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  1. They can't get enough of Kratos!
  2. I'm having the same problem with a different trophy, I recently installed Singstar then purchased Pop Muzik in attempt to earn the"Nailed it" using the method provided on ps3imports. However, every time I complete the song perfectly while hitting all notes and missing nothing, the trophy just doesn't pop. I've attempted this 4 times now, even while offline with no luck Just wondering if anyone has an idea into what I'm doing wrong, or any tips that may prove useful, thanks! Update: Ignore this, I just realised that you actually have to purchase 10 songs and that the free demo songs will not count towards the 10 required to start earning trophies.
  3. Just a heads up for all those grinding to level 100, that the old trap disarm XP glitch is back, here is a video demonstrating how to set up the glitch: This glitch won't work for long!
  4. I tried this myself and sadly it doesn't work
  5. Mine is 19.19% right now, that is extremely low from what I have seen and didn't realise it was that low lol. However, this is my second account which I've been playing more ultra-rare games on and have only played 21 games in total as of yet
  6. As a Destiny fan, I've been looking forward to this game for a long time. After having viewed the trophy list, overall I'm quite happy. However, I really wish they would have added some difficulty related trophies, such as completing each stronghold on the highest grandmaster difficulty and call me weird but I would have actually liked to see some multiplayer related trophies as well. I can't wait for the release of this game now and look forward to pouring countless hours into it, just like Destiny!
  7. Yeah, that's exactly what happened, and thanks for the solution! I'll just save this trophy for last and hope it works
  8. I did this no problem up until 50 event quests, but shortly after that my game froze a couple of times, after which I continued grinding the event quests using this method the next day. However, I've just reached 210 event quests according to my count and am yet to receive the trophy. Have any of you experienced this, or have any ideas into what I should do?
  9. Thanks for the share, this is working great and is also helping to level me up quite quickly as well!
  10. Platinum #6 - Twisted Metal Enjoyment - 5/10 This game, in my opinion, is decent and has an alright storyline which is somewhat enjoyable. However, the online is an absolute nightmare as only the host can get the trophies, and that's taking into account the trophies not glitching on you, which luckily for me they didn't. Here's a tip for anyone grinding out the multiplayer for wins, and that is that wins by forfeit count, meaning you can start a game as host get one kill then have all enemies leave allowing you to win by forfeit which does count! Difficulty - 4/10 With ammo glitch & 10/10 Without ammo glitch. This game is very doable with the ammo glitch and in fact quite easy, much easier than I initially thought it would be. Although, without this glitch then this game is an absolute nightmare and is extremely difficult, but is still doable! 0.47% Ultra Rare
  11. Hey everyone!! I need the following 2409 data chips: Vol 7 - Chapter 8 Vol 8 - Chapters 2 & 4 Vol 12 - Chapters 2 Vol 12 - Chapter 8 <--- Only one left that I need! Vol 24 - Chapter 2 I'd be extremely grateful for anyone who can help me retrieve these data chips, as I've been trying for over a month to get these with no luck at all I have 30 Million energy credits plus a few data chips stored that I can trade.
  12. Platinum #5 - Pox Nora Enjoyment - 0.01/10 This is by far the worst game I have ever played, both the game mechanics and controls are awful, for your own sanity don't play this! Difficulty - 10/10 First of all to win campaign games on this game is almost impossible, it will take ages to create your own winning techniques and to understand the game mechanics fully. However, if you've been playing this on PC since it's release then you may find it a little easier and quicker to complete. Finally, to win ranked games is even harder, as you're typically matched with people playing on PC who have been playing this game for years and are therefore amazing at it. 0.06% Ultra Rare
  13. I'm just wondering how you completed the heroic quests already? is there a glitch I'm unaware of or were you just really lucky in the quests that were given to you? And as for custom games, you'll form a technique on how to beat it, it just takes a lot of practice.
  14. Hey GastNDorf, sorry for the extremely late reply as I've only just recently started trophy hunting again. Firstly, I haven't got a vita so I have no idea with anything vita related. Secondly, yes you can play against people from different regions, you can even cross play with people from steam, which is how I was boosting. I created steam, then downloaded this and that made the process easier for me, as on PC the controls are much better to use. The legendary quest glitch does still work, it even goes beyond that. What I mean, is that you can play custom bot games on any difficulty and each time you win one it'll count towards the legendary campaign completions, making this trophy much easier, but can still be a little tricky. If you plan on boosting wins, keep in mind that each ranked play game has to last longer than 5 minutes. Otherwise, it will not count even if you win. I can get the trophy for reaching limited league whenever I like, but I'm just waiting to combine it with the complete a set of heroic quests trophy. The heroic quests are insanely annoying because I still haven't got a set of them that I can actually complete, I'm basically waiting for the perfect set of 4 heroic quests that can actually be completed, once that happens I'll have the platinum :)))) Hope this has helped, and if you have any questions let me know, I'll be glad to help!!
  15. Just wondering if this is still working for anyone? If so, how are you getting this to work?