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  1. I got it on my very first pull. I didn't realize this was an RNG trophy until later on. I figured it was for pulling any omikuji.
  2. I agree. This guide writer is crazy to say this is a 3/10. Maybe with a turbo controller lol. Those go so quick I have to be incidentally just pushing the correct button.
  3. I created a guide for this game on PSNP in the past few days but it just covers general strategy for career mode. This steam walkthrough is really good. I didn't read it fully but at a quick perusal it looks very good and I agree with what the author is suggesting. Great find!
  4. I remember Assassin's Creed Odyssey being in the top 10 for ages.
  5. The old launcher is supposed to work until May 9th, otherwise it's pretty much the same thing. You'll get a pop-up everytime you open it telling you that you should switch to the new one. The icon on the desktop also has extremely muted colors like it's dying and fading away too. LOL
  6. What happened last week: My completion went up a bit since last I posted two weeks ago, but I'm still way below where I wanted to be. I've just been watching more shows and playing less games than I normally do lately and occasionally having busy spikes at work like last week. My company had a "Homecoming" event. We still mostly work at home, but once per quarter, going forward, we will have to come to the office for two days for what kind of felt like a comic-con type event. I had to organize a small piece of the overall festivities on short notice so I was building a power point trivia game and making an insane amount of gift baskets etc. to give away. Then when the event actually hit, I was so out of routine and drained at the end of the day. I would come home and immediately fall asleep for like 4 hours. What I played: Horizon Forbidden West - I did the story campaign quickly, then switched to Elden Ring when it launched. Most of the trophies left were just about finishing open world objectives. Like I had done some of the hunting grounds, but not ALL of the hunting grounds. The stupid board game you have to play really sucked and is overly complicated. I'm glad only two victories were required there. I think that board game was the only thing I actively disliked in the game. Fall Guys - I'm hoping to get the original version to 80%+ before the launcher shuts down (May 9th), so it's not a drag on my overall completion goal of getting my profile to 80%+. I should be really close to winning 20 racing rounds and winning 20 episodes overall. Hopefully that happens soon, so this can go back on the back burner until a new season comes out. Misc. - I dabbled in a lot of other things this week, but mostly just working out what I am actually in the mood to be playing. Nothing is sticking so far. I played Sekiro the most but it's not grabbing me and since I'm still co-oping on another playthrough of Elden Ring, I think the controls will get me mixed up. So I'm moving on from it too. Plans for this week: Not sure. I will likely wrap up Deponia since it's a short game and I still need to get through Tails of Iron Bloody on Whiskers mode. It gives me way more trouble than Elden Ring did lol. Also, Someone let me know about an update to the game on my Greak trophy guide and I want to go playtest to confirm what they said. While I'm at it, I'll probably capture video for some of the trophies I didn't get video for before. Not sure if I'll do that this week, but it's another thing on my to-do list. Starting Completion: 69.91% Goal Completion: 80.00% Current Completion: 69.37%
  7. Not bad. I'm a bit interested in all of them. Don't think I would have paid for any of them though, except Slay the Spire, which I've almost bought in the past.
  8. Yes, but if you go back to the older games you'll be pissed that you can't jump.
  9. What happened last week: My completion went up by 0.06% last week lol. Massive progress. I actually was doing okay earlier in the week and almost all the way up to 70% on the profile. I got the plat on Elden Ring like I planned. Then I ended up starting a couple of games which brought me back down. More on those below. What I played: Elden Ring - Last week I was like, "I simply need to explore the last two areas..." Oh ho ho. If only I had known that one does not simply walk into Haligtree. That area was nuts. Then the sewers beneath the capital... also not exactly the McDonalds PlayPlace. Both areas were challenging and confusing and took way longer than I expected. However, all is said and done. The platinum for the PS5 version is wrapped up. PS4 version is in progress but will be done at a more casual pace since I am co-oping through that version. Fall Guys - I got bored with this after I finished the Season 6 pass and was waiting for a new season before trying to wrap up some of the trophies. I don't really plan on trying for Infallible but everything else is doable. I thought I read somewhere season 7 was starting on 3/22. Logged in and its still season 6. I bought an outfit with my space points which popped a trophy for having bought 50 total things. Then I opened the identical launcher and it auto-popped everything I already had instantly on a new trophy list. It doesn't make sense to me why new launcher meant new trophy list, but whatever. Free trophies, I guess. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - I started working on this again now that Elden Ring is wrapped. My weekend was busy and I had poor sleep so I only got an incremental trophy for getting to level 10. I think I was already level 9 and half way to 10 so it wasn't a big accomplishment. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Didn't plan to start this until after I finished Assault on Dragon Keep. However, my daughter wanted me to make a character and we co-oped for a bit. However, she had all day free on Saturday and played it. She's like triple my level now, so I'll probably not be able to catch up and go back to working on Assault on Dragon Keep. Deponia - This is a point and click adventure game and I don't like the main character much. You play a Rufus who is a big jack-ass. Pretty much everyone in town hates him, he's a mooch/deadbeat that owes everyone money. He gets obsessed with an unconscious girl that he's never met and creepily does everything he can so he can get custody of her. You do this by wandering the town stealing anything not nailed down and screwing up things for everyone else but the main guy since he's self-centered and gives no shits about anyone but the pretty girl. He figures out she's engaged when she has a moment of lucidity and seems really disappointed and maybe like he won't do the right thing, but he does eventually contact the fiancé and tell him where she is. Shortly after, the town gets invaded by some bad guys. Your man escapes from the bad guys with her body in tow and that's essentially act 1. Right now, it's okay puzzle-wise and bad story-wise. I like redemption arcs though, so hopefully this guy gets his shit together as the story goes on and I start finding it more enjoyable. Plans for this week: Finish Deponia and work on some of Tiny Tina's stuff. Maybe go back and revisit Dark Souls 2 or Sekiro while I'm in the mood since I've never finished those two. Starting Completion: 69.91% Goal Completion: 80.00% Current Completion: 69.18%
