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  1. If I remember right you will have to attach everything at least once in the shop. As far as I remember the camos and attachments for instance have a little symbol once unlocked and you need to click on it to make the symbol vanish. I feel your pain bro :/
  2. I am somewhat suprised nobody mentioned that annoying Cactuar mini-game for the Mercury Sigil. 5th or 6th annoyed the shit out of me and spent hours with reloading on the PS4. Chocobo Master for sure a painful experience as well, finished on exactly 0.0 after how many attempts and had to go through that painful luckgame again to get the trophy ...
  3. On a side note: this most likely corrupts your save file. I was in the final mission on Classic Iron mode and had to start from beginning as there was no way to continue the mission beyond a certain point. Friends have confirmed that a legit run almost never creates a corrupt save file while this is the third time it happens to me (twice on the home base attack, each on Classic Iron mode and Impossible in both using trick). But well, here I go again to plat this game - which in fact I love ❤️ on any platform.
  4. No we aren‘t. As said we managed few times, but no clear pattern to time or whatsoever. Looks like we have to stick with trial and error
  5. Trying to go for 100% with a friend, but struggling to get connected to each other. Did work quite smoothly 2-3 months ago, but did Vietname DLC first at that time. Now it is almost impossible for us to get connected. Tried whatever I could think of incl. signing out of PSN and signing in again, restarting game/console etc. Squad invitation does not work, neither does Search in public games or joining via friends. Trophies have been achieved now and then according to the trophy stats, hence no server issue I believe. Any ideas/sugggestions?