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  1. 22 minutes ago, J_E_B_B said:

    There are three completely new trophies:


    Do you even die?

    Survive a full Frontlines match without dying.


    Advance Australia 

    Unlock all specializations for the ANZACs.


    Impavidum Ferient Bella!

    Unlock all specializations for the Tirailleurs.



    There is also a change for the requirement of the trophy Extreme Headhunter.


    PS4 Version:

    Receive the gold medal “Most headshots & only headshots” 10 times


    PS5 Version:

    In a Frontlines match headshots 5 enemies in a row without dying.



    I’m not going to speak on every specific example, but many trophies have also had their name changed.


    If I missed something then let me know, but I believe I have covered all the changes.

    Big up Verdun 


  2. 14 hours ago, emboliformis said:

    I submitted a ticket on the team 17 support page earlier today and this time I got a slightly more promising response.


    "Thank you for getting back in touch with us.

    Unfortunately, there is a known issue with some trophies not syncing between PS4 and PS5.
    But please rest assured that the team is currently investigating this as we speak.

    Thank you for your continued support and patience.

    Team17 Support"







  3. 3 minutes ago, emboliformis said:

    As far as I know, you can pop some of the trophies on both versions if you do it in a specific way (like playing games on both consoles at the same time and triggering the trophies such as level 50 at about the same time), but some of the trophies don't work like that, so can't be popped twice. No autopop either, as far as I know.


    And I've just been told by the community manager on their discord server that there are currently no plans to release a patch to make getting both platinums on one account possible. But they said they'll be passing my feedback to the team.


    I asked it via DM's, and to sum up, this is the response I got:


    "It's to do with how the stats are tracked via the Team17 account system in game, unfortunately you won't be able to unlock both platinums on the same PSN account...

    ...The scenario you are talking about is if you want to play on PS4 AND PS5. But it's not possible to get both platinums. I will let the team know the feedback, but there aren't any plans to release a patch to change this."


    awesome thanks dude for that


  4. 47 minutes ago, Riszcky said:

    Yeah, I'm Aus too. Cars driving around hovering off the ground. Teleporting away from me. Running through shards but not picking them up. Hitting cars on my screen, then 1 sec later they're driving away as if I missed. Yeah, it's a mess at this ping 


    10 hours ago, Draps-1337 said:

    I thought it was only me! But yeah also Australian and this is super laggy online.

    It suckss


  5. 5 hours ago, J_E_B_B said:

    You only need one partner. With this partner, do all the squad defence gold medals 10 times while also getting coop exp. You should unlock the 250k coop exp trophy before you are done with squad defence. Another thing you need a partner for is boosting the possible medals in rifle deathmatch (there are no bots in rifle deathmatch). The only other thing you need a partner for is the 250 matches (you can afk or semi-afk this). After doing all of this, you can do frontlines against bots in Asian servers by yourself for the rest of the medals.