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  1. Yeah I'll try it
  2. Do you think it would be a visual glitch?
  3. This is broken, Ive restarted the game tries to link another account deleted save data and deleted the game and reinstalled so I think the trophy is broken
  4. The thing is though I think it's fully broken as I've One a game with all default characters and it's still at 0%
  5. Is winned defined by a strikeout, and if so Ive won a game on all the base ops and im at 0%
  6. Yeah I got the wins in two days and I'm almost max lvl with guns and kinda close to 50
  7. I'm trying to get 100% but this game looks super fun so wondering what u think of the difficulty
  8. What is the difficulty to 100% this game?could take anywhere from 50 hours to 500 hours, I took about 320 because of the stupid special disaster trophy
  9. I've got them and I'm almost max lvl with all guns, only need 2 more
  10. Last worm Standing is easy, you could win by out healing them, and Deathmatc, you gotta sweat, I'm lvl 25 and to win I need bout 24+ kills to win
  11. For last worm Standing - make sure to turn of crossplay, my opinion is easier - get a form of rocket launcher (sheep launcher, Hammer head) - try your best to get a jetpack - collect a healing item (medkit, energy drink) - camp out untill last personal - fly in the air and bombard them to win - grab a holy hand grenade, they are very overpowered - be careful of zone
  12. Ps5 version is glitched Make sure your on ps4 or it'll glitch
  13. Got it, must be only ps5 glitch, as i was fine Yeah it isn't glitched on PS4
  14. Cool it's very fun
  15. I completed all of it and got the 100%, did everything first try after cenote, fuck cenote
  16. Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has a easy guide for designer delight as it is very grindy and I would definitely like to skip out as much as possible
  17. Finally completed cenote Yessss
  18. Yeah u have to do random worlds, just look up Seeds
  19. There is only a certain amount from wandering traders and trouble makers, the rest are in chest
  20. I went into the ghost Forrest Biome, can't remember what it's called but I'd just open up chest and i would go to the wandering trader ane checked if it had any And chase the trouble makers for there blocks
  21. Congrats, it's a pain