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  1. This game is a buggy mess for sure. I didn't struggle with valued employee once I set out to do it, but this sounds like it would have been way easier than what I did.
  2. Glad you figured it out!
  3. I personally don't have any problem with this. However I do remember reading somewhere that another user was having the issue. it turned out that they had completed things but not actually turned them in. That might be what's stopping you.
  4. I think there are already broken ps5 plats so I would be surprised if any one even comes close to this.
  5. Well the What's new section isn't there on PS5, so that's good. I did like to use it to see people's trophy updates. However, I have a friend that plays The Division 2 pretty much every day, so I stopped looking at What's new on the PS4 because it was 99% updates on him looting things in that game. I wish they just had something like "Unfollow" on a game basis.No more DIVSION 2 SPAM!!
  6. A game I'd actually recommend, even not in your current situation is Transistor. The game has active combat, but you basically have a super power where you can pause time and plan out a series of moves. Then when you leave plan mode, your character will zip around the screen and execute the plan very quickly. Then combat goes back to normal and plan mode is on a cool down, which is like 30 seconds. You have unlimited time for planning so its safe to leave mid-combat during plan mode. While exploring the world, there aren't any situations where combat will start without you. I can't think of any games that make active progress while your idling beyond clicker games like Adventure Capitalist and Fallout Shelter that were already recommended. I also second the suggestions for pretty much any turn-based RPGs or the visual novel type games. However there are some games like Saints Row 4 where you can finish every trophy in like 20 hours but one which is simply for playing for 40 hours. So if you just stand there idle for long periods of time you will get to that amount of time naturally. One of the Mortal Kombat games has trophies for playing like 24 hours with each character. Final Fantasy XV has some kind of trophy where you need to walk for ages, so many people rubber band the game overnight. Tomb Raider has a grindy multiplayer leveling trophy that you could work on. You can actually do that one solo. You basically start a private match on your own, then grab medical supplies and return them to a checkpoint with no one opposing you. You can't actively work on it while AFK, but if you suddenly stop and set the controller down there won't be any penalty. The match will eventually time out and you'll get credit for what you did, Then when you come back you start the next match and pick up where you left off.
  7. Yep. I've redownloaded it from the cloud and used a USB flash drive to transfer directly from ps4 to the ps5. The game makes a separate folder for the save, so I end up with two Days Gone saves on the system, but the one I want to use is not accessible.
  8. From my experiences... The Surge - Graphical bug where parts of the screen just start going a solid color. Fixed by adjusting lighting flare setting. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - Hard crash to black screen as soon as I loaded it. PS5 went unresponsive and wouldn't come back until power cord was unplugged. Might have been a fluke, but I uninstalled afterwards. Saints Row IV - Same as Ghost Recon above. Days Gone - Save shows on hard drive, in game save is not recognized. Must start from beginning to play on the PS5.
  9. I understand. I just wanted to clarify because I thought you might be picturing some kind of weird resource management as part of combat. I'll say a few others on my radar but I haven't tried. There's a cool looking Samurai one called Shadow Tactics. Another cyberpunk-like one called Shadow run. Desperados 3 is a cowboy tactical rpg. Empire of Son looks like a really good mafia version of these types of games. There is a Dark Crystal game that came out semi-recently to mediocre reviews but it is the type of game you've been describing. I've heard lots of good things about the Divinity series. I'm trying out 2 with my daughter but I haven't played much yet since we haven't been finding the time for it. There is the Disgaea series as well. I'm trying that out currently but so far it's a bit too anime for my tastes. Depending on what you like, it could fit.
  10. I would also say, "Don't bother." I don't think the game is horrible, but it's easy to find better experiences. The end area's stealth portion is really frustrating. But other-wise it's kind of like if Uncharted were to be released on the PS2. If you are going to bother, let me plug PSnow for you. This game is on the service and then you can play this for free as part of that subscription. It's $60/year (even less when on sale) and for that $5 month you can play tons of games. Each month they've been putting in new titles. I look forward to the PSnow announcements just as much as PS+ these days.
