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  1. Wish you a good Friday morning ;)


    Quellbild anzeigen


  2. Skylanders: Swap Force - Champion of Skylands Beat story mode This unlocks nightmare mode. Man this is fuuunnn !!!!!!!! And hilarious ...
  3. Thanks for clarifying. $19.99 on PS store NA right now. Regardless of trophies, difficulty (or lack thereof), or even game quality, I went ahead and blindly pre-ordered it. I'm just a sucker for anything having to do with the ocean or tropical islands. Also, even though Telltale is only the publisher, I'm hoping it will be good... and looking forward to it.
  4. Coming Oct. 9th. Check this out!
  5. I’ve either dabbled in or completed most of the Lego games on other consoles/profiles. Lego the Hobbit - eh, not that memorable. Lego the Movie game - fun, funny, and great. I liked Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens so much that its up there with my favorite games of all times. It has: New elements - shooting, multi builds Humor and great acting Great graphics The races are so fun : Snowboarding, dirt bikes on sand, water crafting, sky crafts ... I love to hop on a vehicle to get place to place for the mini missions and I usually hate vehicles or racing in games. Open world enjoyable fun, not just getting the bricks and mini kits in for the trophies. This is one lego game that seems more enjoyable than grinding to get the plat. I plan to play it for my next game on this profile as well. I’m definitely biased. I loooove this game. I think this would be a very fun plat with no frustrations as sometimes come with lego games.
  6. Happy!
  7. Irisheart’sbadassboyfriend
  8. is humble
  9. Granted. You’re strong and boring. Everybody misses the old you. I wish everybody put a picture of when they were a kid for their avatar.
  10. smile and wave
  11. The soul you save may be your own.
  12. Is the room starting to spin?
  13. Rich/no friends Would you rather use an avatar that you are attracted to (as in opposite sex) or one that represents you the best (as in your own gender)?
  14. Smile
  15. If you were out of your mind would you know it?