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  1. That feel when you see a flash sale and you already own all of the Vita games listed.
  2. I think my rules are pretty standard stuff; plus it's more of what you'd call a guideline than a code... a) Always get the Platinum and/or 100% 1) DLC is not required to be purchased or completed on rental games; just getting the platinum is enough for those A) DLC is required to be completed if you own the game b) On-line or co-op trophies should be avoided at all costs 1) If these cannot be avoided they should be complete ASAP 2) Boosting, etc is a perfectly fine method of getting on-line trophies, which, as previously stated, are an abomination c) Dirty, shameful easy platinums are perfectly fine and make a good break between 100 hour RPGs. 1) Region stacking is too much work d) Always review the difficulty of the platinum and your ability to get it before purchasing/starting a game e) Games with cute anime girls are objectively superior to those without and should be given priority f) Obviously, never hack or otherwise cheat 1) Was to make the game easier within the game (codes, etc) itself isn't cheating, it's simply clever "strategy" g) Never play more than one PS3/PS4 game and one Vita game at a time
  3. @TheVader66 beat me to it London has always been a hard-worker and generally underappreciated. Her new look is insanely cute while keeping the sweet, girl-next-door vibe.
  4. The only possible way to maintain a high completion rate is to actively avoid games in genres you don't enjoy or aren't good at. Even though I stared this PSN account when I decided to start trophy hunting I still made that mistake a few times. I've never played a sports game because I know nothing about sports. I'd like no play shooters and fighting game, but I'm hilariously bad at them. I accept my weaknesses.
  5. Congratulations on completing Comrades!

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    2. Helmet_time


      Base game is like half(?) the battle.  If I counted DLC I'd have to spend a lot more time sitting up at night obsessing our how my completion rate isn't 100%.  And how some of my books have scuff marks on the cover.  And how the floor in the living room isn't perfectly level...

    3. Fen


      Scuff marks.





      I can’t help it, I need to rendezvous the hot man Ardyn (˃͈ દ ˂͈ )

    4. Dreggit


      From memory, and more because I absolutely do not ever want to play Comrades again to look at the stats, Ardyn requires a high defense stat and at least 300 magic defense (with lightning resistance as well). I really do not enjoy the fight, especially since 3/4 of my party are out of my control.


      The bird though? Almost nothing you can really do to prep against him statwise... his attacks will instakill you 7/10 times depending on what it is that hits you. The saving grace is that they have a long and obvious windup that telegraphs what the attacks are. Hopefully you can kill him quickly though because he will regenerate health at some point.


      I want to say the goal is:

      2k Def

      300 M.Def

      100% lightning resist


  6. Sitting on 300 cubes. The last two 10-pulls didn't net a single event ship and I'm still missing U-101. I've never had gotcha luck this bad and I'm pretty conflicted as to whether I should cut my loses or just damn the torpedoes and go all out. For the record I have never missed an event ship to date Edit: did one more pull and got her. Life is good and everything is beautiful. I hope you all have a wonderful day
  7. Just picked this up from PA's Summer Sale. For purely scientific reasons, of course.
  8. I heard a rumor that the subs in the current "event" are going to get added to the regular construction pool at some undisclosed future time, but I've seen nothing official from either EN or JP to corroborate that. Has anyone heard anything firm?
  9. Welcome aboard. there's soda in the fridge and really cheap gin under the sink.
  10. Platinum #227: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


    A fun, but way too easy ARPG.  


    The crafting system was a really cool and I wish more games allowed that level of item customization.  Unfortunately, it wasn't really necessary.  I had no problems plowing through everything just using random drops.  Game mechanics actually made it fun and viable to play a rogue, which is fairly usual.   


    My biggest gripe is that with few characters and no plot to get in the way of the story the game starts to drag towards the end.  I clocked 77 hours and change to do everything including the DLC.  However, by hour 60 the games was feeling very repetitive.  The first 60 hours were awesome though.  At least to me, it felt like the beginning areas were better designed as well.

  11. Since old men are complaining about the young'ens I guess I'll join in... I don't even see kids playing video games too much anymore. Maybe some kind of phone game, but even gaming seems to be a somehow 'graying' hobby. I honestly have no idea what kids today do.
  12. According to this it has not been rated by the ESRB, which implies no US release.
  13. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, it's pretty short so, you should be able to knock it out without too much trouble. That way you can get on to the rest of your backlog faster.
  14. Am I the only one who gets kind of a "Dark Javelin" vibe off her?
  15. How can you find out if it was purposely ? In one case I recall, the disputer made posts in a public forum requesting the assistance of a hacker.