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  1. I don't know about the R&C collection specifically, but a lot of vita games had small print runs and it is a popular system with collectors. As a result, a lot of games have held their price pretty well.
  2. Looks like Steam has a 'naughty' patch for this game, which we obviously won't get. Still the "Pantsu Hunter" platinum is just something you want on your profile as a mark of pride.
  3. I have to say the build rates for the new event (1.8%?!) are pretty scary. I'm not doing too bad after forty pulls.
  4. I think we underestimate how many hackers are out there. Consider Tokyo Tattoo Girls. The platinum is bugged and unachievable, but an amazing 24.4% of owner of PSN have the plat. Which means 24.4% of people with the game are hackers. Yes, demographics play a part, Trophy Hunters are not necessity representative of the general gaming population. However, with rarer titles that fact that PSNP's stats are 'clean' accounts for a lot.
  5. I enjoyed them as a break between longer games. A palate cleanser if you will. That said, I don't like that you no longer have to beat the game for the platinum, just like the first couple levels. Personally, that feels a little silly, but I won't knock people for doing it. Likewise, region stacking isn't for me, but if people want to do it, I hope they're having fun.
  6. Dead or Alive: Last Round. I can't to the combos. I know it's an easy game. I know the comobs are easy. I know plenty of guys could sit down and punch them all out in 10 minutes. I'm just too slow on the controls, I can't do it. I've read guides, I've watched videos, I've tried to do it 'piano keys' style. Nothing.
  7. The only possible 'problem' I see is the co-op trophy. Otherwise looks straight-forward and fun. Hard not to be hyped for a game where a school girl beats up MC Hammer with a park bench
  8. Both Bullet Girls 1 & 2 can be played with limited to non-existent knowledge of Japanese. Most of the menus are even in English. You'll miss the story and might have to look up a couple of mission requirements, but you'll lose nothing of the gameplay.
  9. The backlog seems the most useful feature by far. Not only would it help with organization, if you could search other people's backlogs coordinating rare, online trophies would be a whole lot easier.
  10. I'm finding challenge mode is a really useful to test fleet set ups. It makes it really easy to see what works and what does in a controlled environment.
  11. The Vita is pretty handy for earning trophies when you're out of the house. Plus, depending on your internet connection at home and at work there is the possibility of remote play, which means you can get through the PS4 games faster too.
  12. I'm not one to pay for a chance to get something; however, regardless of my personal opinion, I don't think I have any right to tell other people who to spend their money. That said, I think showing the odds is a very good idea. You really don't know what you're buying if you don't know both the possible contents and the odds of getting each item. Seems like a positive move.
  13. I freely admit it.  I'm laughing really hard right now.  Glad my office has a door...

  14. Platinum 236: Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk


    I really enjoyed this one.  It was nice to have an otome game in a fantasy setting the wasn't isekai.  


    Thermativally, the game is a long meditation on how we perceive of other people, and ourselves.  A recurring pattern is the characters applying traits or an identity to each other (and themselves) that is very different from who or what they actually are, and the fallout that follows the discovery that the character is in a relationship with and illusion is his own making.  


    Due to the nature of the genera, you of course have lots of hansom men with tragic backstories who are overcome with passion for our heroine.  As a plus, the heroine is much less passive than normal and didn't just stand around waiting to be rescued, which made the story more interesting for me.  The canon love interest wasn't my first choice, but what can you do.  


    However, I really wish there was a Tee route, it's the purest form of love...

  15. My understanding is the missing timestamp only comes into play if your system and profile has never been sync'd with Sony's servers (because the system has no way of knowing what time it is on its own). If you rebuilt the data-base, you might have to do a new sync. I assume it would show no date or time, but I have no first hand experience. I can only relate what I have read. Hopefully, someone more learned will happen along.