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  1. why another thread? I already posted it.
  2. it's revealed on reddit, i'm just citing myself on here. plus, pictures are blurred. so no more copyright strikes. i think o.o
  3. Here's the screenshots! Enjoy! Please don't doubt me next time lol
  4. Why doubt? why would I even make up a trophy list, like for real? lol I wouldn't make up the trophy names and trophy description lmao I don't that much time on my hands but hey, I guess showing picture for proof doesn't hurt. give me a couple minutes and I'll share screenshots of the list!
  5. sure, here it is. ACE COMBAT 5 THE UNSUNG WAR has a total of 30 trophies. 1 Platinum, 7 Gold, 4 Silver and 18 Bronze. Enjoy!
  6. Yes, AC5 has 30 trophies!
  7. I will try!
  8. it is hackers, look at @AzraelsNightmare profile. he does indeed have Life is Strange 2 100%, both Walking Dead Final Season 100% and both Attacking Zegeta 100%. smh
  9. at least @ me thanks
  10. the Kingdom Hearts 3 trophy list is nice. I can't share it on here though. i'll post a reddit link soon!
  11. Unfortunately, Capcom's legal department has contacted Sly, the owner of this site, and me to remove the thread of the Resident Evil 2 trophy list, due to copyright reasons. Will not go into furthermore details, sorry. Also I'm not allowed to share anymore trophy lists here again. This is an important update. Apologies to anyone looking forward for upcoming early trophy list viewing from me.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Conker


      thats bs, you weren't doing anything wrong, not like you were showing of gameplay of the game, its just a trophy list geez

    3. Elvick_


      that's dumb

    4. SunnyCrappyYT


      Ladies 'n gentleman, they got him. 

  12. I don't even have the game yet. but when i do, i will
  13. sup, just got premium, finally had the chance to change this awful name 'MyAssStretched' to my new PSN name DeftonesBand. my original name was a troll account I used to get reactions. And of course I signed up with psnprofiles as the account linked, which was a mistake, but whatever. My old PSN account was banned back in August 2018 obviously from the name. I'm not a girl as stated from the About Me on my troll account. That girl is actually some random girl I found on Instagram. Reason I didn't want to just create a new psnp account with my new PSN account linked was because I started a reputation of leaking trophy lists to games before they're published onto the servers. This is what I want to keep doing. Well this is my story of my username. Reason I picked DeftonesBand, well they're my favorite band. Feel free to add me on PSN!

    1. Deluziion90


      Maybeeee you should double check your profile on here if you want to change the troll part 😂

    2. MidnightDragon


      Yea, kinda hard to take your lists seriously with a name like that, though we all know they're real by now. xD