest effort way to fight these MH bosses is to take bandana, stun grenades, sleep grenades, and any LMG (I kept MG3 or M134). You can stunlock the main monster if you time and position the stun grenades right in front of him and have them go off right after certain animations, and either throw a sleep at the little dinos, or just let them get sleeped from proximity. When the monster shakes off the stun, and the stars disappear over their head, you can already have a stun grenade waiting. I think they DO get stunned out of the wake-up animation, if I am remembering correctly. But yeah basically stun, and sleep the tiny dinos, shoot the tail until it severs, shoot the wings and head until you see the spikes on each have breaks in them, and then sleep grenade like crazy for the S rank. I'm not gonna say this is necessarily the fastest or highest drop rate, but just sharing something I found to be pretty easy to do. Will work with Tigrex and Gear REX as well, though Tigrex likes to wake up the little dinos with tail swipes and such, more often. I did get my drop in about 5-7 kills, but only broke all parts maybe twice? I think I just got really lucky on this one. Just be careful, it's easy to clip a tiny dino with your MG fire because they like to jump at you, and will jump into your line of bullets.
  9. Ah, fair enough. I took a very long break after season 9 (Around when Brigitte was announced/playable), until about 2 months ago, so that would make sense. They are not trophies on PSN though, and not categorized separately like most of the other seasonal stuff, so maybe that's my assumption. Thanks for the info.
  10. Based on glancing over some things in the beta, going through the heroes and filtering "Achievement" sprays, I can only assume that the list will likely convert over to OW2 instead. Especially those heroes that have completely different abilities in OW2, such as Orisa, the trophy list seems to have been changed. The trophy that was originally the "Halt State" trophy for pulling enemies into 1000 damage with Halt! ability, is now awarded for Terrable Terrable Damage achievement, which Terra Surge is her new Ult. Many others that are different abilities now have the same pattern. All of the other sprays are still there and show "Unlocked by completing X achievement". Currently Junker Queen and Sojourn do not really have anything viewable in the Hero Gallery, they are either 0/0 or 0/1 (Junker Queen lets you view her Gold weapon for some reason). I did notice it seems only the DLC heroes that have been updated somehow with their abilities, have different achievement titles, but the launch heroes have the same, even though some are changed up quite a bit. Bastion's kit is quite different, same titles. Cassidy still has "Whoa There!" but his flashbang is now a magnetic grenade and doesn't interrupt anything. Doomfist still has "Cratered"... unfortunately... but the other one is now "Super Power Punch". (Edit: clarified in a reply these are from Bounty Hunter mode in Arcade) I also see 3 new achievement sprays that don't exist in current OW. "Not So Fast, Outlaw" which looks like Widow and Orisa fighting each other, "Pay Up" which looks like Ashe and a tiger skin Bob stalking like hunters, and "Quick on the Draw" which shows Mc-Cassidy in a chinese style hat after headshotting 3 silhouettes behind him. Wondering if these will be PvE achievements/trophies. So my hunch on this, is that we will probably have OW1 get converted to OW2, and a PS5 list will be created. Regarding the PvE, if it were to get converted, I would think it would become a "DLC" list outside of the platinum. Actually kinda makes sense, since the PvP portion is expected to be F2P and you'll be paying for the PvE if I remember correctly. I think it would be weird in either scenario, where they would create a new list separate from OW1, and you would either get credit for both games, or OW1 would just cease to be achievable anymore. I don't think they would do that, and knowingly piss off many people, but then again Diablo Immortal happened lol.
  11. I tried this on the PS4 version, when it originally launched, up til lvl like 56-58, and couldn't get em both equipped simultaneously. I got both PS4 and PS5 within a 12 hour period, now level 63 or something. I do think it is a lot easier/more common to get gold drops, especially with all the random bonus stuff laying around (the boxing arena place, various switches that drop loot, creatures carrying loot, etc.). I can say that I was playing a lot of lifeline for most of it, just for the extra care packages, and cleaning up behind team fights, especially if we won them. I was trying to grind out unlocking Loba to try that method, but I got both before then. When I had Loba on my team, I didn't see much gold armor/helmets either, but RNG is a thing that exists. I say all this being only decent at the game. I don't know how helpful this info is, but I do know after hours and hours playing previously grinding all the other trophies out while I had some friends to play with, that I was stuck with this one as the last one. After wanting to clear up some high% trophy lists, and the PS5 version, I got them both very quickly in comparison just queueing solo and hoping for good RNG/Lifeline drops. If going for it with Lifeline, (other than people seeming to not be greedy on the loot) most people will let you get dibs, and it also helps if your teammates are a bit away from you in case they are greedy lol... I tried sort of following the suggestions here, but I wasn't fully aware of how the newer stuff worked, so I did it with RNG and luck.
