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  1. The Pilgrims of the Dark covenant requires you to clear extra dungeons to rank up, plus kill a hidden boss. Time stamps require the following scenario: 1) Beat the game 2) Speedrun to Drangleic Castle in NG ++ 3) Clear the 2 abyss dungeons along the way 4) Warp to the Heirs of the Sun covenant and max it (Selfless Giver pops) 5) Warp to Majula 6) Wrap to Drangleic and buy the spells from Wellager (Pyromancy and Miracle trophies pop) 7) Wrap back to Majula abandon Heirs of the Sun 8) Go to the Pilgrims of the Dark, rejoin that covenant 9) Go to the last abyss dungeon, clear it and kill DarkLurker 10) Get the last Hex Steps 1 through 6 took 45 minutes. 7-10 took about 6 minutes. Is it impossible? Well, it's close to impossible, this is pushing close to world record speedrun time for PC (which means faster load times), and you would have to work really hard to set everything up to go off in this order. I clocked about 300 hours in DSII and I can say without question I could not do this. Could someone with insane skills and a detailed plan pull this sequence off? It's possible, but not plausible. A whole lot of stuff is strange, the first story trophy pop'd late, he spent a week in NG to blow through NG+ and NG++ in under an hour. Plus, this begs the question: why go to so much effort to plan near impossible time stamps?
  2. Totally. But the trophy for maxing a covenant pop'd shortly before the spell trophies. Doing what you suggest would have required getting both the Brotherhood of Blood and Blue Sentinels to near max without dying (which is what, 1,000 PvP matches?). Maxing one, switching to the other, maxing it, and then buying a trivial Miracle and Pyromancy in all three (3) minutes. Even if you planned it (and why would you) isn't possible to do all that in the time available, the load times alone are probably going to be three minutes.
  3. Yes. The last Miracles and Pyromancies are towards the end of NG++. The only other way to get them is to max out the two-PVP centered covenants. Even if you did that without dying (let's say that's possible) the two trhopies would not have pop'd close together. That also doesn't work since Selfless Giver came only minutes before the all Pyromancies and all Miracles trophies. So, unless I'm missing something he would need to have speedrun NG+ and 90%ish of NG++ in 40 minutes stopping along the way to max a covenant. Some people have done 20 minute speedruns...so, this might be possible if you are an absolute Dark Souls 2 god. Still doesn't explain why Self Recollection isn't the first trophy.
  4. I was surprised to see Honolulu too, hopefully we'll get her soon. Top shelf right there. I knew they were saving something big for the end of the lifestream. As soon as I saw that Toho logo I was like "f*** yeah!" I might have scared the neighbors.
  5. Valhalla Knights 3 and Borderlands: TPS. However, neither are any achievement since the first is simply 'start a PVP match' and the latter just requires you to clear one mission with another player. So, it is not as though I ground out some serious stuff or hit the top of the leaderboards or something. I avoid games with online trophies as a general rule.
  6. I played serious way, way, way back in Vanilla. With Burning Crusade the game starting going in a direction that wasn't really to my taste, so I stopped. That said, good on Blizzard for creating a game with this kind of longevity. Amazing to think there are people playing WoW today who weren't even born when it launched.
  7. 70 Cubes (35 Pulls) and I got 3 Vampires, 1 Prince of Wales, and 1 Agato. 7% is about 2.4 in 35. So, it looks like there is no (notable) increase in the SSR drop rate, just a higher likelihood of getting the event characters. I didn't pull anyone else of note. Got a lot of okay-battleships to feed to my other girls though. @TheVader66 on the offical Discord the developers' community-dude said they hope to roll out the Neptunia collab event on the English servers before the end of the year.
  8. This. Good on people who do it legit. However, there are a number of problems with console multiplayer modes (limited population, short life span, etc). I don't fault anyone for boosting. Heck, finding a boosting partner can be hard in and of itself. I put boosting in the same class as saving, picking option A, popping a trophy, loading, picking option B and popping the other trophy. All you're doing is by-passing a grind that proves nothing. Frankly, I take my sweet time with games and I have a big backlog. Online adds a ticking clock to the platinum that annoys me endlessly.
  9. Knowing CH/IF it'll be silly fun at least. Excited to have AL trophies in the case.
  10. Wow. That's like 15 buckets of awesome. Almost enough to let me forget the pain of not getting Atago in 20 pulls. Almost
  11. Sounds like a great idea. My questions is how do we identify 'unattainable'? Servers closed is obvious and easy. What about games where the trophy is unachievable due to a bug, Dragon Fin Soup, Bard's Tale, Tokyo Tattoo Girls, etc? How do we establish that it is truly, unattainable. Maybe a flag system it gets add to a list and there is a discussion of whether or not there is a bug that achievement.
  12. I have 100 cubes, max gold, and max oil stock piled. Body and mind are perfectly honed. The iphone is now an extension of my will. Atago, Vampire and Wales will be mine!
  13. I wonder if this will come West. D3 has never been big on localizations, I hope the OL:Z localization train wreck/dumpster fire didn't scare them off.
  14. Event incoming on the 13th. Time to start hording wisdom cubes. Haven't even really started the fox grind. Right now I'm grinding in 6-3 Fusou refuses to come home. Plus, it takes to 30-50 oil to put out a fleet that can actually clear 6-3 with relative ease. This is leading to some serious oil shortages.
  15. Lucky E is OP as all get out. I mean like whole fleets melt OP. Pair with Radar Scan for "OMG!!1111 y u hack?!" However, Armored Carrier is really nice too. Have you considered using both? Not a lot of synergy but they're both regarded as the absolute top of the line in carriers.