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  1. Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has a easy guide for designer delight as it is very grindy and I would definitely like to skip out as much as possible
  2. Thanks for the help me and my friend just did mission 6 and thanks for the advice
  3. Me and a friend are doing sniper elite 4 on authetic plus and mission 6 is so hard i was wondering if we could skip it and come back to it later or does it have to be in order and another question can you use autosaves if their are any?
  4. Hey guys i just wondering as I'm going to be attempting my authetic run soon and i was wondering if i do authetic plus will it get me the trophy for just doing it on authetic
  5. Hey guys and girls i have like most people not been able to complete the challenge I've spent so many hours looking at videos trying to find exploits ANS tips but i suck and it's hard i get up to the puzzle were is it 2 wrong 1 right and i can't do it. Does anyone have a guide or exploit i could use?
  6. battlefield 1 and 3
  7. Ik its just for some people if they need mate
  8. Their is a exploit on how to do the realistic combat immersion This video shows you how to do the god mode exploit this can be done with a friend or second controller. Note: you don't have to do the second bit where he hops out you can do it the first time
  9. Thanks very much will check out later Thank u very much will check out later
  10. I'm missing the shotgun achievemnt where you have to kill enemies point blank and because of that i get locked out of the undiscovered one
  11. superhot vr is a sick platinium
  12. You need to get a friend that's what I'm doing ATM and I'm also at 100 percent
  13. Yeah it worked thank you so much bro