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  1. All the monsters which are required for "Requiem for Our Enemies". I have already listed the locations where to find them on page 2 of this thread.
  2. In my opinion it is much faster to level like me and A_B_Y_S_S_1 explained (3x master egg). If your tuning is maxed out and you have the right aspects equipped every monster (even the giant monsters with yuma in dragon form), will only need 2-3 hits. It is much faster to kill enemies and gain at least 2000 exp (in many cases you will earn much more) than to depend on luck and search for exp eggs or master eggs with egg hunt. Further you will also farm faster monster kills for the trophy as well as get the white chest reward aspects, which are also not bad. If you do egg hunt you will need more time for running around in order to find the eggs and you will probably never get the white chest, because the rank is fixed at B? and you cannot add other sigils to increase the rank. EDIT: One more reason against the egg hunt is that if you have gained the aspect for a grimoire dungeon, the new white chest reward will be a score (earth score etc.). Like I wrote before in the other thread, you will obtain a high number of this score if you are lucky and get the white chest. I tested this with boss battles and got with one battle 8 earth scores, which you may use to increase your tuning level fast.
  3. As far as I know, no.
  4. Well lv. 100 sounds tough but imo they are not very challenging tbh. But maybe I was kinda overpowered with my equip of aspects at that time. Surely I was not nearly lv. 100 when I beat them. Just the boss/ enemies on Gaelritz Prison Library of Memories were a bit annoying. The confuse ailment really is a nuisance in this game, especially if Yuma is so strong that he can pretty much one shot your allies... Anyway, you can level with egg hunts and search for master eggs or you battle above mentioned boss in Gaelritz Prison, reenter room and repeat. Pretty good exp, i believe 7000+ if you are lv. 70 or above. However, I recommend to level with master egg? sigils, which you can obtain at Liselotte's Shop if you cleared the game. Each costs 10.000 G but if you buy 3 of these and do grimoire dungeons you receive 2000-8000+ exp per battle in very short time. If you run out of cash, you can buy million egg? sigils, which are also 10.000 G and do the same as with the master eggs, you will obtain 150.000 - 200.000 G if you defeat every enemy in the grimoire dungeon and if you have the Millionaire aspect equipped.
  5. After clearing the game there will be 7 lv. 100 monsters which you may find in previous boss battle locations: - Gaelritz Prison Top Floor - Gaelritz Prison Bottom Floor (Library of Memories) - Djingharna Ruins (Dragon Shrine) - Elmore Greatwood (Glaucus Falls) - Logos Tundra (Dragon Shrine) - Mount Glanciel (Old Castle Theater) - Fort Garahl, Stronghold of the Empire (Maelgius Cathedral)
  6. According to the japanese wiki and my understanding you need to see the date events and get the 3? traits for all characters except jenus and excella in order to unlock the ending. Increase tuning level fast: Use egg hunt sigils and search for tuning eggs in grimoire. Another way is to buy the sigils such as shining princess which unlock after clearing the game. These will give you an additional tuning after beating the boss and thereafter various scores to increase tuning. If you have enough cash (each is 10.000 G) you can buy these, increase the rank to s with other sigils such as level up 5 and hope you get the highest chest (white) after the boss battle. I think I got 3 earth scores in the chest, which is pretty good for just a quick boss battle. EDIT: Wow, I just tried the boss method again and got amazingly 8 earth scores with one boss fight. lol
  7. That black circle with number is the slot for the maximum amount of equipable aspects for the tuning. I think you only need those two sigils. But you should continue going on dates and build affection. There are some date scenes which may you have to see. You will not receive another pair of sigils other these two from them. Further, you should probably also use these sigils and beat both bosses for the wheel of fortune trophy (see my above post).
  8. Well according to my understanding, a rare monster is a monster which has a specific "term" instead of a mere "species" as name. For example there is a dragon in the ice cavern, which is named glacier dragon or something and this is a fixed encounter which respawns every time you reenter the screen where it is located. But if its snowing (which means raining in town) outside the ice cavern on the mountain then this encounter changes to a more powerful dragon named absolute zero or so. Additionally, a rare monster will NOT respawn if you beat it and then reenter the same screen. There are other examples for rare monsters, e.g. arch demon in sleepy hollow changes to "satan" and so forth. You have to beat such a monster in order to gain the trophy. If I remember correctly, these rare monsters are easily 20+ levels above your own level.
  9. They dont have the tunings from start, so you have to unlock them for Excella and Jenus just like for any other character. Another note regarding the trophy "wheel of fortune".. You will receive a sigil from Jenus and Excella during their night events or dates. (Maybe you need to clear the game once to receive it? Well at least i got it then.) Then, you have to use both sigils and clear the dungeon in grimoire. (just a single boss battle) Thereafter you get a different ending with Jenus and Excella, as when you still have these sigils in your inventory. I assume that you need to beat these two bosses, get the "alternative" ending for both characters and then speak to Alfriede and select "talk" to get the trophy. This worked for me. Anyone may confirm?