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  1. Thanks so much @Bakor111! Appreciate you addressing these issues so quickly!
  2. I already sent Bakor111 a message about this, but I figured I'd comment in here about it as well: I'm also playing patch version 1.01 and the NA PlayStation Store release. Not sure if that matters with regards to fixing it, but it does confirm that both versions are affected, in case anybody else pops in seeking information about this.
  3. Nope, you're not alone. I purchased the game right after I saw the Pangeon trophy was fixed, finally booted it up tonight and unfortunately none of the trophies are unlocking. I met the requirements for the following trophies: Reviver Skillful Dizzy StrangeTaste Disgrace Mule ...and none of them unlocked; currently sitting at 0% completion. I'll just wait until they fix it before I play any further.
  4. Has anybody else tried doing 99% Fire Resistance instead of 100%? Curious if my theory about it being glitched pans out (drastically reduced damage/unkillable by Ifrit). Seemed to work on both playthroughs for me, on both consoles, but I would like to verify. Would be another neat trick to make this a quick completion for people. EDIT: For reference, I was able to finish it in 30 hours and 22 hours, solo with AI, on PS4 & Xbox One respectively. The latter being more experienced with the game, but that playthrough included considerably more weapon grinding and terrible RNG (Chocobo took me 15~ quests to get a Level 50), so with better luck it could be done faster.
  5. So I'm not sure how many people noticed my initial claim about being unkillable by Ifrit, but I'm pretty certain I just discovered why that was. Fire resistance is glitched. So I just reached Ifrit on my Xbox One playthrough and I ended up taking a bit more time to build up a few additional Dragon Whiskers, which meant sitting at much higher stats than my initial run. One thing that got boosted was my Fire Resistance, I upped it to 100% (from 99% on PS4). Confident in my build, I went into the Ifrit battle and got defeated. I managed on the second try to get to his "engulfed in flames" phase, and again, defeated. I was analyzing my stats for a second between the two consoles and I wanted to test a theory. I unequipped one of my weapons that boosted my Fire Resistance to 100%, opting instead to build up a junk weapon with 19% Fire Resistance on it (ignoring all the other stats), which brought my total to 99%. I re-entered the battle and, well: Now I'm auto-killing Ifrit. EDIT: So Ifrit is down, took 48 minutes of auto-battle. One key thing is to try and stay on top where the ground isn't inflicting that annoying debuff, as it really diminishes your damage output. If you're going to be actively playing, blocking will obviously speed up this process tremendously. Here are my stats post-Ifrit: PS4: 30:09 hours, Level 33, 3181 HP, 125 MP, 1205 Str, 500 Vit, 128 Mag, 261 Spirit, 99% Fire Res, 44% Ice Res, 80% Lightning Res, 98% Dark Res, 76% Shot Res Xbox One: 22:01 hours, Level 33, 3540 HP, 92 MP, 1808 Str, 541 Vit, 68 Mag, 213 Spirit, 99% Fire Res, 12% Ice Res, 67% Lightning Res, 70% Dark Res, 46% Shot Res One interesting contrast between the two playthroughs is that on PS4, his attacks all knocked me on my ass (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0axc1QNtM2g), while on Xbox One I was able to power through them no problem. I'm not sure why that is (is it the neglible Vit difference? Higher HP? I'm not sure). Only thing I know is it cut the completion time of the battle in over half, if I had to guesstimate.
