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  1. This is correct. I had played through all the Souls games before Sekiro and I had to seriously unlearn some basic reactions/muscle memory.
  2. Same, and can confirm all you need to do is play a level, die, and as long as the conditions are met the trophies should now pop. Kudos to the devs for actually fixing this.
  3. I've been having a lot of fun with this game, and the soundtrack is killer, so thanks! Any idea where I can find a toilet to punch?
  4. Any word on that patch? Haven't seen one yet.
  5. I wonder how many of these can be done via co-op? I was hoping to play most of this with a friend.
  6. Oh damn that is good news. Thanks for reaching out to them about that. I only said it would never get patched because most of the time devs don't care too much about this sort of thing, so that's cool that they listened!
  7. The trick is to save the last upgrade, then restart the game, then buy the last upgrade. Unfortunately if you didn't do this, you have to do it all again on a fresh save file. It's the only workaround until the game gets patched (which I sort of doubt it will at this point).
  8. If it's a 0% you should be able to just delete it, yeah?
  9. Ok thanks, I was thinking to get all the skins would be a brutal grind, but I wasn't sure because I unlocked all the upgrades and no trophy A few of mine were a little haywire, some popped too early, some popped late (or after restarting the game), so hopefully they can clean it up
  10. Do you (or anyone else) happen to know if the upgrade everything trophy includes unlocking all of the available skins? Or is it just the actual upgrades?
  11. Looks easier than the Kid Tripp list (which was already pretty easy).
  12. Been excited to play this game, I know a lot of people speak highly of it, and I really liked the developer's other game I played (Papers Please). Hopefully I can play it blind and still get most or all of the trophies.
  13. If you made a B-Line to the White SeeD ship using all the boosters you could get there in probably 3 hours or less if you know where you're going, but the question is whether you would need to collect ALL the magazines in one playthrough or if they could be across separate playthroughs.
  14. Should be pretty tough - the Rapunzel trophies are a slog, but there are guides to follow if you need. The multiple endings can be made easier if you keep save files at certain points. The Babel trophies were very challenging in the original, but also I believe the last one was glitched in a way that required two controllers (I could be wrong about this its been years since I played it) so hopefully that's been fixed. If I recall a lot of the character trophies are missable, you have to make sure you talk to all the bar patrons each time, etc.
  15. I can't imagine caring about any of this as much as you lot seem to. Like they put a skirt on Siren and that's worth getting riled up about? It has zero impact on the game.