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  1. pop in the cutscene try kill the final boss in heroic then finish the game
  2. warp to the last area and kill Phoenix and go through the level to the last boss and kill it
  3. Do the debug glitch , boost your damage to 2000% , active inf HP , DO NOT level up , get all items , warp to last area , kill the Boss and finish the game ( hit the yellow circle in the middle of the room ) this how i got it
  4. that what the glitch for they know no one can do it so they give as a glitch to increase the sales , EASY PLAT = MORE MONEY
  5. why they are still in the leaderboard , most of the fastest achievers using saves their trophies not in order . everyone here grid for some of the hardest trophies legit and then he get compared with a cheater .
  6. 😐 just boost the damage to 2000% and teleport to the last area with out LEVELING and finish the game .