  6. Honestly, the more I read about the experiences everybody else has been having with higher stats and maxed resistance, I don't have a clue. 😕 I was curious if my game had just glitched in my favor the first go-round, so I loaded up the Rematch just a bit ago and uploaded a quick video of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0axc1QNtM2g So I purposely didn't attack him much, my AI comrades went down super fast, and I was in the battle about 10-15 minutes at that point. I captured a few snippets of video, but I decided to post one where I went into "Danger" status as you'd expect me to go down but I never do. That happened twice more before I shut it off (these times I was afk setting up the YouTube channel), but again I never died. *shrug* Honestly, my weapons are junk aside from my Dragon Whisker, and even that's not optimized whatsoever. There are some great guides available around the web for materials, optimal builds, etc., that would be of much better use: 1, 2, 3, 4 Any general advice I could give is similar to what others have stated, and what the above link #4 goes over. Repeatedly build up a Mace with Chrome Bits (purchased in Meldacio Hq) or a Mythril Shield with any spare components you may have (bought or dropped). Dismantle for shards, gems, and meteorites. Having treasure donations in Lestallum is a huge help on the spare component front. Max out your Fire resistance. Build up multiple Corsescas into Dragon Whiskers using Meteorites (raising your level cap to 120), Strength Gems, and Curved Hollowhorns (purchased in Norduscaen Garrison) with an active Cid Boost (+30% stat gain when crafting). Optional, but worth it: Farm for a Behemoth Tear to have Double Penetrator X on your main Dragon Whisker. My stats weren't high enough to do any decent damage, but I honestly basically went into the Ifrit battle expecting to be destroyed. I simply wanted to see how much damage I would do per hit and how long I would last, then I'd assess how much more I needed to craft/grind and go from there. Instead, I couldn't seem to die so I just stuck it out and very slowly plinked his health down in the most tedious fashion ever. I need to, and very much plan to, spend more time crafting/grinding on my next time through, so I don't feel like I'm somebody to base a build off of. But hopefully the above helps, regardless.
  7. Yeah, I invited you to the conversation. Before I get too many requests, it's a long-winded explanation of "I did the bare minimum" and "the Ifrit fight took *forever*" and "don't do what I did" in an overly verbose fashion, haha. There are far better builds and pieces of advice given in this thread already, trust me. About the only great thing I had going for my build was that my resistances (99% Fire, 44% Ice, 80% Lightning, 98% Dark, 76% Shot) made it so that Ifrit couldn't kill me. No exaggeration, I even went afk twice while fighting him, no problems whatsoever. My damage output, however, was a joke in the end -- his first two phases got taken down quick, but once he lights on fire, I did jack for damage (950/hit max) and that's with the Aura buff. I wish I timed it, it took that long that I kind of wanted to laugh at myself later. Absolutely go into that battle with much higher offense than the stats I listed; that's what I plan to do when playing through it again on Xbox One. Cautionary tale, in a way. I just wanted to confirm to people that it's do-able, even with rushing through solo, doing the bare minimum of leveling or prep/crafting. It's not as daunting as it seems.
  8. I PM'd you.
  9. So, I don't have any particular insights to offer that haven't already been shared in this thread or in the guides available, but I did want to say: Playing this solo was not as daunting as I had read. From everything I've read, I figured I was signing up for somewhere in the realm of 40-50 hours for completion (so upwards of 100 hours to complete on PS4 & Xbox One). Fortunately, I had a much easier time than anticipated and was able to finish everything solo, save for the Kenny appearance, in 32 hours. This includes an hour or two of idle time, 2 wasted hours trying to get Kenny solo (after completing all other trophies), and a quite non-optimal build for Ifrit. While he was literally unable to kill me, which was great, I know now to make sure I do more damage on the next go-round as I had to plink at him for a long time. 😒 Stats prior to wasting time on Kenny grinding: 30:09 hours played, Level 33, 3181 HP, 125 MP, 1205 Strength, 500 Vitality, 128 Magic, 261 Spirit, 99% Fire Resistance, 44% Ice Resistance, 80% Lightning Resistance, 98% Dark Resistance, 76% Shot Resistance So yeah, just wanted to chime in and confirm that there's plenty of time to finish even if you guys haven't started yet. If you don't obtain the Kenny trophy by the end of all the others, just find a pick-up party and knock it out in like 5 minutes in the Daily Quest, as grinding for it solo was a waste of time no matter what methods I tried that I saw online. Finished it just in time for my Royal Edition for Xbox One to show up tomorrow. Time to do it all again...
  10. I've managed to boost most of the other trophies with a friend of mine, but I can't find anybody with an end-game save for the co-op trophy. Is anybody willing to help me out? I have pretty open availability the next few days. PSN: KarmicEcho I'd really appreciate it! Thank you.