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  1. So i've had my eyes on this game for a while and the graphics are rad, would you recommend this game? Also it's not a new game but there is a sudden boost of players is there a new dlc or something and trophy wise is it a hard plat?Thanks
  2. woops i could not finish life is strange shame on me
  3. I’ll try to finish life is strange tomorrow school started mid September and took all my time I apologize for the inactivity 😞
  4. Can anyone if farcry primal is a time consumer? 😂
  5. Hey guys sorry i have been inactive but college started and i barely have time for anything
  6. Oh cool i feel better thanks guys 😁
  7. Am i the only one who is like damn people are finishing up their lists meanwhile you're only done with a game or two? No?Just me? 😂
  8. I got the game from a friend who bought it last year however the released a replacement for the game called slyde but i think its not available in the us
  9. Quick update! Hotel transylvania 100% Life is strange will probably be done this week
  10. It did finally and now i have the platinum
  11. Second son is a classic ps4 game when the ps4 came out infamous was the game that represents the capabilities of the ps4 i got it in 2014 in a bundle with my ps4 it feels really old yet so recent lol
  12. Bully disappeared and it's still not back lol
  13. ps now is only available for US and it requires fast internet First assassin's creed would be a perfect remaster or the classic need for speed games. prototype is more like a ported version than a remaster Infamous 1 was 2009 infamous 2 was like 2011 or 2012? i dont remember but they made a game every 3 years thats why we were hoping for something but instead they came up with a new ip which is perfect but still i would dig remasters
  14. What did they do did they add a new trophy to the list? What about the people who got the plat before that or did they just edit the requirements
  15. I would like a remaster from any studio as long as they don't ruin the game!