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  1. I'm currently finding that there's a good spot in Horizon map for Tier 2, which is where I'm currently at. I tend to get around 12-15 waves there with the remote turret class (forget the name, Specialist I think?) And for Tier 3, I hear there's a good spot Greenband on the side with the building with a round bar of sorts. There's apparently a rooftop on the side with the exo upgrade box. The enemies just climb up the side right in front of you making it easy to take them out without getting hit. So I'll cheesing the heck out of that when I unlock that Tier.
  2. You know, initially your comment irritated me but after sleeping on it and actually thinking it over, you were right 🤔 I used to trophy hunt compulsively and it sucked the enjoyment right out of games I would play. It definitely got the better of me for a good while. But your comment, intended or otherwise, reminded me that games are for fun first and foremost rather than a virtual prize which isn't even a prize. Basically, thank you for reminding me that games are to be played, not exploited, and I will just play Subnautica the proper way and as intended. Hey if the platinum pops along the way, no biggie ✌️
  3. I imagine it's the same guide I've been trying but same, no trophies popping for me after loading back in either
  4. I tried this myself because I imagine like you, trophies just weren't popping, but sadly the base patch doesn't allow for developer commands so it would be a no go
  5. Yeah it does seem to be pretty random I was hoping for a quick plat as shown by the video guide, which SHOULD give everything, I guess the PS4 version just doesn't agree. I'll literally give this one more attempt and if nothing works, I give up 🙍
  6. Would it be possible for you to walk me through that process? I did everything the video said, including launching the rocket to get the capsule and story trophies, which I got. I've read that getting materials for the Cyclops for example, saving, quitting and reloading pops them but this isn't the case either. Literally going to sell it anyway but figured if I can get a quick platinum out of it, cool 😕
  7. Tried this earlier this evening and encountered several issues. When I got to part where you teleport to the 'aquarium' area and have the Sea Emperor talk to you, it kept crashing and quitting the app. When it finally did progress past, I got all the way through to the end and after loading back in, as the video suggests, no trophies pop. I have the disc version so I might try it again tomorrow without downloading the patch. I'll let you know if that works and hopefully that bit of information could be helpful for someone.
  8. Masterful, nuanced and beautiful
  9. Hearing some rumours that Bloodborne might be coming to PC has filled me with renewed interest! Is there a space still for PvP?
  10. I've done the Separation and Facility levels twice in a row now with the moral point showing up at the end of the levels and no trophy popping :/ Are they glitched as far as anyone knows?
  11. Hey folks, just played through this gorgeous game again since the PS4 version was given away, got all the trophies bar the Companion one (one where you travel through the majority of the game with the same player). Would anyone be able to try to coordinate this one with me by starting from the Mountain chapter? If anyone is able to help and to know it's me, I've got the white robe and when I see you, I can do something like 5 big voice buttons?
  12. Cool, I'm glad you got it, I moved on from this game a while and don't think I'll be returning
  13. Unfortunately it looks like this game has it in for me. I leveled up all weapons I have and bought all of the upgrades and such yet no trophy. As I've truly had enough of this game, I think I'll just move on to a more fun, less grindy game. Thanks for helping though
  14. I've only got a third of level 3 left on the scythe so hopefully after buying the stuff that's all I need! Thank you for replaying so quickly on an old game 😁
  15. I've seen contradicting opinions on this trophy/achievement so I figured the consumers would know the final answer (hopefully!) What exactly do I need to upgrade fully, because I've read that you only need the following: - The Tremor Gauntlet - ONE of the Scythes - Armageddon Blade (which comes maxed) - All weapon moves and max ranked One thing I'm not sure on, which will decide a second playthrough or not, is if you need to max out the Chaoseater sword before you craft the Armageddon Blade or not?