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  1. I have another early copy of a game that doesn't come out until October 9th. a PSVR game called Evasion. There are a lot of Hidden Trophies. I just thought that the trophy hunters might like to know the list 20 days before release date since trophy list is not published onto the servers yet!
  2. I know the site is a scam obviously lol but it just interesting to see stuff like this lmao
  3. So I was searching through the web looking to see why no one has gotten a single trophy in this game, from what I know there are 3 users out there that have it hacked. So i found this web site called and they have both Attacking Zegeta games for 100% trophies for sale at $1,000. Though there are reviews for some of their games they offer. Have a look,
  4. yes this game has trophies, though they may not be published onto Sony's servers yet.
  5. I'm not reviewer/influencer. If asked how I was able to get the said early copy is not my saying to tell, sorry. If somewhere down the lines trophies has spoilers in them, to be fair, it's just a trophy list, I believe that trophy hunters would like to see the list way before release date, that's just my take on it. I'm new to this site since July of this year, if any problems occur in future postings of leaked trophy lists for unreleased games, then a moderator can do what he needs to my thread. I don't think leaking a trophy list is a bad unless you signed a contract saying otherwise but like i said I haven't.
  6. I have an early copy of Assassin's Creed® Odyssey and though I can't share anything about it I thought to just show the trophy set, just like I did for Shadow of The Tomb Raider 2 weeks before it's official release. There are a lot of Hidden Trophies. Later today, I will make a full list in text!
  7. This game will have 3 stacks. a NA set, EU set and a JPN set. already have all 3 stacks on my blank user loaded.
  8. This has to be the Japanese version stack. not physical. The Japanese version comes out 9/27/18. also there's already a place-holder spot for it in the Japanese PSN Store here, Here's a YouTube video
  9. I have a Full Trophy List in text, There are a total of 64 trophies, 1 platinum, 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 60 Bronze trophies! Trophy Type - Trophy Name - Trophy Description Platinum - Chalice of Torment - Earn all Trophies Bronze - Treasures from the Past - Decipher a Monolith Bronze - Archeologist - Complete an Artifact Collection Bronze - Dr. Croft - Complete all Artifact Collections Bronze - Stele Hunter - Complete 3 Challenge Tombs Silver - Tomb Raider - Complete all Challenge Tombs in the main campaign Bronze - Chain Gang - Perform the Serpent's Fury 3 times Bronze - Like a Shadow - Stealth takedown 25 enemies Bronze - To the Nines - Restore and equip a matching vestige outfit Bronze - Makeshift Arsenal - Fully upgrade a weapon Bronze - Up to the Challenge - Complete 5 Challenges Bronze - Resting Places - Uncover 3 Crypts' secrets Bronze - Thread the Past - Restore 5 vestige outfit pieces Bronze - Help thy Neighbor - Complete a Side Mission Silver - Good Samaritan - Complete 8 Side Missions Bronze - Surprise! - Perform 5 Eagle's Talon takedowns Bronze - First Steps - Purchase a Skill Bronze - Specialized - Earn all Skills in one category Bronze - Treasure Hunter - Find and open all the Conquistador treasure chests Bronze - Asking Price - Buy an item from a merchant Bronze - Tables Turned - Kill 5 enemies while they are searching for Lara Bronze - Look, Over There! - Kill 3 enemies while they are distracted Bronze - Total Party Kill - Kill 5 enemies with friendly fire Bronze - Playing with Fire - Burn 2 enemies simultaneously Bronze - Gunslinger - Perform 3 headshots in 3 seconds with the pistol Bronze - Last Known Position - Lose the enemy 10 times Bronze - Beast of Legend - Defeat the Nahual Bronze - Sixth Sense - Hunt and kill 10 enemies while Perception is active Bronze - In the Moment - Kill 10 enemies while Focus is active Bronze - Made to Endure - Takedown 10 enemies while Endurance is active Bronze - Como Te Llama - Pet 5 llamas Bronze - Underwater Archeologist - Collect 5 underwater Artifacts Bronze - New Heights - Complete a climb after finding the Overhang Climbing Gear Bronze - That's a Knife! - Fully upgrade the knife Bronze - Zoologist - Collect 20 critters Bronze - Legendary Hunter - Hunt and loot 5 rare animals Bronze - Untold Riches - Gather 40 gold ore Bronze - Marksman - Perform 20 headshots with the bow Bronze - First Blood - Perform a Stealth Takedown from a mud-covered wall Bronze - Unwelcome Guests - Get rid of the pillagers outside of Kuwaq Yaku Bronze - I Believe Hakan Fly - Rescue Hakan from the cultists Bronze - Hearts and Minds - Retrieve Manko's Necklace Bronze - On the Go - Craft special ammunition 50 times Bronze - Point of Interest - Learn of 5 interesting locations from civilians Bronze - Thanksgiving - Shoot a turkey with a Flare Round Bronze - Better Equipped - Get 3 pieces of equipment Bronze - Path of the Stars - Decipher the Path of the Stars Bronze - Día de Muertos - Remove the dagger from the Temple of the Moon Bronze - Recipe for Disaster - Survive the flood Bronze - Survival Instincts - Defeat the Empress Jaguar Bronze - Fire of Life - Enter the Temple of Life's inner chamber Bronze - The Hidden City - Find Paititi Bronze - The Underworld - Get out of the Cenotes alive Bronze - Family Ties - Free Unuratu from prison Bronze - Heart of the Serpent - Find the Mission of San Juan Bronze - The Chosen One - Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel Bronze - Back to Where We Started - Return to Paititi Bronze - Queen of the Damned - Make an unlikely ally Bronze - Quite the Adventure - Finish the main storyline Bronze - Smart and Resourceful - Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Smart and Resourceful difficulty Bronze - Rite of Passage - Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Rite of Passage difficulty Bronze - One with the Jungle - Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on One with the Jungle difficulty Bronze - Deadly Obsession - Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Deadly Obsession difficulty Gold - Completionist - Reach 100% completion
  10. I wish I had Spider-Man as early copy :/ There's people out there that's had it for a good week already and don't wanna share any info of trophies :/
  11. I might have more time tonight, and it's not my copy, it's a friend of mines copy. and thanks! my username is mainly a troll user lol
  12. A good friend of mine got a hold of the game early and was allowed to just leak the trophies early. there are a lot of hidden trophies i couldn't screenshot. but im sure the trophy list will be published onto the servers soon.
  13. The game has a total of 64 trophies. I didn't have enough time to screenshot all the hidden trophies. but there is alot of hiddens. im sure the trophy list will be published soon, since it's release is around the corner. I just made this thread so people could see somewhat of the trophies a little early.
  14. There are a lot of Hidden trophies. I didnt have enough time to screenshot them all. there is a total of 64 trophies!