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  1. All games includes tales so I assume you like that genre of game
  2. you need to use characters you dont already own for the trophy and you only needa win 1 game with each character
  3. I can't do this I don't think as I've already caught all of the crispy snackpods in gardan Grove, is there a way to spawn them in or somthing
  4. Just curious before I start it
  5. Cool thank you
  6. No you have to use new characters
  7. As I've said to countless people the progress won't go up with characters you already own, you have to buy new ones for your progress to go up
  8. If you actually paid attention, it's bugged for characters you already own, if you buy new ones itll work
  9. I believe 12% I think Yes u willl
  10. You go onto awards
  11. It did kinda, if you buy new characters it'll work if not then it won't
  12. Ive found out that it goes up if it's a new character that you haven't played at all
  13. Well I've won with 8 characters, I bought phantom and vi and it's still at 0% even base game characters
  14. No it's 8 wins
  15. I got it when I was asleep so the ss is me looking on the ground 😂
  16. Is this trophy complete luck or What?
  17. Guys the ps5 version is fully bugged however the ps4 version is fine
  18. Yeah it's fully bugged
  19. You like alot of Action Games
  20. That's who I used, saved my life
  21. Okay I'll try it out
  22. You 100% sure it's win 8 matches per rouge
  23. Same with me mate