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  1. https://mapgenie.io/skyrim/maps/skyrim
  2. https://mapgenie.io/days-gone/maps/oregon
  3. https://mapgenie.io/resident-evil-village/maps/the-village
  4. https://mapgenie.io/far-cry-6/maps/yara Currently a work in progress, but thought it would still be useful!
  5. Maybe someone will figure out a way to get the PS5 trophy to auto-pop using saves from the PS4 version... I've gotta stop buying games and then trophy hunting later when all the helpful things have been patched out πŸ˜…
  6. Has a method been discovered for PS5?
  7. Iki Island map is ready! Plus, we added more info to our Tsushima map and a new set of icons that is closer to the game's UI. Hope it helps everyone!
  8. P.S. β€” Iki Island is currently in progress! Will update when it's ready!
  9. Ahh ok. Well there's the definitive answer!
  10. It's a quick VR mode within a non-VR game. So, I can boot up Concrete Genie fine, it's just that the VR mode is grayed out in the main menu. Would it stay grayed out if the other person had a VR setup connected? My logic was that maybe the game would recognize the VR setup on the other person's console?? I don't knowβ€”again, this was a long shot question πŸ˜… Side question: Anyone with a VR setup want to test this with me? πŸ˜„
  11. Ok this is kind of a Hail Mary question... Can the VR DLC trophies be earned via share play? Specifically, if I don't own a VR setup but the other person does? πŸ˜… I have the plat for the game, and it was really fun! But, man, those 3 VR trophies are bugging me πŸ™ƒ I didn't even know there was VR DLC until I noticed I had the plat but not 100%... EDIT: The answer is no ☹️