  10. What happened last week: Well, this week I had more gaming time than usual. I spent it all of Elden Ring. Again! Nothing else to recap really. Sleep. Work. Elden Ring. What I played: Elden Ring - I'm very deep into the game now. I have one and a half areas left to explore in my blind playthrough, then I will consult some guides and find the legendary weapons, spells, etc that I might have missed along the way. I think I will manage to get the platinum in one playthrough if I save scum the endings. I think I am covered on the weapons people have said are missable. I've been super thorough on my main guy. I am currently running around the very snowy area you get to when you hoist the secret medallion. The other area I need to explore is the sewers beneath the capital. I did back up my save and make some attempts at the final boss and it seemed to go alright, but he always seems to pull out some new move I've never seen before that instant kills me during the second phase. Even still, it feels like getting through phase one cleanly is going to be the bigger challenge than overcoming phase two. I died probably 25 times or so before I decided to move on and finish everything else and try again. Plans for this week: Once again, just working on Elden Ring. I really do think that I'll be wrapping up the platinum on PS5 this week. The PS4 platinum will come over time as I co-op with @gruffiiti. I have a bunch of mostly finished games I should revisit afterwards. Tales of Iron, Horizon Forbidden West West, Infamous Second Son, Guardians of the Galaxy etc, Also since I'm lagging way behind on my goal. I will probably knock out some easy platinums I have in the backlog in the coming weeks as well which will hopefully give me a little boost. Starting Completion: 69.91% Goal Completion: 80.00% Current Completion: 69.12%
  11. What happened last week: Hello dear reader. I lowered my completion percentage again. However, I don't feel bad about it this time. I have been playing a lot of Elden Ring and trying different builds and restarting a couple times. I realized I could be messing around on the PS4 version and kind of doubling up on the trophies, so I decided to go ahead and do that. Activating the PS4 trophy list is what lowered my overall completion, but I think it will mean more trophies with the same amount of hours invested into the game. I haven't seen much difference in quality between the console versions tbh. The PS4 version has longer load times but not by much. I think there is a little less ground clutter with grasses and things. The light also seems to be just a tiny bit worse. But I think, overall, it's like 90-95% the same feeling. So I can play either version and enjoy it fully. What I played: Elden Ring - This is really the only thing I've played. My time was a bit more limited than usual, but also I've found Elden Ring that compelling. I haven't really felt like starting up anything else. My first and main guy started as a samurai and is basically still that. I've stuck with a dexterity build so far. That character is 85ish in level and currently exploring Deep Rot Depths. He's my "blind playthrough" character. I'm thoroughly exploring each area with him and avoiding any content that would show me places he hasn't gone. I've created four other characters that have all cleared out all the Limgrave zones and defeated the bosses in Castle Morne and Stormveil Castle. However, I think I'm going to abandon almost all of them. I'm really bored of the starting zones and don't want to do the mid-game game stuff five times too. I'll have my samurai for ps5 and a wretch that I started on PS4. The wretch is still pretty much a blank slate. since I've mostly just invested into vigor and endurance so far. Regardless, I'm ready to focus on finishing the game with the samurai and using my wretch as @gruffiiti 's co-op partner going forward instead of the mage I was trying out. Which, hopefully, will end with double platinum! Plans for this week: I'll just be doing my thing in Elden Ring. I think I'm done messing around and experimenting though so I should be popping trophies like crazy as I'm in what I think could be called the final act of the game. I still need to go back to Tails of Iron and see if I can beat Bloody Whiskers mode for the videos on the trophy guide. Starting Completion: 69.91% Goal Completion: 80.00% Current Completion: 69.12%
  12. Lol. I actually did the caveman thing the first time. I was overheating and coming on the forums talking about a newly released game crashing my console. Then it started to be almost every game crashing my console. Then, I just happened to touch that screw on the bottom that holds the stand to the console and it was HOT! So I took the plastic covers of and blew on the console "like a caveman" and got a lot of dust out. I waited a bit for it to cool down and then resumed play. NO MORE CRASHING! I've cleaned it more thoroughly since then, but blowing it out was enough initially.
  13. These topics are starting to pop up a lot. Try blowing the dust out of it. You're likely overheating.
  14. I was an honorary member last year. I hope you keep posting. It looks like you and I both want to go from ~70-80%
  15. I can't speak for the event hosts, but I just invited myself to join in the middle of last year and no one minded. They just didn't track stats for me, but I wasn't interested in the competition part, just the socialization with others struggling to up their completion. So I hope you keep posting even if you're not officially recognized as a participant.