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  1. Its the day where normal people start getting into the Halloween spirit lol
  2. I finally finished The Quarry. It's another one from Super Massive games. They are most notable for Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology. For those that don't know, these basically work like interactive horror movies. Blind playthroughs are super fun, but subsequent playthroughs are pretty repetitive. So in general, these are not fun platinums. You get to see a little bit about how the sausage is made and which decisions didn't matter at all because you'd end up rail-roaded down the same path etc. I find that aspect interesting, but like 80+% of what you see each playthrough will be exactly the same scenes. The Quarry is a high quality and very enjoyable game. Maybe their best one yet as far as an initial blind playthrough. It, however, is the very worst of them in regards to earning the platinum. Since I didn't happen to accomplish anything special in a blind playthrough, I ended up needing to start from scratch as far as the trophy guide goes. The trophy guide says three playthroughs, but you'll have to use chapter select enough to go back for things that are incompatible that it will basically be four. You'll be playing for 40ish hours, maybe even 50 if you do a blind playthrough first like I did. Only the first 10 hours or so will be really fun, the rest is mostly an unnecessary slog. They really need to let you skip dialogue in subsequent playthroughs. It would be super massively nice if they did that. In other news, I don't think I'm going to be able to push for all 13 platinums like I originally intended. I am finally buying a house and will be doing a big move during October. I'm moving about halfway across the country so I will need to literally find time to go through everything I own and decide if it's coming or not in the next couple of weeks. I'll be in the new place and settled before badges or due, so don't worry about that, if you happen to collect these event badges. I'm not really even going to attempt 13 at all anymore and just go for earning the badge by completing three for this event. Instead, I'll be working on finishing some DLC for another event that ends in in late December, since I'll have more time to participate in that one more fully. I'll still post here when I finish something Halloween-ish and continue to enjoy and click the heart on what you guys post.
  3. @gruffiiti Hey. Despite what I said before, I think my plans are changing and I want to join up for this event. I'm going to be moving to another state during October, so I won't have the time to push for 13 plats before Halloween, and I think I'll work on some DLCs instead. I haven't completed any DLC yet though. So nothing to track for you yet.
  4. I finally managed to wrap up The Quarry. I really enjoyed it early on, but this does not have a path where you can be efficient with trophies. You will need almost four entire playthroughs at a minimum. Which makes getting the platinum a huge chore, and it didn't need to be that way. I think it is the best one from this studio so far though as far as general quality and fun factor go. I also ended up trying out Toem and finished it in one night, so it replaced Graveyard Keeper in my list. I have just just two more numbers left, but only 10 days. Pressure is on.
  5. That ending was pretty wild. I also thought the Grumpanati needed further revaluations. Maybe another DLC or maybe that can headline in the sequel.
  6. I got my daughter a Switch gift card for $25. She scratched it off with a steak knife and we can't figure out the code. I don't really want to bother with trying to call support over it so I'll post it up here. If you can figure out the code. It's yours. Please let me know if you get it so I can edit this post and let others know not to waste their time.
  7. I think this is my favorite of the games of this developer so far for my blind playthrough. Trophy hunting it sucks though and this is worse than the usual list for these games. They usually have the list tailored so you can do it in one playthrough with some chapter select or a partial playthrough to finish off. My blind playthrough was basically useless to shorten the actual hunt and this is at least two plus extra stuff. IF you don't mess it up, which is easy to do.
  8. I started off the Halloween season by playing through Until Dawn. As discussed, it doesn't count towards progress in the event, but it's still a good game and fun to revisit. I hadn't played it in about 3 years, I think. Then I moved on to trying to finish The Quarry. It is a lot like Until Dawn. I think it's the best one from this developer so far. However, the trophies stuff sucks. Over the course of time, they made the trophy hunts in The Dark Pictures Anthology easier, a bit every game. This throws all the conveniences out the window. There are branching paths with differing collectibles. You have to have all collectibles of a specific type done in a playthrough. You can't go back using chapter select for a collectible clean-up because chapter select resets all your progress. The first branching path is in Chapter 2 so you save barely any time going back through using chapter select. There's tons of mutually exclusive trophies or ones where you need to set up unusual circumstances. Things like, if these two people are dead, and this one is infected, then in Chapter 9 this person will be in that location instead of someone else so you can have this conversation that's incompatible with all other playthroughs etc. You have to be okay with repeating a lot to do these games anyway. However, this one takes it probably too far.
  9. I had to make some adjustments to my list, so that it could fit in games that also work with the 13 Plats of Halloween event. But with a total of six done, I'm on track for finishing all the numbers for this event.
  10. I haven't even heard of Voice of the Cards. The art looks nice. What is the gameplay like?
  11. I played a pretty cool game over the weekend. Unfortunately, it's too short for this event, but if you guys want a quick, creepy game, this one will work. The game is Transference. It was originally a VR only title, but it was since patched to be playable without VR. I played it without VR and it works just fine. It is available for subscribers to the PS+ Extra tier. This game was really interesting. It’s mostly a walking sim with some puzzles to solve. Figuring out the story is kind of the point, but I need to say a little to give you the premise. There is a small family: mom, dad, son. The father is a scientist and becomes obsessed with a project to recreate locations in a mindscape and transfer people's consciousnesses there. He got it mostly working and lost his funding. However, he started looking to finish it by experimenting on his family and things went horribly wrong. Each person made a separate world state based on their psychology. The "world" is small though. It's literally just their apartment. The boy is heart-broken they moved cross country. He's kind of afraid in the new place, and missing his dad before the obsession. So his version of the apartment is pretty scary. The goal is to solve puzzles that bring the different versions back into sync with each other. The puzzles are unique and interesting. A little musical knowledge can help with a couple of them, but is not required. If you know the notes of the treble clef, you can just see some solutions, instead of having to work them out another way. For the more complicated ones, you usually have to swap between world states, like going into the son’s world to get an object that you bring back to use for a puzzle in the mother’s world. There are a couple minor jump scares where something pops out at you, but it is not frequent. You can mostly just focus on the puzzles while being in a creepy environment. I recommend taking a couple of hours to try it out! It would be about 1-2 hours to do a blind playthrough. I did that, had some lunch, then I watched Maka91's collectible guide and finished a second playthrough gathering all collectibles in about 30 minutes. My total time was under 4 hours. I think I was actively playing about half of that. No platinum trophy, but I am always glad to add another 100% regardless.
  12. Hey, so... here's what the badge would be like. We will get it added to the front page sooner or later.
  13. I was kind of sad to see that Supermassive's next Dark Pictures entry, The Devil in Me, was delayed until November 30th. I was thinking I'd probably end up subbing it into my list. But since I have got The Quarry in my list and probably going to do Until Dawn, even though it doesn't count, it's probably good not to do three of these back-to-back. Usually by the time I finish one, I'm very happy to be moving on; even if I love them on the first playthrough.
  14. I did Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle last year. Murder Marathon was annoying but not a major undertaking. I don't remember playing with the clock, but I must have for the daily challenges trophy because I finished the game in 4 calendar days total.
  15. I normally participate in all the events I do badges for but, sadly, I think I'm going to pass on this one. With stuff like the Halloween event going on and other things I want to wrap up this year, I don't see myself doing any DLC for the most of the duration of this event. I hope you all have fun though. 👍