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  1. You're in luck Sony is having a "Big in Japan" sale currently on the psn store. There is a ton of great titles on there worth picking up. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/category/b81cc589-d207-44dd-81ad-a63e15e05790/1
  2. Here is a headline from Kotaku listing PS5 as next gen. https://kotaku.com/all-the-major-games-only-coming-out-on-next-gen-console-1847221133
  3. 2 sec into the commercial they state PS5 as next gen. You knew what I meant by saying the rest of the world (could have used a better word) The "majority of players" was my opinion and for being a Moderator you sure have a crappy attitude.
  4. Offroadng - Buggy X ATV X Moto The whole world considers PS5 next gen and the PS4 current gen. Watch any commercial and they will say the same. I assume it's because the majority of players are on the PS4 and will be until the PS5 becomes more available. I always find people on the PS5 and I choose that format because of the graphics.
  5. I suck at this game as well. Playing a 3vs3 the other day my team mate said he was playing with a 4 year old. If you enjoy the game play as much offline and online as you want (with mute) and F them if they bitch because it's only a game.
  6. Does anyone know how long it takes the trophy list to sync to the servers? I've been waiting about 2 weeks and still no luck. I saw on other posts that it took about 3 weeks and was just curious if it is automatic or do you have to do something to trigger it. Thanks.
  7. 3D Dot Game Heroes Cross Edge Drakengard 3 Enchanted Arms The Guided Fate Paradox Last Rebellion Legasista Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Tales of Xillia 1 and 2 Time and Eternity Trinity Universe Way of the Samurai 3 White Knight Chronicles I and II Yakuza series This is a little over 10 - sorry!
  8. MMO's are the least restricted games I know - you can basically do whatever you want or nothing at all. If I wanted to I could go on WoW or ESO tonight and do nothing but fish. I play mostly WoW but most MMO's hold the same structure. As far as inventory goes you don't have to buy a bag you can gather the mats and make your own. Fallout and Skyrim both have a limit of how much you can carry.
  9. I wouldn't call Destiny an MMO. It has some elements of MMO but don't judge the genre on that game. Also MMO's are not even close to being dead they just don't have the AAA titles and the advertisement the other games have. The majority of the MMO's currently are free to play and enjoy a pretty heathly life cycle.
  10. Thanks fastflowdaman
  11. That's what I was assuming also.
  12. Still pissed that Sony doesn't allow external upgrades! I upgraded my xbox one externally with a 3TB and payed less than a 2TB internal for the ps4. Please Sony allow external HDD!!!
  13. That would be extremely cool!
  14. I'm sure this will never happen but I would like to see a game in the GGO setting. Hopefully this is the start of a bunch of SAO games in the future or maybe a MMO! :-)
  15. If it worked on the ps3 it should work on the ps4. So is it safe to say you're a console gamer again?