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  1. Good old money hungry Ea, fucking ruining everything
  2. I boosted alot of the difficult ones, we did it as 6 man groups, took us about 4 months of doing it every Sunday to get all the trophies
  3. I'm just waiting for psnprofiles to update as it's quite slow
  4. I'm just curious can you earn every trophy in the game, and are there online trophies and if so do you need people to boost them with, and how long would it take
  5. Both hard and long 7-8 and 100ish hours or more
  6. I feel like that would of been found ages ago Update percentage has dropped by 0.1 percent, making it 0.70% before the game released on plus
  7. That's why I said almost if you actually looked at what I wrote
  8. Trust me I played when the game first released and earned almost all the multiplayer ones legit, the multiplayer characters were much easier
  9. No they took out the easiest characters, and with the small map you can only get the easy zombies one, it's still an 7-8 True, but black ops 4 went down my 0.05% in like 2 months, so I think it'll go down a bit
  10. Well I would like to swap GTA v, uncharted 4, last guardian and Friday the 13th for, blacklight retribution, black ops cold war, battlefield 4, star wars squadrons
  11. Okay, well I wait till, someone who has the 100% or played it alot responds, but thanks
  12. So could I boost that with a friend or do you mean that's the only one I can't boost with a mate
  13. I joined this ages ago and have completed changes the games I'm going for except for verdun Since my last post which was 8th of march I've done, Completed Blacklight retribution - 100% Call of duty black ops cold war - 100% Currently working on Verdun - 80% Battlefield 4 - 94% (plat, not 100% yet)