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  1. Anyone in Australia pre-order Biomutant from the PSN Store?...


    The release should be the 25th, but for some reason the time is set to expire on the 26th instead...


    not that one day is a big deal, but last time i pre-ordered a game was Cyberpunk (sorry) that had troubles as well, the timer was the NZ one and once expired went back to the Aus timer...


    All local stores have the release as the 25th, so i imagine it's just a problem with the PSN Store as i haven't seen anything from the devs/publisher as to why it'd be the 26th for us.

    1. Sergen


      It releasing on the 26th for an Australian is because of your time zone, you'd be getting the game 12 hours earlier than other countries digitally by buying the game on the PSN Store with an Australian account. Retail stores don't have to comply with that for the physical copy of the game, or at the very least the game publisher won't care if they decide to release it on the 25th in your timezone. People exploit buying a game earlier than the release in their country by buying it on the Australian or New Zealand store, maybe Sony has caught onto that.

    2. Ortodatt


      Sorry for the late reply mate!


      Yeah, just found out about the global release.


      It's just stupid, in my opinion.



  2. They auto popped thankfully
  3. Got to 100, and with that got my platinum. Music, podcasts and YouTube are your best friends while going for level 100. Best of luck everyone, you'll get there!
  4. 89 currently. Leaving it doing a lip trick for the next few hours. That'll give me 5k xp and that will get me to 90. Doing 1 level a day, plus what ever i can of the next (usually just under half a level) so by Sunday or Monday i should have the platinum. Trying to push into the first 100 people to plat, but i doubt i'll get it.
  5. So i need someone to confirm something for me please. If i start the game, get to the part were i can create scrap crew(s) and get the 2 challenges done, as long as i DON'T do any of the other challenges that can glitch, i can put that save on a USB and have that as a fall back if they do glitch? Or do you need to do some of the glitchy challenges before you can do the scrap crew challenges? Either going to play this or TLOU 2, but if i can do the scrap crew challenges without doing other challenges, i'll start Mad Max first.
  6. thanks mate. @ZeromusF4 & @Bushido_Cypher - I can confirm that the method in the vid works not only for the 10 mill score, but also the 1 million on classic track and 1 mill combo. To get 1 mill trophies, just jump off before your score goes over 10 million. Not sure if it'll be patched, but might be an idea to do it fast, just in case!
  7. Looking around the US PSN Store, and have noticed a lot of themes have the pre-view option.


    Unfortunately on the AUS PSN store i've only seen 1 theme do it. and the theme was one of the first that released. 


    While i can find pre-views on YouTube, Most of the ones i'm interested in don't have video's on them, and cost between 4 and 5 dollars. Which in my opinion is just stupid. I've purchased about 4 themes for this price and they all have the same issues. 


    Short looped music/sounds that make me want to rip my ears off, low image quality, rough looking icons & terrible scrolling sounds. Personally i want scrolling sounds to be silent, so i don't have to listen to them, but still get the trophy ping noise. 

  8. Managed to secure a pre-order of Ghost of Tsushima CE. Wasn't interested at first, but after watching the trailers again, i decided to give it a chance. 


    Probably stupid to pre-order the CE but it looks decent enough. the mask being my favourite item, along with the cloth map & war banner.

    1. MrTrofyHunter


      I pre-ordered the Special Edition. Love my steelbooks. Can't wait!

  9. Anyone know if using the level 30 boost for The Division 2 unlocks all story related trophies? 


    It does say that boosted characters cannot earn "First Party Trophies" but i don't get it, what do they class as first party trophies? My friend got pretty much all story trophies at once only a few days ago, he had the first few before then but i know he used a level 30 boost and after that all others were unlocked within 5-10 mins, so i'm not sure if it was the boost unlocking them, or if he's cheating somehow. 


    Thanks in advanced for any replies!

    1. Bliss


      I haven’t heard of it unlocking any trophies, certainly wouldn’t risk it myself after reading that bit about “First Party Trophies” whatever they are. 

    2. Ortodatt


      Yea i ain't gunna try it. I sent him another message and now he's saying he had people boost him, yet before he said it was a level 30 boost. So idk what's going on. 


      I just deleted the game, not going to bother with stuff i don't enjoy.



  10. All equipment has a box at either the bottom left, or right of the item description. If it's blank you need to craft it. Though some things may need to be crafted a few times to count, it took me 4 tries for the Assault Rifle LVL 3 to count.
  11. Personal favorite from the "MX vs ATV - Unleashed" Soundtrack.
  12. One of my favourites from the new album. Can't wait for "Look Outside Your Window".
  13. I got the trophy for 16 on the 29th of December, guess i need to do the super bowl ones before they shut everything down. Pisses me off, i wanted to get all madden plats but EA shuts them down for no reason. Was close to buying 25 & 15 but now i'm not sure. Thankfully i can still get 11, 18, 20 & NCAA 11 done. Gunna do them ASAP now. If they shut-down the servers, they should be made update the trophy list, or have there game taken of the store. Fuck you EA. Make Madden Great Again.