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  1. niceee
  2. hi. For those who wanted to see what the trophy icon for "Total Disrespect - Defeat an opponent as Bug-Vorah" looked it. I guess this is what the unknown character looks like?
  3. i have both already but didnt leak list because didnt think it was popular enough for people would care lol
  4. trying. bare with me
  5. lucky , I was maxed rank already from the digital version and they didn't auto-pop on LRG version since couldn't rank up anymore lol but yeah for those who are maxed rank like me, on LGR version gotta reset stats from main menu :/
  6. For Borderlands GOTY? it's the exact same list as PS3. with all 4 DLC sets.
  7. I believe this is for Borderlands GOTY, i think? I'm not sure.
  8. For those looking to get Race The Run Limited Run version. the cross-save is still the same as original version. Example, if you 100% the original version you'll be rank 25 on Limited Run version, to earn the rank trophies, in the main menu go to Options and check "Disable cross-save" it'll reset the game stats you'll now be rank 1 to start ranking up again. Also the Portal Bug glitch from original game doesn't work. The portal level is not in Space, it's undersea new level. I love the game, was hard to get that 5 million score in 1 run. Good luck.
  9. Here's a link with all trophy icons uploaded. Enjoy https://imgur.com/a/RWUCaRM
  10. Emerald Shores EU version does indeed share the same trophy list as NA version.
  11. why another thread? I already posted it.
  12. it's revealed on reddit, i'm just citing myself on here. plus, pictures are blurred. so no more copyright strikes. i think o.o
  13. Here's the screenshots! Enjoy! Please don't doubt me next time lol