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  1. Tried doing this method and it doesn't work, even with the PSN signed out, I started the game again and got to character create screen, went into character gallery and it just says the servers are offline and no trophy, do you have to start game for it to pop?
  2. SeanD_56 WipEout HD I don't see how I did this game "too fast" I spent hours upon hours upon hours on this game to try and perfect my skills on it and I finally got everything I needed, this is not a game that should be flagged at all. Borderlands During my time playing this game I had changed my dates on my PS3 and this is most likely the reason the dates seem a little off, I have no idea how to else it could be like this as I have earned it all legit and will always earn it legit. Just look at my list of games and you will see. UFC Undisputed 3 Again this game I spend many hours on and earned all my trophies legitimately from playing day in and day out constantly.