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  1. so i just got him to appear. really weird, but my internet crashed and i hopped back on and it worked first try. i would say just close the app until he appears
  2. how did u get him to appear?
  3. lol thanks for agreeing haha. idk why im paranoid, but going to grind it anyway. hope you are enjoying!
  4. probably a dumb question, but how often should i save? maybe like after every main mission?
  5. I think it is the best thing for them, more audience = more money for them and then more games for us! I think I read somewhere that they are trying to make multiple games at a time which is amazing. I pre ordered the game and people were skeptical, but it is insanely good. Your 6 reasons to play are perfect for people who want to enjoy a top tier game haha
  6. All I have to say is...if The Last of Us goes to PC, then I will be mad! lol, not really, but very disappointed with this decision. Only on playstation used to mean something, not anymore...
  7. is it so horrible to get the plat? on a scale of 1-10 of how bad is it?
  8. I bought this game and immediately hated the controls. My tips for you is to get used to moving side to side behind cover and waiting for the AI to come to you or kill themselves (in the later rounds). Good thing is they follow a pattern, and honestly being patient is the key to killing the AI. I hope this helps, I know its not a lot of info, but it helped me plat it.
  9. sorry if this is a stupid question, but i haven't played MP in years, so if i am doing bad on my journey, i can quit the entire game and i won't lose or gain days correct?
  10. I would love to help, but i just remembered i have finals from the release date til the 10th. and after that im flying to NY haha. i will be getting the game after the 14th though, so would you like me to message you then if you still would like help?
  11. need help please, once i do this, im not able to connect to the internet. it will take a few seconds, and then sail FAILED on ps4 when i test. what do i do?
  12. hey, if you would like help with the guide, because i might get the game, i would be happy to help just let me know
  13. ok thx. so if i dont get it after trying when i hop back on the game, do i just make a new save and ill have the mines to do it or does it take a bit to get them? sorry idk lol
  14. @djb5f haha thank you! i will get the DLC. Also, do get that platinum, good luck. Never played a Mafia game until 3, and I loved it!
  15. Thinking about getting season pass soon since it is on sale. I have been looking around for the glitched trophies, are they still glitched to this day? @Spinosaurus Rex when you mean from scratch, do you just mean the DLC or the whole game? I haven't played in a very long time sorry.