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  1. @Sly Ripper I want to thank you for everything you have done. This site is amazing, however i have no desire to use it anymore. My question to you is if theres anyway you can "purge" my account? I know i can de-activate my forum account, but i mean can it be made to appear like i never registered with the site? I don't really have an example but pretty much everything but my published guides, excluding my Storm Boy guide. After today i will most likely never use the site again and would prefer my recently published Storm Boy guide to be deleted as i can't seem to do it. For my other guides i'd like them to be credited to @BlindMango if he wants them. If not then do what you see fit. I'll be leaving my forum account open for this coming week. I'll check back on the 29th at 4pm AEDT. If anything can be done please send me a message and we will figure something out. Or if it's extremely easy to purge my account just do it and i'll know once i get back on the 29th. @BlindMango @ddracarys @Parker I'm just tagging you folk just in case Sly doesn't see this, if he doesn't would one of you please pass this post on to him. It's been a wonderful time. I'll miss you the most Mango. Your a cool cat.
  2. Storm Boy guide has been published. Thanks for tidying-up & fixing the problems with the guide @BlindMango i really appreciate it mate. 👍
  3. Wasn't going to do anymore guides this year, but i did a quick little one for Storm Boy. It's currently awaiting review.
  4. Thanks.
  5. Hey, BadDriver. I have a guide for this game currently awaiting review. Would you mind if i link your video walkthrough in the guide? You'll be given full credit of course.
  6. Some junkie fucks just stole a table and an ashtray of my sisters doorstep. Seriously just a fucking table and ashtray, stupid ♥s. Thankfully my brother lives with her so if they try it again he will probably try to stab'em. Me personally, i want to get a baseball bat. Hide in the park across from her house and if i see them crack there head open. People like that deserve to die, shit stains on society. But hey, i live in Australia, so acting in self-defense is pretty much not allowed. Yet we let people on terrorist watch lists walk free. Fuck me... This country needs change, and soon.      

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    2. eigen-space


      Someone once broke into my friend's car just to steal granola bars :hmm:

    3. StarMadeKnight


      @Galactic Hyper Balls Exactly, we only have ourselves to blame.


      @LegacyJKO09 Understandable. You're lucky, i've got 1 living 3 houses across from me lol. I also have a biker 2 houses down on the opposite side. However the biker dude is extremely nice, if you need help he would be the first to offer.


      @eigen-space Damn, thats trash. Fucking granola bars of all fucking things lol. 

    4. LegacyJKO09


      @StarMadeKnight I thought my neighbor got broken into. turned out squatters were there for a week and a major drug bust. fucking insane. never know who's who these days

  7. Tell me about it, peen a pretty shit year. I don't think 2019 will be any better. PS - I love your avatar & signature lmao.
  8. My first video will be of me finding a dead body in the Sea of Trees. Then i'll make a half-assed apology video.
  9. Assuming this flag is for FIFA 09? You got the trophy Real world winner on 10th of February 2010. Yet the trophy has been unobtainable from, June 3rd, 2009. So it's clear that something is fishy. A post saying that the trophy was unobtainable after June 3rd' 09. - Would be better to hide the game and move on. Yet again i could be wrong, i usually am...
  10. Hey, MMDE. I sent you a message on Thursday and noticed you haven't read it yet. I know your a busy guy but if you could take a quick look at it, it would be appreciated!.   

    1. MMDE


      I started a new job recently and I'm currently in the process of "moving" and fixing an apartment, so you may say I've been busy as fuck.

    2. StarMadeKnight


      No worries, hope the job goes well for you. Anyway, thanks for the reply. 

  11. Path of Exile is finally coming to PS4. Will you play it? While they are aiming for a December release, i can see it getting pushed back till next year. The official announcement from the Path of Exile Twitter account -
  12. I get these regularly, they are just bots/scamers. If i remember correctly "blondmelania" is the name of one of the accounts i've received these type of messages from. I just block them.
  13. I never usually post status updates, well this is my first one... but after a week of resting, i've finally started to get better. Now i need to lose some weight and i should be in the clear. 


    How has everyone been? I've managed to get a few platinums. Working on Dead Alliance atm.


    My brother was kind enough to give me his vita after he brought a new one so that accounts for most of my new platinums. Looking forward to RDR2 on the 26th. It's been awhile since i've enjoyed a game and not cared too much about the trophies.


    I had a few trophy guides that i wanted to do, however i'm putting them on hold till next year.

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    2. Lorajet


      @MidnightDragon Thanks for the offer!  I'll probably stick with RDR for now due to so much going on.

    3. StarMadeKnight


      @MidnightDragon Hope you enjoy RDR2 mate. Once online drops i'll be trying to boost the trophies. I don't like online trophies, but i aint gunna complain about them like some do. However if theres an option to join a lobby of friendly players that won't kill me while i'm riding around i might stick around, just gotta wait n' see. Bring on midnight the 25th lol.    

    4. MidnightDragon


      I'll be picking it up at GameStop at 9 PM Thursday. :) 

  14. AFL guide is on hold for ages. Not going to go into to much detail, but I had a very bad experience last night. I need to focus on my health before doing more guides. For the foreseeable future I'll only be on the site once a week if that. If anyone has questions about AFL Evo or anything else, send me a PM and I'll answer you when I can. Wish everyone the best for there guides there currently writing.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply Dragon. Ok i'll just mark the level 30 as bugged. My brother didn't end up getting to level 50 unfortunately. He traded his copy of AFL, i just got 100% finally so i'll lend him my copy and see if he wouldn't mind getting to level 50 and see if the trophy pops.