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  1. Say for example the trophy where u have to get 10 kills with the focus ability, could you reload the checkpoint for like 3 enemies or would it not work because it isn't 10 enemeis
  2. Dam that's stupid asf Dam that's stupid asf
  3. I'm curious cause i haven't seen any after completing the game
  4. Did it for like 3 months 😂 gl
  5. yeah i got it like 2 months ago, its stupid as shit and I hated it lol
  6. Their is a exploit on how to do the realistic combat immersion This video shows you how to do the god mode exploit this can be done with a friend or second controller. Note: you don't have to do the second bit where he hops out you can do it the first time
  7. Yes, it means fully died, so u can be downed as many times as long as u don't fully die and yeah the one that repels grenades
  8. Hey guys and girls Just curious what's the easiest dlc for me to attempt cause i kinda suck
  9. Also either use the drakon or the locus as your guns, snipers are surprisingly the beat in the campaign
  10. Purely out of my enjoyment for the game, I'd say Detroit become human, super fun and easy game
  11. So far i haven't done one but i wanna do some of the secondaries to make it a bit quicker, aslong as i own the gun does it count?
  12. thank you, im just finishing blackops 4 so i just wanted to know and this was very good, much appreciated
  13. Overwatch is hard plat congrats
  14. I did Bought them both from those classes and didn't get it Yeah i bought both of them Nvm im fucking stupid 😂 i had the wrong derelict, i need help 😂
  15. I have the Chevrolet derelict, i have the blue Nissan skyline Gtr v spec 1999 in the drift class and i have the BMW m5 in the drift class and my trophy isn't unlocking, anyone know how?
  16. Thank you both very much
  17. im sick of it after going for the platinum i never have the effort to play it lol