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  1. Oh ok thanks! I was planning on playing them again tomorrow and if not, I'll make a new save.
  2. i have messaged the publisher and sent them a video and hopefully they get back to me. if you have any luck getting the plat, please let me know. if i haven't heard back from them, im going to delete my save and start over and hopefully that works.
  3. Trophies still bugged. Time trials, and collect them all mini games. In the third area of the collect them all mini game, level 2 just ends before you get all of thr treats but says you got all of them. Does anybody have any information on how to fix these bugs? Stuck at 27,772/30,000.
  4. I'm guessing the trophies are story related? Can anyone confirm please?
  5. your advice is perfect, lol forgot to mention cars. The "best" car in the game is the Octane, everyone uses it and it is very balanced it terms of its hit box.
  6. Always do training whenever you are waiting to play a game. Try the training packs that you feel would be too hard for you at your current level. I've been playing for years and I still have things to learn, but it's never too late to get better at Rocket League. Another thing is your settings and camera, I would look up what the pros use and mimic their settings the best you can because it is what most people use as they progress higher in the ranks. What is your rank btw? Don't be afraid to "ball chase" because that is one way to actually get better, but keep in mind that you have to remember that your teammates will not always agree with what you do on the field. That being said, you can either take the initiative and always go for the ball or play around to how your teammates play. Playing around your teammates is a must as you get better but ball chasing is a good way for new people to understand how the game works on the field. Lmk if you want more advice, I literally play this game everyday for some reason, but it is addicting lol.
  7. yes, ho boat didn't pop for me, you just have to start a new game and do the mission again. make sure you make a couple of saves before starting the mission.
  8. powerpyx has a guide on his website with all the details you need
  9. so i just got him to appear. really weird, but my internet crashed and i hopped back on and it worked first try. i would say just close the app until he appears
  10. how did u get him to appear?
  11. lol thanks for agreeing haha. idk why im paranoid, but going to grind it anyway. hope you are enjoying!
  12. probably a dumb question, but how often should i save? maybe like after every main mission?
  13. I think it is the best thing for them, more audience = more money for them and then more games for us! I think I read somewhere that they are trying to make multiple games at a time which is amazing. I pre ordered the game and people were skeptical, but it is insanely good. Your 6 reasons to play are perfect for people who want to enjoy a top tier game haha
  14. All I have to say is...if The Last of Us goes to PC, then I will be mad! lol, not really, but very disappointed with this decision. Only on playstation used to mean something, not anymore...
  15. is it so horrible to get the plat? on a scale of 1-10 of how bad is it?