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  1. Th I actually couldn't figure out how to get past the bug, so I just restarted a new save file, unfortunately. But thank you anyway!
  2. Hi Everyone, So I think I may have encountered a bug or glitch in Lucy's chapter that I haven't seen documented anywhere else. Near the beginning of the chapter, after you've left the treehouse and you're following the lightswitch panels on the floor upstairs, and after you peek through Lucy's door and she shuts it in your face. I'm supposed to go through the master bedroom and enter her room through the closet; however, when I enter the master bedroom there's some kind of invisible wall that prevents me from walking further. And the room is also completely dark and there's some strange giant mannequin head on the bed. I've watched various video walkthroughs and none of them encounter this (they all progress through the bedroom smoothly), and there's nothing on the bed. I've also deleted the game, reinstalled, and still no luck. Has anyone encountered this? Is it a glitch or is there something I need to do or missed doing? I'd restart the game but I already completed Dolores' chapter and I really don't want to have to redo all of that. Thanks!
  3. Found an answer to this problem, for those who aren't having alerts spawn after the main story has been finished. Just used the following method I found on reddit and the trophy popped. Credit to reddit user Hydruxo: Copy your all of your Control saves to a USB drive. Pick Chapter 3: Old Boys Club in the mission select menu (since Control doesn't allow for multiple save files, selecting a mission will overwrite your save but if you have it on a flash drive or in the cloud you can get it back easily) A bureau alert spawns right away when you load in every time, so set up your guns/mods then fast travel to the control point next to the alert Run forward until the enemies spawn then use launch as much as possible to clear out the enemies The 3 targets that you have to kill to complete the alert will follow you back down the hallway one at a time where the control point is but you can cheese them there by going at the very end of the hallway and popping in and out behind cover to attack them. Once you've killed all 3 targets, the alert is completed. Back out to the main menu, rinse and repeat 5 times to get the trophy. Copy your USB drive saves back to your hard drive and overwrite the mission select saves.
  4. Thanks Cryo. Do you know if you have to actively be running around killing stuff, or can you just sit still / afk and they pop after 30 mins?
  5. I have the same question -- I've finished the main story and have been running around for about 3 hours now, fighting leftover bosses & doing countermeasures. Not a single alert has popped?