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  1. U don't, I did it with 2 no issues
  2. When I disconnect my internet, it only gives me access to play the campaign, and it says purchase the full game to access zombies and multiplayer. However I'm game sharing with a mate so does that mean I can't earn these trophies
  3. Well I got the 24th fastest time, it's really simple, I could probably done it in an hour if I didn't have to do something in the middle, it's easy to do in under an hour if you know what your doing
  4. Yep that's it, your a legend thanks mate I hadn't done the airplane missions
  5. My game has seemingly stopped loading any missions. I can't finish the final for the casino heist after completing all missions and getting the keycard of Millie and no other story missions are loading, can anyone help
  6. its for completing all calling cards for the medal for personal decorator
  7. Wait so is this game still possible to 100% and how difficult is it
  8. just go to mission 4 safehouse and follow the guide and it takes a lot of attempts its a bit buggy
  9. I have not tested this was the collection. But BO3 ps4 hasn't been updated in ages so I would be surprised if this didn't work. Also sorry for the late reply it didn't appear in my inbox
  10. It's slightly above average when I played it. If I played it on release it would be different due to the amount of bugs
  11. fully agree dude. AC Valhalla trophies are a pain to go back to as I do not remember the story at all and what happens so I'm playing the game without knowing whats happening basically. Btw good profile
  12. because I consider it a good game like 8/10 which I enjoy playing. Ac Valhalla has good graphics, good gameplay, okay story and horrible collectibles. So some things are good and some things are horrible. But I would not consider the game overly "good"
  13. I'm currently at 22/81 which is 27% of my plats being ultra-rare, I'm very happy with my plats including Black ops 3,4 overwatch, gta v, battlefront 1, worms rumble btw you got an amazing list
  14. not literally cry and it's far from a good game. Solid 6/10