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  1. I also have trophy lists for F1® 2019, SAMURAI SHODOWN, Mini-Mech Mayhem, Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry, Judgment and The Sinking City. Just haven't revealed them, cause figured no one really cared, but if you wanna see them, let me know!
  2. no credit to me? geez lol
  3. 100% trophy rarity on Sony's servers. meaning someone out there already has the platinum. hmmmm might be from that notorious trophy hacker, In_Her_Own_Words
  4. Like title says, here's the PSN store link to the Hong Kong version.
  5. what are your trophy thoughts? I love the trophy names and description lmao.
  6. yeah. pathetic. I remember seeing people asking around for Nidhogg 2 and both Attacking Zegeta games. Because all trophies had rarity percentages. That's where i found out about their account names. I check up on them every now and then to see where they're at lol.
  7. actually, there's 3 notorious trophy hackers out there that have almost every single PlayStation game on their account. All 3 accounts have a total of 250,438 out of 253,376 trophies tracked with 5,564 Platinums. Yeah all hacked instantly. These users are, In_Her_Own_Words, Platastical and AzraelsNightmare. As I was searching to see where they're at now. I saw their latest game being this game, The End Is Nigh. 6
  8. niceee
  9. hi. For those who wanted to see what the trophy icon for "Total Disrespect - Defeat an opponent as Bug-Vorah" looked it. I guess this is what the unknown character looks like?
  10. i have both already but didnt leak list because didnt think it was popular enough for people would care lol
  11. trying. bare with me
  12. lucky , I was maxed rank already from the digital version and they didn't auto-pop on LRG version since couldn't rank up anymore lol but yeah for those who are maxed rank like me, on LGR version gotta reset stats from main menu :/