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  1. Im gonna be doing 1. Gta v 0% 2. verdun 70% 3. uncharted 4 0% 4. last guardian 0% 5. friday the 13th 0% excited for this may add some more in the future
  2. A bit of final fantasy mixed with resident evil and some other games nice dude
  3. I was able to yesterday with my mate and we went to play today and U couldn't invite him at all, anyone know why?
  4. awesome thanks dude for that
  5. love gold trophies from rpgs lol
  6. No 19 people have now
  7. U can change it in settings, there is currently Central USA, Europe and Japan
  8. Hey guys, I wanted to play this as it looked super fun but it's basically impossible to play on Japanese servers as I'm Australian, do you think they'll add oce, Sam and Africa
  9. Difficulty for 100% And how long ago did you do this