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  1. I liked the game at first but soon it became too repetitive. All that running SUCKS. Wish the combat wasn't so boring as well.
  2. This game is not hard at all, especially since you're able to activate God Mode from the get go. Once you unlock a few skills in the mirror, it's almost impossible to die. It can be time consuming, but as long as you focus on talking to everyone from the start and change weapons, you should be finished by the time you reach the epilogue and upgrade all keepsakes.
  3. well, I just beat the game on hard for the first time (while getting all the chapter-related trophies, which means often quitting the game and hitting continue) and the trophy popped up normally at the end. I also got all the tarot cards on the way. I remember acessing the options menu too but that didn't void the trophy, it seems. PS: I made sure to not get noticed on "Child's Play" or swap between characters as mentioned by some users above, so maybe that did the trick, idk.
  4. one of my favorite games from the X360 era got 52 on metacritic, so no, I never really cared about reviews and never will.
  5. Congrats, guys! Always fun to see everyone's guides. Keep up the good work πŸ˜„
  6. I don't know anything below that, but Bound is sitting at 0.67% rn and it's a nice and fun challenge if you're into platforming.
  7. Fall Guys. Some friends wanted to play together and I just got onboard; they ended up getting the platinum and I ended up hating that game. It's not even hard, since I already have the 5 wins in a row trophy, I just didn't like it. Oh, and Outlast 2 was too scary for me. Also couldn't finish RDR2's prologue.
  8. I mean, you can do this with pretty much every permadeath mode as long as they allow you to quit without having to restart the game...
  9. I don't know if it has been said here already, but you don't need a second controller to get all collectibles on Jak 2: you can just have 2 accounts logged at the same time and press L3 + X on the second one with the same controller ☺️
  10. Thanks for letting me know! I'll keep an extra eye out now 😬
  11. hi, do you guys know if this has been fixed? I'll make sure to complete the coliseum before upgrading all weapons just to be sure lol
  12. Thanks! It worked like a charm
  13. Hey, just to confirm: did you play on the PS4 or do you mean the PS4 version but playing on the PS5?
  14. It seems the base death gambit game was replaced by the afterlife version in the PS store. Does the debug still works?
  15. I don't know if it's been fixed or what, but I just did as opti said and it worked 100%. I didn't play in a single run as stated by other users and I used chapter select quite often to activate the assist mode. Got all the trophies normally by grabbing one of each collectible type on classic.