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  1. Watched over 50 replays twice with no effect. My first attempt I hit "Rewatch" on the same video. My second attempt I put 25 favorited videos on a continuous playlist and watched it twice. Are their special unlock criteria not listed? For reference I'm skipping to the last round via pause menu, fast forwarding x8 through the last rounds. I'm getting numbers on the "view" counters attached to each video. EDIT: Got it eventually, definitely don't hit "Replay" on the same video over and over lol. I think it wants the physical view counter to go up. If I had to guess that's the way to verify your replays count.
  2. If you're a completionist you may want to overlook this one. Though still completely feasible to complete, they have updated the time allotted for completing the Time Trials trophies. Originally given 4:00, you now have 2:34 to get a 30x multiplier and 12,000 with a 1x multiplier for two separate trophies. The rest of the trophies are unaffected but sometime in 2016, most likely to coincide with the Vita to PS4 port, they (thankfully) switched the 64 medals trophy to just 40 but shortened the time trial. Not meant to be comprehensive here just a heads up that this can be difficult or at least frustrating.
  3. Can confirm that provisional government area tends to crash the game. Luckily didn't have any corrupted saves. Crashed on two separate playthroughs; first during the final boss and second during the slog towards the final boss.