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  1. Picked these up recently to add to my PS5 collection. Got them all cheap, except for The Ascent.
  2. they fixed it. there is now exactly enough treats to get the trophy. you still may encounter bugs during the main missions, but it won't mess up any trophies, just making you restart the level. hope this helps
  3. Spending another hour on the ps5 version trying to get the multitasking trophy. This is INSANE. I have a group of over 10 people and the most I've gotten so far is 3 people only two times out of over 100 now. This is so broken. I'm so frustrated after speed running the game and now I have to wait foe this trophy to work...
  4. Been trying to get the Multitasking trophy and it doesn't work. They run away or he just KOs 2 people then stops. Please help. This is ridiculous So its a little buggy. Spent over an hour trying to figure out why it wasn't working. It worked on level 4 after many tries. I don't know why, but I hope this helps.
  5. oh ok, yea i would think there would be little items that may be "missable" i look forward to playing, hopefully a guide comes soon
  6. The game looks pretty interesting and may pick it up this month. Trophies don't seem too difficult, but that depends on the "combat" of saving your cubs. Haven't heard much of the game, just saw it pop up on GameFly and decided I would give it a try someday. Let me know if there are any new info on the game
  7. oh ok, sounds good thanks! may grab it next month. had my eye on the game for awhile, but never looked at gameplay or heard much about it haha
  8. how difficult was hard mode? any major differences?
  9. Yea I agree, but I don't pay for them because I have GameFly, but still $40 to start is a bit much imo. Getting it on sale for a holiday or birthday for your kid is good though. So far I have enjoyed every game they have released that I have 100% Made a couple guides as well, but still enjoyable to turn your brain off and chill haha.
  10. Getting this game next week hopefully, so I might make a quick guide. I like Outright Games, and basically play all the new ones that drop. Simple and easy kids games with good trophies, but very pricey for a few hours of gameplay.
  11. Super excited about this and know nothing. Buying the collector's edition because the extra stuff is pretty cool. Trophy wise, this may be tough but hopefully not too bad if someone writes a guide.
  12. It was fixed. Had to restart and re-download the game twice.
  13. I have scanned both the Normal scrapper and apex but it won't show up in the notebook. Is there a way to fix this? Already beat the game and don't have a super early save. I rushed through the game and beat it in 8 hours yet it hasn't unlocked the entire time.
  14. It is a bit weird to have them, and I forgot they existed as I got the trophies. It's not that they are bad, but some look very similar, especially some of the glasses. Kind of glad the game wasn't third person, but it doesn't bother me. The game was just too grindy and the entire game is going for collectibles lol.
  15. here, cut out the rest of DMs that are old and about PAW Patrol. this will honestly not seem like perfect proof, but its what they sent me. just the same thing i posted above...and if its not enough, then ill just delete my entire conversation lol