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  1. Okay thank you is it over multiple cities or just the one
  2. Sure ill be on tonight I'll friend u
  3. I dont understand how your supposed to raise your population that to 12k in like 150 weeks the highest I got was 7k can someone explain please
  4. Do you need to be offline?
  5. Large variety and some white rare trophies
  6. I absolutely loved this game and enjoyed the 100 percent and my frames were good
  7. I know lol the unfortunate thing about the trophy I'm missing is its super grindy its just daily challenges. if your not good the trophy can take multiple months aka me
  8. i can maybe hooik you up with someone who owns all dlcs and helped me get the 100 percent his name is rem007ix I believe ren007nix*
  9. Definitely do drive club and drive club bikes as the servers are being shut down very soon and if you want perfect competition I don't think that will happen but yeah
  10. I'm gassed i over 1k hours i love it and I'm sweaty af so it'll be good to get a bunch of new players in the mix
  11. Hey guys and girls i need a method to farm events for the trophies if that would be okay
  12. Was just wondering if it includes all dlcs cause if so I'll start it soon
  13. Tyvm kind gentleman/gentlewomen
  14. Hey guys i can't do the train and fix the traffic scenarios does anyone have a video guide or somthing to assist me if so thanks
  15. Thanks but I've finished this over a year ago i believe
  16. Hey guys and girls I'm going to be going back to this because its in my backlog and i was wondering if their was a glitch where you could earn trophies in creative or a way to make the game easier because when i did play i struggled with it Thanks in advance
  17. Thanks for the tips I'll be starting it again in like 3 days so I'll keep this in mind
  18. Unfortunately I've already done it but thanks for the tips anyway
  19. Just actually starting off good without going into debt 😂
  20. Me and a friend are doing sniper elite 4 on authetic plus and mission 6 is so hard i was wondering if we could skip it and come back to it later or does it have to be in order and another question can you use autosaves if their are any?
  21. Hey man unfortunately no cause its quite time consuming and atm i don't have time but set up a session and you'll be set
  22. Yeah i fished the game like 2 weeks ago mission 1 was aids took me and my buddy about 40 attempts
  23. I got it to work i just Re installed the game and it gave it to me so yeah well thanks for your help
  24. Hey guys in the main menu you can see a bunch of creator builds and you can download them and whatnot. However for the monsters dlc I need to get the graveyard for the bat monster and I cant seem to get could anyone tell me how to switch between them'