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  1. Well, the fact that they don’t pop retroactively then definitely proves I did not use a gamesave to get the trophy. Honestly don’t know why they are all jumbled up. I didn’t even notice until I got flagged for it.
  2. MaxBadGuy The Beatles: Rock Band Game disputed: The Beatles: Rock Band Reason the game was flagged: "The Love you Make" is the final story-related trophy. It is here earned before any other story-trophies along with two trophies for Beatles photos which also cannot be earned at the same time. Your dispute/reason it shouldn't be flagged: I honestly don’t know how this happened. I didn’t even notice this until I was flagged on PSNProfiles. All I know is that I did not cheat, or use a game save to unlock the trophy. Isn’t it possible that the PS3 somehow messed up the timestamp? At any rate, it wouldn’t make sense to use a gamesave to unlock the trophy which is essentially “Finish the story”, and then play the story again for the other story related trophies. Besides, this game has trophies that are waaaaay harder than finish the story. Who in their right mind would use a gamesave for “complete the story” and leave out all the other ridiculously hard trophies. The two trophies for the photos could be as a result of the trophy not unlocking when I unlocked the first photo, but unlocked later at the second milestone (I don’t remember if this was the case, it’s been 9 years after all). Furthermore, as per @SnowxSakura , using a gamesave will not retroactively pop trophies. They would only pop the moment the requirement is met, doing the requirement a second time does not unlock the trophy. EDIT: Actually, I think I have a theory as to how this happened. I remembered that at some point in 2009, my PS3 stopped working, but it was still under warranty. So I had it replaced. I believe that the internal clock on the PS3 must have been different than the original PS3 I had, which could possibly explain the messed up timestamp. As for the photos trophy, maybe I got the trophy for the first photo on the old PS3 but didn’t sync it to the server, so when I reached the second milestone in the game, it must have popped the first trophy. That’s my best guess as to what might have happened. In conclusion, please unflag this game from my account. While the timestamp is impossible, I also know for a fact, I did not cheat and have never ever cheated using gamesaves. I really do not know how this happened, and I would really like to reappear in the leaderboards. Thank you.