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  1. Not for me!. I take it the next wave of next gen consoles won't be next year then if they are still pumping out remakes
  2. Anyone else pissed with the lack of party chat or private chat on ps3? I have just recently converted from Xbox to ps3 and that is the only thing that I really do miss!!
  3. Lmao!! Defo not a chauffeur lol. Was contemplating getting a vita bit it didn't have many good games when I looked
  4. Hi all, pretty new to the site and am loving it. Im from the uk and am 30 . Used to be a big Microsoft man but about 3months ago I changed my allegiance. Only have a few games at the moment but I'm only really playing games I know I like. I used to be a massive achievement whore and trophies are getting addictive too! I am actively trying to get 100% in the few games I do own. I will not however buy lame games for a platinum! ( I actually like skylanders lol, I play with my son). Please feel free to add me on ps3 Dark_Lord_Driver
  5. Add me Dark_lord_driver
  6. I hate trophies/achievements but at the same time am addicted to them. I would live to be able to gO back to the days of playing a game I liked for hours without thinking about what trophies I need to get etc. I played final fantasy 7 for about 150 hours + just because I enjoyed it. Now once I finish a game that's it I hardly ever replay it. I sold my Xbox recently because I have grown to hate the achievement system, I did have 150,000 gamers core an I was playing all sorts of crap just because it was easy - Although I am playing skylanders with my son on ps3 Now on my ps3 I am only playing the game franchises that I really like - Need for speed, skylanders, FIFA, mass effect and wwe games. In these I will try and get what trophies I can but I will not purchase any other games just to boost my score. I respect peoples dedication who do trophy/achievement hunt but from my experience their addition to games has tarnished my games experiences.