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  1. Yes, you can start from Confrontation.
  2. Hey, guys! Just wanted to chime in. We're proud of our work and thankful for everyone who supports us! We think our maps are pretty great, but we're a little biased haha You can message me if you have any feedback or requests you'd like to pass on to the team 😄 (P.S. — And yes, we're currently a team of 6 people across 4 countries. Each map is made by 1-2 people on the team.)
  3. Confirmed: still working March 2022 on patch version 1.006.000 ✅ Tips: MUST be done at a Fisk Hideout, does NOT work at other criminal bases like Demon Warehouses, etc Instead of quitting the game, you can also just pause the game and switch the visual mode; the key here is to trigger an autosave reload mid-cutscene, doesn't matter if it's from quitting or reloading The cutscene is when the camera shows all the enemies webbed-up in a ball Really glad this method exists! I got the PS4 platinum a long time ago and didn't have time to relearn "proper combat" for the new remastered trophies.
  4. Always display lootable plants, caches, etc: General > HUD Visibility > Custom HUD Settings > Interaction Markers > Always On Always highlight climbing handholds and grapple points: Accessibility > Climbing Annotations Always On > On Here's another setting. It's not related to the Focus Scan, but still very useful. When loading is finished, automatically start the game: General > Stand by Screen > Immediate Honestly this thread is mostly to encourage people to explore the settings. Tons of quality of life improvements in there.
  5. https://mapgenie.io/horizon-zero-dawn/maps/world P.S. — We're working on a Horizon Forbidden West map too, but it's still a work in progress 🚧
  6. There are exception to the rule, though. Spider-Man (PS4) to Spider-Man Remastered (PS5) comes to mind. You could literally auto-pop the entire platinum, as well as the season pass content. I think there were just 2 trophies that didn't pop, and they were in a DLC trophy list that was new to the remastered version.
  7. Yeah, after reading this thread, the key seems to be that there's no full trophy list auto-pop but you can use strategic PS4 manual saves to partially "auto-pop" PS5 trophies. I got the prologue trophy in the PS4 version and decided to wait until the game was patched to finish the plat. Sounds like I should start with PS4, and before I earn a trophy, make a manual save and transfer it to PS5. Then in each version, pop the trophy? Edit: I wonder if a PS4 manual save right before the final mission and then completing the final mission on PS5 would pop all the PS5 story-related trophies 🤔
  8. Thank you for supporting us 😄 Yes, a Witcher 3 map is in the works! We're hoping to have it out before the next-gen upgrades are released.
  9. I had the same problem when I just replayed the "Head and Heart" bugged chapters. What solved it for me was a completely fresh playthrough. Don't use chapter select to enter from the first chapter—start from the very beginning with a New Game.
  10. Posting an update in case someone else has the same problem. Bad news: As of right now, you cannot individually back-up PS5 game saves to a flash drive. In the time between uploading from PS4 to PS5, whatever levels, customization gear, or Guardian Ranks that you earned will be erased forever. At best, you can revert to your PS4 upload save state. The only bit of good news is that you can save your PS5 guns and gear. Make PS4 game saves are either downloaded or backed-up somewhere. Create a Dummy Account on your PS5. On the Dummy Account, open BL3 and create a DLC character. DLC characters skip the intro and have immediate access to Sanctuary and their storage locker. Pass gear from your Main Account to the Dummy Account. Regardless of which method you pick, make sure you also transfer money to the Dummy Account, so it can buy bank capacity upgrades. Two PS5s Method (Fastest): This can be done with a friend. Have the friend boot up BL3 as Player 1, then you can join on your Main Account as Player 2. The benefit of this method is that the friend can stay loaded in the game while you character swap on your Main Account and drop everything on the ground. Your friend doesn't even need to pick up the gear, technically. Then, you can switch to the Dummy Account, join your friend's game again, and pick everything back up for the bank. Two Controllers Method (Faster): Load the game in split screen with your Main Account and Dummy Account. Have Main Account drop gear; Dummy Account will pick it up and put it in their bank. Rinse and repeat will all your Main Account characters until all the gear you want to save is in the Dummy Account's bank. One Controller Method: Load the game on your Main Account, and use the in-game mail to send gear to the Dummy Account. Make sure to periodically load into the Dummy Account and empty the mail into their bank. On your Main Account, go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS5) From here, delete BL3 saved data from BOTH console storage and cloud storage. Load BL3 on your Main Account and start a new game/new character. Everything should be gone. Here's how to 100% check: in the prologue mission with Claptrap, use the New-U Station to customize your character. If all your skins/unlocks are gone with only the defaults remaining, it worked. Play the game normally and earn whatever trophies are left. You can speed this part up if you change the game mode to "Coopetition" and have a high-level player join the game to slaughter everything to bloody mist in seconds. I did this with a friend, and we were able to speed-run the main campaign in 8-10 hours by having them one-shot bosses and mobs lol At any point, you can get your guns and gear back by doing any of the Step 4 methods, but in reverse. Whenever you're ready, install the PS4 version of the game, and re-upload/download your characters to the PS5 version. It's not ideal.... but at least you don't lose everything....
  11. Do I need to delete the characters from the in-game menu, or completely wipe all the files (profile, etc.) off the PS5? ☹️ Maybe I can back up all the files to a flash drive/cloud, delete them off my PS5, then re-download the saves after I get the trophy? Would suck to lose my characters just for one trophy...
  12. In the PS4 version of BL3, I purchased everything from Crazy Earl with all 4 vault hunter characters. Then, I transferred my saves to the PS5 and My Name is Earl (purchase 20 cosmetics from Crazy Earl) didn't unlock. I tried creating a new character, and all the the Crazy Earl purchases transferred over. It's literally impossible for me to buy anything. I contacted 2K about this twice, and both times I got stuck in support limbo. Nothing came of it. Sort of related to this: I have several trophies that never unlocked despite having 100% saves, like completing all side quests, etc. Anyone have any tips?
  13. https://mapgenie.io/skyrim/maps/skyrim