  12. Can confirm, picked up a P2020 all gold today, and nothin. Also picked one up earlier (either today or yesterday) but it was looted from a corpse. The one from today was straight off the ground, and I checked that all 3 attachments were also gold.
  13. Just recently played this game, I had purchased it quite a while ago, but never got around to it. Saw Adam Conover on G4 give it huge props and prompted me to get through it. (He also name dropped The Witness, also a great puzzle game) Very unique game, I'm proud to say I was able to 100% it without a guide (except the Captain Trophy, which was more of a for fun afterthought anyway). I like the way it only tells you when you get 3 things right at a time, so you're kind of always unsure of what you think you knew. I got hung up on the last two-fer to finish the boat, but I had to just look more carefully and realize what I thought, was wrong. Simple premise, but I really enjoyed it. I really liked how you had to kind of go back and really observe the whole scene, sometimes multiple in order, to see how something progressed, especially when a death was not the highlight of the scene, and the people just "disappeared". There is definitely some educated guesswork to be done, but once you finish it, it's much more obvious based on context how to figure everything out. There were a few groups of people that I knew what they were, but not who, and it just was a matter of changing the names once between "3 fates correct" updates, until it worked. You can't for sure deduce everyone's identity without a few guesses, at least in my unguided experience. I had a few bouts of matching Names ABCD to people 1234 and just shuffling them around until fates were correct, since there weren't any names mentioned. Thoroughly enjoyed this game though, will need to get back to Papers, Please too. (there's a short film about Papers, Please, that is on youtube also!) Definitely recommend to anyone who likes figuring out puzzles on their own.
  14. I've had it crash on me 3 times now, total. Once, similarly, I had fallen asleep playing, and when I woke up, found it to be off, and unplugged PS5, replugged and powered on, to find my save data big rip. Then I realized it doesn't seem to upload or update the save file until the game closes, or maybe goes to main menu? (wondering now, is it just pulling the last save from the cloud when recovering?) I had checked to make sure cloud backup was on, and it was. Had it happen another time specifically putting it into rest mode, before knowing of this issue, to find that my PS5 crashed again. Last night it happened to me, when I was playing. I played for about an hour and a half, staying up late to finish a mini dungeon. Was on my way outside to grace-tp to safety to turn it off for the night, and while on the elevator, opened map, and boom, crashed. Might have tried going to PS dashboard to look at something quickly, but I don't remember. Reloaded PS5 to look at the timestamp on my cloud save, and all that progress gone. It's not too awful, considering I know where to go again, and what to expect... From now on, I'm gonna just restart PS5 before playing, try to exit game often enough to make sure stuff saves, and try not to fall asleep playing lol. Sucks though, I can't be sure to remember everything I did and where I went... But it'll be the most I can do to prevent the issue until resolution.
  15. (Subtitles to explain what's happening in the video, as well as detailed description!) I followed a lot of what was said here, and in the guides, and watching different Sol Cheese videos. This was my outcome. I did the double jump to grab strategy, as it worked for me most consistently. The dash grab timing wasn't working for me. Basically I did 4 grabs into the wall, and once he got stunned, I tried to dash toward to get enough tension to sneak in a Tyrant Rave wall break, which didn't happen in the video I made, but IT'S POSSIBLE... Then just continued the double jump grabs. Any time he is stunned, I tried to Tyrant Rave wall break, it does 3-4 grabs worth of damage, and can speed things up quite a bit. That's 3-4 less chances of getting clipped out of a jump... Once he is in the orange, (even slightly before, if his HP is close to the burst meter) substitute dash grabs for the double jumps, as he will wait and sometimes clip you with his attacks, and it's more consistent to dash grab at this point. You can also more aggressively dash grab after certain attacks that wouldn't work before he changes tactics. Technically nothing new here, but sharing in case someone has similar problems with other strategies that might help idk. Good luck, this fight is BS lol. (now to try again on PS5 version sometime...)