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  1. Hey guys, did anyone ever experience constant crashing of the game? im in challenge 52 of the Paracel course and the game always crashes when i hit anything from the green. i've tried changing golfers, gameplay style and even i redownloaded the game 3 times but nothing seems to work. any advice guys? thanks beforehand
  2. hi guys, just a quick question is there any bonus DLC from the region 3 Physical copy? thanks beforehand edit: just find out that it didn't have any bonuses
  3. Wow you would do that, thanks a lot man, i've sent you a friend request, let me know if you've received it
  4. Thanks for the advice i'll try that, also is it neccesary to post up the session here or just wait in the game for other players to pop up?
  5. Hi guys i have a region 3 account and it seems that everytime i went online i cant find other players, is there any tips for finding players? and if anyone would like to trophy boost with me please let me know, that would be a huge help thanks beforehand guys