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  1. I will give this a try later tonight. I got goat simulator a while ago and couldn't do this trophy to save my life.
  2. This actually is a potential fifa killer for me 😂 i only buy the games for career mode
  3. DEAD RISING (PS4) 7 Day Survivor Survive for at least 7 days. Infinity mode is easy enough with a guide. The only hard part is having to play the game for 14 hours in one sitting. I waited until the weekend for this one.
  4. That sucks man. If you agree to help boost with someone you should always return the favor.
  5. Just got my PS3 SSlim today with a few games that I had trophy lists on. Super pumped to go back into these games! I'm going for the plats for all of these games. If anyone wants to help or needs any of the trophies too hmu and lets boost/play online together! Anarchy Reigns - This is my second favorite platinum games game! Batman Arkham Trilogy - I already have all the trophies for Asylum except the combat challenges. Dead Rising 2 - I just recently got the platinum for this on the PS4 and already have TIR and zombie genocide on PS3 so may aswell cleanup! Deadly Premonition Human Revolution Silent Hill 2&3 HD Silent Hill Downpour Resident Evil Cleanups Sleeping Dogs - I'm only a few trophies off the plat If anyone else any any recommendations on some cool PS3 plats to get let me know!
  6. My understanding was that PSNow uses PS3 emulation so if they took PS3 servers offline that means that it would kill trophies and online on PSNOW which is super unlikely to happen so maybe we've got a lot longer than 3 years. And thanks for the heads up! I'm excited to go back and replay the Mass Effect Trilogy so good to know about Mass effect 3 online. It would be good if there was a directory of all the PS3 games with trophies no longer obtainable.
  7. Im going to go for one of the slim models as I heard they're the best for longevity, but yeah I had to do that with my OG fat model back in the day.
  8. This is true. Realistically i would only be playing maybe 1-2 games a month on the PS3 and I wouldn't feel rushed to get value for my money. Looks like im buying an PS3 again!
  9. Gives me more value to the games I have and gives me an excuse to replay games. Trophy hunting has made me an in depth expert at games I wouldn't give a second glance to otherwise.
  10. Thanks guys, I think i'll test it out with the free 7 day trial and see how it performs. Depending on the performance I will either buy a PS3 or just get the years worth of PSNow but the prospect of diving back into the PS3 system is kinda persuading me. Could anyone recommend the best model that's the best for longevity? Thanks for that, It's a lot cheaper though CEX. I did not even think to check. What a great company! haha I probably will not want to keep a collection of physical PS3 games for years to come as my backlog is already way too big as it is. I was not aware of this, this is a shame if true
  11. Hi, As the title suggests im having a bit of a dilemma at the moment. I have many games on my PSN account from the PS3 days that i really want to go back and replay for cleaning up trophies. PSNow has some of the games I need for cleaning up my PS3 library but not all. I would love to own a PS3 again but most of the games I would want to play cost quite a bit. For example a copy of Deadly Premonition costs about £20-30 which is two months worth of PSNow. I am also concerned that the PS3 servers will go down and I wont be able to sync trophies anymore from that system. What would you guys recommend? Buy a PS3 and also the games? or just subscribe to PSNow and keep things simple? Would love to hear your thoughts on PSNow if you're an active user. Cheers
  12. I was planning on getting this as I really enjoyed it on the PC but seeing as there is no platinum im not even going to bother.
  13. Yeah man happened to me loads and its the worst when it happens in co-op as it always bugs the playthrough. PS4 version is bugged to hell! Just got my DR2 plat today
  14. when the truck is about to break just save the game in the middle of the plaza and load the save rather than exiting the area and returning. It still resets the truck and also the zombies. There's a cart infront of the hotel that you can drive to the truck spawn. I know its a pain but I found it to be a better method as its doesnt spawn any psychopaths or survivors in the area as you are technically not leaving it. Hope this helps
  15. PSN ID: subermedic Currently platting resident evil 7 If anyone wants help with trophies or wants to to group up for online trophies add me as im always looking for people