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  1. Totally bummed. I bought a $20 psn card and accidentally threw it away when cleaning out my truck to get ready for a camping trip. Wasnt willing to get into a dumpster for it. If i didn't do that i was planning to buy DLC for The Witcher 3 and would have squeezed a cheapie came in with the $7 that would have bwen left.
  2. Ratchet and Clank is good amd easy. Riptide GP2 is alright. Save up and buy one of the top 2 or 3 most expensive waterjets and you'll be ok after that.
  3. Overwatch is one my daughter and I have put hundreds of hours into. Good fun.
  4. Final Fantasy Type-0!
  5. Not many. A couple hundred.
  6. Umm.. Risky if last name too.
  7. Fist of the North Star for The Witcher 3. Its for winning a fist fight without taking a hit.
  8. Very grind. But not hard from my past experience.
  9. Good for grinds too
  10. Gmail is cool.
  11. Stuff and things.
  12. Working on Overwatch, but probably will never get the platinum. Too much luck needed for trophies there. Also, this trophy image looks much better against a dark background.
  13. Normally I'd say yes. However, I just restarted on a new account because my kids effed up my previous one. I'm not even sure there were unobtainables. There was just enough games that I wouldn't enjoy that I knew I'd never want to bother cleaning them up.
  14. I don't have any yet. However, I have borrowed a game from someone else on this website. It was their first platinum years ago and I will be using the same exact disc to get it as my first platinum. Kind of cool to me.
  15. Limbo. I've been meaning to play that game forever. Now the challenge for the next person. What do you do when someone has no platinum or 100%'s? MWAHAAHAHAHA Thread broken.