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  1. I was able to yesterday with my mate and we went to play today and U couldn't invite him at all, anyone know why?
  2. awesome thanks dude for that
  3. love gold trophies from rpgs lol
  4. No 19 people have now
  5. I was wondering if this trophy is bugged as in the profile it doesn't change if you get a win under that challenge
  6. Hey guys and girls, don't really wanna pay for dlcs atm and was curious if it included dlcs
  7. Hey guys, I wanted to play this as it looked super fun but it's basically impossible to play on Japanese servers as I'm Australian, do you think they'll add oce, Sam and Africa
  8. U can change it in settings, there is currently Central USA, Europe and Japan
  9. Difficulty for 100% And how long ago did you do this
  10. This is the stupidest thing in gaming I've ever seen and it because of the Shit parkour in this game not working and i die, i hate this game so much
  11. Hey guys and girls me and my friend will most likely be attempting this soon, would we be able to do everything just us to, do public matches have bots or whatnot and howlong would it take to boost
  12. It was a joke mate
  13. All games includes tales so I assume you like that genre of game
  14. you need to use characters you dont already own for the trophy and you only needa win 1 game with each character
  15. I can't do this I don't think as I've already caught all of the crispy snackpods in gardan Grove, is there a way to spawn them in or somthing
  16. Just curious before I start it
  17. Cool thank you
  18. No you have to use new characters