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  1. Looks like it isn't a FREE upgrade.
  2. Thanks....appreciate it. I hit level 50..and the trophy didn't pop. I was trying to get to 51 and see if it pops then....I would be very bummed if it glitched on me. EDIT: As soon as I hit level 51...the trophy popped, and the second car I rebuilt popped the Trader trophy. 100% now.
  3. Don't know if this will help...but these are the missions I completed when the "Completionist" trophy popped. I completed 14 main and 47 side missions...I also explored all but two of the systems. https://youtu.be/HCGGOmlNeHI
  4. I am really close to level 50, and it is a grind. My issue now is the "Trader" trophy. I could swear I have restored over 50 vehicles...but I didn't 100% all of them. I wonder if you have to 100% them, or just restore enough to make a profit for it to count?
  5. Actually..it isn't moot. I didn't say "all dlc's have trophies". All games released have trophies. This is going to be a 15 hour ish expansion, it is logical that it will have trophies added.
  6. It will have trophies. Unless the game comes out on the Switch...all games seem to have trophies/achievements.
  7. Your not wrong. In certain games....like Mass Effect, InFamous, or Fallout...being a dick is fun. With Detroit...I am having trouble with being violent. If I want the plat though...I will have to suck it up and just do it.
  8. Happened to me with Leisure Suit Larry; Wet Dreams Dry Twice. None of the trophies are syncing up...and Profiles doesn't show them either. Find it a little hard to believe I am the only one playing this game.
  9. Already sold out.
  10. The guy who earned the platinum on the 10th of Jan 2021...earned all the online in 2020-2021. So no..it isn't legit.
  11. Awoken to a Nightmare In Rode a Hero Urgent Task Fistbump A Gathering Storm Prospector So six for me. I did only play the demo for 3 days....now I wish I had played it for longer
  12. Having major issues trying to get the bottom feeders to work. I have tried using the "feeder" poles, reels, and stands...but nothing seems to work. I can get the normal fishing poles to slot into the slots while driving the boat...but the personal stands won't work. Could use a little assistance if anyone has any advice.
  13. This version is the only one I need to complete the set. However, I loaded the game but it won't download the update. Fired up the game, but it won't let me get past the character creation to continue the game. If I can't get it fixed...I will have 10 Saint's Row games at 100% and 1 at 1%
  14. ps4 first since I was unable to pre-order a ps5, but once I do get it...then both versions. Think it would be a nice stack
  15. Agreed!