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  1. Arrested for not wearing sunglasses.
  2. Sup.
  3. What kind of professional says ‘no questions’ on the ‘answer the question with a question’ thread anyway?
  4. Can I see your resume?
  5. Seriously?
  6. Scope Indoors or Outdoors
  7. This is a cool thread.
  8. No. Do you know what you would do instead of gaming if it was suddenly unavailable forever?
  9. Who’s in charge of this operation?
  10. Ow ow Ahh-wooooooo
  11. in GQ magazine
  12. Rocket launcher Would you rather have melee or distance combat?
  13. Yes. Do you get out much?
  14. There’s a problem with our gym pool heater today. It was like swimming in ice water. You don’t get used to it either. Gonna call first next time...