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  2. OK I finally just got it as well. I tried your method of just sacrificing random toys at the Stonehenge and it popped on the 3rd or 4th attempt. Not sure if it matters at all but I swapped the yo-yo and got the Zombie Book in return (which I definitely had already collected several times before). I also didn't have the 10 main toys in my inventory at the time. If anyone else is stuck on this, try doing this for a while, seems to be the most effective (though still pretty random) solution for now. Thanks for the heads up @skinnybass
  3. I've been playing the newly updated version of this game and have managed to get all of the trophies aside from Toy Master. The thing is I've owned every toy in the game multiple times but it still hasn't popped. Does anyone know if the required toy list has been updated with the new Curse of Mormo version of this game, or any other possible solutions? Any help would be appreciated, I'd really like to just finish this.
  4. I'm 99% sure the timer only runs while you are actually playing the game. But the timer DOES include runs when you die, so to get this trophy you basically have to do a flawless run (no deaths) but also very efficiently (no walking or getting caught up on obstacles, etc.).
  5. Manipulating cloud saves is possible. Without this it would be much, much more rare as you are required to do a perfect run (or even several if you don't make the time/coin requirements for the Beat the Dev trophies). With cloud saving the difficulty is basically negated (although it would still very annoying to have to quit the game and re-download your data every time you die). It's a short enough game that if you wanted to do it legit, you could probably master/memorize it all without a huge amount of practice, and it would probably be a 7-8 difficulty wise. With cloud saves it's not hard at all, but still potentially annoying and time-consuming depending on how often you have to re-download.
  6. Since no one else in answering - I'm not the best source on this as I'm playing for the first time as well, but I'm pretty far in now and from what I can tell the only trophies that are potentially missable are the three 'lecture' ones that you get from interacting with the cabinet at certain times (look up the Steam guide for these, they are easy to get but must be done at specific moments in game). In addition, the 'get to the Queen of Quills without dying' trophy is missable, obviously, you can work around this by either doing it legit (which isn't THAT hard, but is probably not likely if you are playing the game for the first time), or by quitting to the menu when you die and continuing that way (as this doesn't register the death). And finally, I can't confirm this is fully missable but I believe it is (and I did it just to be safe) but the 'I swear its my first time' trophy for finishing the dark cave without the light is possibly missable, so make sure do this when you get the chance. There COULD be more, but I'm pretty far in now and as far as I can tell those are the only ones.
  7. Are you doing a guide for this one? Probably don't even need one eh?
  8. Just to clarify, do you need to buy EVERY item across every skill tree or just the actual combat skills themselves? And is there a consensus on the best exp grinding spot? I've done 4 full play-throughs and I'm still like 30 skill points short :/
  9. This game was released earlier this week; Walking Vegetables%3A Radical Edition But I can't seem to find any trophy information at all on this site or any other. I believe all modern PS titles MUST include a trophy list so it's strange that I can't find any information about this game. Does anyone know what the deal is?
  10. Has anyone else had trouble syncing the vita trophy list for this game? I notice that no one has any of the trophies yet so maybe it's a common problem?
  11. I've beaten the game, but I'm going back to fill the map but I need the oxygen mask to traverse the air in the present and I can't seem to find where it is, any help would be appreciated!
  12. Gotta be between Celeste and RDR2 for me.
  13. Did Team Cherry ever get back to you about this? I'm just wondering if there will eventually be a patch/fix or if I should just bite the bullet and do another play-through.
  14. What about filling the Hunter's Journal? Are we sure there are no missable entries?
  15. So today it was announced that the Dark Souls trilogy is being released in one new package; My question is (and I assume the answer is no) - is there any chance that this release will mean separate trophy lists for each of the games, or will it just use the lists already in place?