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  1. I was wondering does anyone have a seed that I could use for this. No guides work and Im not downgrading it so I need a seed it's the last trophy I need so if you have a solution it would be appricated alot
  2. Battlefield 5 was my most recent platininum. I had to get a friend to help me boost it
  3. when will this operation return in the cycle?
  4. I figured how delete games on my psn profiles account ages ago and I must of accidently deleted Lego star wars the force awakens which I've 100 percented I was wondering if anyone new how
  5. I have the platinum and i bought the 25 dollar deal on the ps4 store which gave the deluxe edition for both bf1 and bf5 and i was thinking about going back and 100 percenting it and finishing it. Is it still possible
  6. im struggling to get both in the same game is their any strats for it if not
  7. I honestly have no clue how to do these and all guides are old does anyone have a updatee verison?
  8. are these free and if so can you boost trophies
  9. So i made 5 solo challanges and i included my other account and i did on my other account but a worse time but nothing popped when it expired did i do somthing wrong or what Nvm im dumb just got it
  10. Yeah i was able to get it in the final mission and nearly at plat only need to reach lvl 50
  11. Are their any in looming shadow cause i somehow havent scanned/killed one even though i havr but are there any in their ans before you say thr tallneck one i have already done that and if there isnt one in looming shadow will i have to restart?
  12. Welp looks ill never be able to beat this game fml unless someone shareplays for free probs no one but if u do wanna add my ps4 C_a_n_u_e_v_e_n
  13. So i wanna get the stun grenade trophy aka me playing blitz cause it still counts but can i get trophies in their
  14. nah i got it legit im happy and then the plat
  15. is this trophy still possible i havent played it in ages and im wondering so i could 100 percent it?
  16. so i beat the whole game and i changed my character back but i didnt do it on mastermind do i seriously have to redo this bullshit
  17. So ive platniumed battlefront and done all dlcs except reach lvl 100 and i bought the normal edition of the game not the deluxe and on the ps store i dont think the normal is their so will i still keep my progress i think i was like lvl 92?
  18. i just got the plat from you much love
  19. So i got steep when it was free and im wondering how am i suppose to finish the game 100 percent i even bought the dlcs and i 100 percent them and i looked for memorable moments guides but these were from 2016 and half of them didn't work by chance does somebody know a current list for 2018/2019 that i could use thank you very much in advance
  20. thank you your amazing