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  1. Nope it can’t be, there’s been no new update and I did it the other day.
  2. It’s not patched.I did this the other day with the nuke method and all 4 of us got the trophy.
  3. Hey I’m wondering if anyone can tell me if I messed up the maiden in black soul. I made a save before the final boss so I could get the seekest soul power trophy then reload and get the maiden in blacks soul but when I reloaded it put me on the final cutscene so I could no longer go back. I understand it’s needed for the soul sucker spell, so does that mean I’m going to have to do 3 play throughs instead of 2?
  4. Hi, probably a dumb question but how the hell do you pull the lever for prizes? I’m pressing L2 like it says but the lever is stuck and won’t pull back.
  5. Haunted Ruins - Letting the timer run out popped the trophy for me. I did about 8 different deaths before doing this one. My advice is to do the first 7 or 8 deaths on the list then go right to Haunted ruins
  6. does anyone know when the trophies will be fixed yet?
  7. Just wondering how people have completed the platinum in 14 minutes?
  8. Just got the platinum and damn that was super infuriating! I’m suprised 88% of people actually stuck it out until the end. It’s easy but it’s not easy at the same time. Thank god for the checkpoints! Dreading playing the vita version 😬
  9. You can do it. The hardest part about this game is not giving up. There was so many times I thought to myself I’m not going to get this platinum. Keep at it and that 1 perfect run will come
  10. Thanks to your advice I finally got the platinum 😃🏆 I’m very happy! One of my hardest platinums to date.
  11. Burstawesome thankyou, I will give it a try. yowzagabowza it’s a real pain! Sony or the game developer should be able to auto pop trophies in this type of situation as I clearly reached the trophy requirements and it’s not my fault for any glitches occurring.
  12. If you look at 2:09:01 in this video, this guy just goes through with no problem.
  13. Hey, so after many hours invested in this game and finally been able to cope with this ridiculous difficulty, I’ve encountered a glitch in the last chapter on insane difficulty. It happens to me every time!😡 If anyone knows how to get around this please let me know as I’m fed up of going through the full game to be hit with this stupid glitch.
  14. The campaign is amazing. Easily one of the best ever. Graphics are unbelievable. Definitely worth buying.
  15. Email Sony and they will fix the problem. They fixed mine.