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  1. Rocket launcher Would you rather have melee or distance combat?
  2. Yes. Do you get out much?
  3. There’s a problem with our gym pool heater today. It was like swimming in ice water. You don’t get used to it either. Gonna call first next time...
  4. I miss the bird.
  5. @Bloodytears1666
  6. I can get slightly addicted to full chest breathing if I start to do so. I can’t go to sleep if I’m laughing too hard.
  7. We pig out on extravagant homemade pizza every Christmas. Probably too full of it right now to go into detail. Do anything special on New Year’s Eve?
  8. I’ll give it to this guy I met on the internet that is obsessed with cars. 😋 If life gives you way more than you even know what to do with?
  9. I blame you for having a one track mind.
  10. Really?
  11. stir til doomsday
  12. Arrested for being out in broad daylight.
  13. Are you a lion tamer since you have a whip?
  14. Pearl Jam