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  1. Rather a major event this morning. Once and realized Return of the War God didn't have any event specific maps I went map to grinding 12-4 during my morning coffee, and look who finally came home: I am now the proud commander of every single unique drop ship in the game. It's been a hell of a ride.
  2. @Revvie has it right. However, I'll add some of my own observations for what its worth. SSRs only drop from the boss. Also, it appears that unique elites (Jinstuu, etc.) only drop from the boss as well. The SSR drop rate is very low. General consensus is somewhere between 1.5-0.8% The SSR drop rate is drastically increased during SoS missions. You can't control where these pop though, but is worth noting. With good gear and decent levels, everything before World 10 can be auto'd with a 1:1 fleet. That means you can grind for negligible oil. Also, up to that point the relative tier of shipgirls really doesn't matter, so you can combined with level/affection grinding of anyone you want without worrying about composition. For World 10+ (i.e. the Jinstuu Mines) You'll have to worry about using both good ships and effective combinations, which limits your ability to use later drop farming for leveling. In terms of oil for experience/purple plates 6-1 and 6-4: the Poi Mines(tm) offers the best ratio of resource cost to reward. Unique rares and commons can drop off any fleet. However, unique rares can still be very rare. I suspect in the 1-5% range.
  3. Platinum 250: Final Fantasy Type 0


    Milestone achieved.  It's been a rough few months, personally, but I still got this done. 


    I don't understand the hate this game gets.  It's actually a lot of fun.  Granted the game all but requires you to use specific characters in specific areas, but doesn't make any attempt to tell you this until you're stuck.  Still, I had a ton of fun and I wish the platinum required more effort.


    The last dungeon is an exercise in frustration though, no idea what they were thinking when they designed that.

  4. With no new events looks like we'll have a quiet week to focus on leveling and grinding. New Retros: And I managed to get both my wishes from the event:
  5. Congratulations @TheVader66 North Carolina is an absolute cinnamon roll and criminally underrated. She's pretty much carried my fleet through the plane-hell that is World 12.
  6. It's always been sort of implied that Kaga and Akagi were an item. I'm glad we got confirmation. The anime has done so much to advance culture.
  7. While asking NISA to open another path to the platinum and generally balance the game is a nice idea, I would point out the the Tokyo Tattoo Girls platinum has been broken since release and NISA hasn't bothered to do anything about, so, sadly, I doubt they care whether the platinum can be achieved or not. I don't know if it is a matter of apathy or lack of resources, but patching doesn't seem to be their thing.
  8. Well, I was thinking since Bunny-Girls are an American thing, or at least invented in American, it makes sense the USN has more bunny girls than the IJN.
  9. EX is a DPS race. With a full fleet at Level 120, +10 gold gear, and all oathed I'm taking very little damage, but I'm not killing her either. No idea what the minimum level to survive is. I'd guess around 100. The fight is very short.
  10. What makes Azur Lane is the characters, there's going to be someone (probably multiple someones) that hit right in your strike zone. And it's all done in such good fun. Reminds me a lot of Senran Kagura a lot in that way. How's everybody doing on Crosswave EX? I know some people have actually killed her. Best I've done is about 50%
  11. Having played this many, many times back in the day, it looks like a pretty simple list. The difficulty trophy might be a bit of a challenge, otherwise it is just a matter of a few judicious saves so you can get both endings to various side quests. It should be noted that most BG side quests are really short, so doing a few twice isn't a significant time sink.
  12. Oddly, most of the bunny girls are Eagle Union, but I guess that actually makes sense if you really think about it. I assume there's holding back certain ships for the rerun. So far all the reruns have included one or two brand new ships in addition to the returnees. I know I'd roll like a fiend for Pola. Plus mini-events, etc. The hype for Bismark was insane and the sever was packed, I was getting thrown into room 8 or 9 when I was logging in at peak hours. So, they might build some of them up. Meanwhile, Essex and I have tied the knot:
  13. To expand on this, when Akashi is experimenting on the wisdom cubes during the Bel-chan event it's implied that the nature of the wisdom cubes and the creation of ship-girls is poorly understood. I suspect (or maybe it was stated somewhere) that the wisdom cubes are the product of captured Siren tech, or perhaps Siren tech seeded out to humanity. On the other hand, Fletcher seems to think she had parents who made her and her sisters the old fashioned way, but she might be joking. During the Nep event it is stated that ship-girls have psychic control over their rigging (which is constructed on-sight at the base) and only ship-girls and CPUs (it turns out) have this ability. Most of the events seem take place at different times, so piecing together an actual narrative is hard. It will probably be explained more clearly when the anime comes out.
  14. Okay. Intensely cool.
  15. Cool thanks for the guide. I think I'll wait for a sale. For me, $19.99 is little much for a 30 minute game.