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  1. Glitched trophies aside, the games hit detection mechanics are absolute garbage. The puck phases through the striker constantly or fails to acknowledge hits and the AI will often get the puck stuck, glitched in the corner of the table. Definitely avoid until fixed up a bit.
  2. Letting them bleed out does not count towards the trophy sadly. However if you are finding it a real struggle to complete this the way i found best it so go in as the Hag with her Hex: Devour Hope perk on. At teir 1 its already got the 5 token reward and doesn't give any warning to its existence until it activates. Dont run any other Hex with your build and just hope for a really good Totem spawn to avoid the survivors hunting for it. Since you need to get five tokens to activate the kill mode, make sure that when hooking the 5 people you dont hook someone that is on their death hook otherwise you have to start over in the next game. Use your Hag traps to guard the Devour Hope and just hope for the best. If you still proceed to struggle then level Devour Hope to teir 2 to unlock the 3 token reward. It makes it to were you insta-down anyone you hit but lets the survivors know you have it if they didnt know already. (PS) If you already killed 2 and downed a third, get the fourth survivor down before you kill them to avoid the hatch escape. Hopefully this helped and if you need some help add me, Ill be more than happy to help you with your trophies.