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  1. My list: 1. Sapienza (❤) 2. Dartmoor 3. Mumbai 4. Mendoza 5. Dubai 6. Haven Island 7. Hokkaido 8. Paris 9. Miami 10. Berlin 11. Santa Fortuna 12. Himmelstein 13. Bangkok 14. Marrakesh 15. Hawks Bay 16. Whittleton Creek 17. Sibiria 18. Isle of Sgail 19. Singapur 20. New York 21. Chonqing 22. Carpathian Mountains 23. Colorado 24. ICA Facility
  2. Autopop trophies are boring, sorry... for all games. If you like a game, you play it correctly and honestly...autopop is cheating... that's my opinion.
  3. Does anybody know if the progress of Hitman 1 and 2 is automatically carried to Hitman 3 or do I have the possibility to decide myself? The reason is: I would like to play all locations again to receive the bronze trophies. I don't like the autopop and I like it to do something for the trophy in a more honest way... and I am really a fan of the new Hitman series...
  4. Ok, I can't find any bream... every mentioned location from powerpyx, YouTube and other players: no bream for me...I hate fishing!
  5. Tip: Mop and clean up the garbage (to 100%). Put something in a room. That worked for me. Changing the currency and/or starting a new save didn't work by the way.
  6. Thanks for the tip, it worked for me after I installed all the dlc content! Grazie mille
  7. I downloaded Sniper Elite 4 from the PSN Store two days ago (free psn plus game august), I played it a bit yesterday and I wanted to play further today but the game does not start anymore. I always see the first picture but the game does not really start cause it does not change to the gaming menu, it seems being freezed... I tried different things: - deleted every save file - game still not starts - uninstall, new download - game still not starts - restored the ps4 database - game still not starts - renewed all the licence - game still not starts I really do not know what to do more. Yesterday I thought "cool game", now I am really getting angry about it... 😢 Maybe anyone knows more and can help?