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  1. is it so horrible to get the plat? on a scale of 1-10 of how bad is it?
  2. I bought this game and immediately hated the controls. My tips for you is to get used to moving side to side behind cover and waiting for the AI to come to you or kill themselves (in the later rounds). Good thing is they follow a pattern, and honestly being patient is the key to killing the AI. I hope this helps, I know its not a lot of info, but it helped me plat it.
  3. sorry if this is a stupid question, but i haven't played MP in years, so if i am doing bad on my journey, i can quit the entire game and i won't lose or gain days correct?
  4. I would love to help, but i just remembered i have finals from the release date til the 10th. and after that im flying to NY haha. i will be getting the game after the 14th though, so would you like me to message you then if you still would like help?
  5. need help please, once i do this, im not able to connect to the internet. it will take a few seconds, and then sail FAILED on ps4 when i test. what do i do?
  6. hey, if you would like help with the guide, because i might get the game, i would be happy to help just let me know
  7. ok thx. so if i dont get it after trying when i hop back on the game, do i just make a new save and ill have the mines to do it or does it take a bit to get them? sorry idk lol
  8. @djb5f haha thank you! i will get the DLC. Also, do get that platinum, good luck. Never played a Mafia game until 3, and I loved it!
  9. Thinking about getting season pass soon since it is on sale. I have been looking around for the glitched trophies, are they still glitched to this day? @Spinosaurus Rex when you mean from scratch, do you just mean the DLC or the whole game? I haven't played in a very long time sorry.
  10. You should plat destiny 2 since its really easy
  11. i wish it was working lol. its still down for me. not too mad cuz i havent played all day, but still coming home to it again is annoying haha.
  12. hey, my first recon game i owned was Wildlands, and i played one a long time ago. So, are the others more linear or what?
  13. Single player is free, PS Plus only required for online multiplayer. Some trophies require you to play online races. But most are single player. there are 5 online trophies i believe.
  14. Hey my clan is recruiting members both for trophies and for end game. Clan name: Army of Godz. We are gearing up for raids and want anyone to join, even new players. We help level players up and get them good gear for end game. If you are interested, message me on PSN and I will invite you there. We also have a discord for people to message others and leaders for the game. Here is the link:
  15. yes this will happen if u play too long and have too many towers on the map. its how the game has always been, even on pc. i recommend not using many towers, and if you're going for the plat, u dont need many towers to complete all the maps
  16. March 5th.
  17. idk why its $35 on some website i saw lol
  18. @Squirlruler nevermind i got it lol. thx tho! so random
  19. Hi, I logged out of my account and can't get back in. I am able to login to the forums and all, but I even changed my password, and it still won't let me in. What am I doing wrong? I know my password for a fact.
  20. Hi was wondering if anyone could help me out later today. FarSideOfSaturn might be busy, so I'm looking for help. Please message me PSN if you can help. I will also set up gaming session and ask there as well
  21. @Rowdi thank you for telling me, ik I gave some misinformation because I haven't played in awhile. Just wanted them know it's really simple. My way of help always messes up somehow haha. But truly thanks for correcting me. And thanks to everyone else for correcting me as well. Sorry @LethalLuke1993
  22. @LethalLuke1993 Yo, I do not have forsaken because I stopped playing early, but the plat is really really easy. My advice is that you find people to play with ASAP to speed up the grind and hard stuff. Basically playing through the campaign 3x and completing events will help you lvl up your character quicker. The raid will be even easier with the forsaken DLC, because the light level of the enemies will be the same while you will be higher after grinding forsaken. Might take a bit to get used to the raid if you don't know, but it is fun with friends and can take less than an hour to complete. Another hard part is the "Lest Ye Be Judged" trophy which is PvP and it sucks in this game if you don't conform quickly with certain play styles. You do need a fairly good team to play this type of PvP. All in all, if you are grinding this game daily or whatever with people, the plat will seem like no big deal. I would suggest watching vids on the raid if you are not familiar and PvP strategies for that one trophy I mentioned. So time wise, I would say 1-3weeks depending on people you play with and how much you play. I hope this helped lol, I love destiny, but it died for me b4 forsaken.
  23. Is there only 1 list? I got the play on ps4 and wanted to get it on the vita, but idk if they stack or not. Do they just share a list? Help please! lol
  24. ok thx im stupid lol. wow thx sorry for being dumb haha
  25. I can help ya out. Just message me.