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  1. I have over 500 platinums, including some really tough and rare ones that I'm proud of. I'm very stubborn and will beat my head against a wall for days to master a game. Still there was ONE game and ONE game only that I straight up had to give up on and accept that I wasn't good enough, and probably would never be good enough to platinum and that was the original Super Meat Boy. This list looks quite similar. I haven't decided if I'm going to cower and never play this one or if it will be part of my anime redemption arc, but best of luck to anyone brave enough to go for this one.
  2. woah woah woah, Whiteboyz Wit Attitude was a straight banger
  3. What chapter do you select to get to the right part for this?
  4. Honestly, you can play 100,000 hands and never see a Royal Flush so I would be more worried about that. Either way this will be a pass, I love poker but this sounds like a griiiiiiiiiind.
  5. Gang I'm so confused. Does this mean EVERY PS4 game that is playable on PS5 will have a separate list? Or is it just the PS5 versions of specific games that will have two lists?
  6. Absolutely bogus and mind-boggling that this doesn't have a plat. I have no idea why they wouldn't include one.
  7. I bought the original during a flash sale for like $1.50 a few years ago and wasn't expecting much but I actually really enjoyed it as well as the platinum. Would definitely plat it again.
  8. It CAN be a 3-5 hour plat for people who have played the game before and know it well, but for most people coming to it the first time it will be quite a bit longer.
  9. I definitely remapped my dash/ special to the L/R buttons, the original layout had my hands in some weird claw-like position that just didn't feel natural or intuitive.
  10. Having played this on PC I think some of you are overstating the difficulty here. Hard list, yes, but definitely not a 10, probably more like an 8. If you could plat games like Hollow Knight or Hotline Miami you should be okay here with a bit of practice.
  11. This is correct. I had played through all the Souls games before Sekiro and I had to seriously unlearn some basic reactions/muscle memory.
  12. Same, and can confirm all you need to do is play a level, die, and as long as the conditions are met the trophies should now pop. Kudos to the devs for actually fixing this.
  13. I've been having a lot of fun with this game, and the soundtrack is killer, so thanks! Any idea where I can find a toilet to punch?
  14. Any word on that patch? Haven't seen one yet.
  15. I wonder how many of these can be done via co-op? I was hoping to play most of this with a friend.