  11. Lol. Just in case this changes your mind, the resourceanagemet part is an outside of combat thing. You are traveling in the game, so you have to determine how much food and stuff to bring. You have to have enough food to support your entourage. That part is kind of like Oregon Trail like @flashpool23 said. Food costs money and so do other supplies. So generally stocking up on one thing means going without enough of the other. Situations will present themselves and you'll be like, if only I had enough food I could have... Or I wouldn't have bought all this food if I realized...
  12. I'm pretty early in the game, but right now it's putting the sleeper in sleeper hit. I'll post later once I'm farther in, but played for an hour an hour and turned it off voluntarily to go read a book instead.
  13. I forgot about something. If you don't mind older games. The Sega Genesis collection has Shining Force 1 & 2 on it. I liked them a lot, but might just be nostalgia talking. I haven't played them as an adult.
  14. The Banner Saga. I've only played the first but it was good. Have the rest in my backlog waiting to go "some day." But the term you want to use for finding these is Tactical RPG. Lots of youtube top 10 lists for these.
  15. Hmm.. something to do besides my actual job. Let's see here... Piece of Cake Award This game is very fun, not long, not overly challenging and a worthwhile experience. That's why I can easily recommend it as a great choice for a game that you'll actually want to play that is also a piece of cake to get a platinum in. It's Like Dark Souls Award Beat Saber was a platinum I thought I might not be physically capable of achieving. I tried and gave up more than once. However, I eventually broke through the barrier and mastered some songs on the expert difficulty and pulled through. I've spent triple the time suggested in the trophy guide on it. The Bad Ass Award While not particularly rare, the trophy for escaping the sewers and police department as Hunk is for sure a bad ass moment. You are just non-stop moving. Shooting everything in your path. Figuring out which ammo needs to be conserved, which enemies can be dodged, which need to be put down on sight. It will keep your butthole puckered the entire run. Which is a literal bad ass. Grind of the Year With the songs and everything leaving the store, I wanted to get this game finished up sooner, rather than later. Man what a grind. Just hours and hours of songs playing. It was also very hard to get it to recognize vibrato; I had to literally grab my adam's apple and shake it to make myself warble enough to get it to count vibrato time. Glad it's over and I'll probably never reinstall it ever. King of the Internet I've spent nearly 200 hours on this game so far, and almost the same for its predecessor. I have a group of friends who all like this franchise a lot, so I can find someone to screw around with pretty much every night I want to. I'll probably put a couple hundred more hours into it before the eventual The Division 3 release. Worst Online Experience I don't want to throw this game under the bus, because I feel it is underrated and more people should have given a chance. However, this is the same reason I have to poo poo the online experience. Match-making was slow and games could be hard to find. You must enable cross-play to even have a chance of a quick match-up. There was a resurgence of interest when it hit PS+, but I think that will not last much longer. The servers are good once you are playing at least, but it will go back to where you are playing matches completely solo against a full team of bots soon. Sleeper Hit of the Year I knew that Dragon Quest had a reputation as a good series of RPGs, but I got way more than I was expecting. Man what a wild ride. I had a great time with this game. I highly recommend you guys give this a shot. It's well worth the lengthy time investment. Biggest Bomb of the Year I think it's indisputable that this game did not get the reception that everyone thought it would. I ended up canceling my pre-order in late November. Just something was stopping me from being hyped and I had thought there's got to be something wrong in the back of my mind. I didn't anticipate the actual drama surrounding the game though. Just wow. I can't believe a highly anticipated AAA game from a studio of good repute would be the game that gets pulled from the PSN store due to quality issues. Best Trophy Image I just like the meme. I bought the shirt back when it was Amazon. I eventually had to bin it because I was losing track of large stretches of time and waking up with the taste of fresh blood in my mouth. Worst Trophy Image The Spider-Man games are great, but have some very dumb trophy images. I know it's not super important, but Insomniac can do better! Best Female Character Kassandra was really well voiced and animated. By the end of the game, I felt like I actually knew her. She's very interesting. She has a bit of an ego and can be snarky and crude. However, she has a softer emotional side as well. I just enjoyed spending time with such a dynamic character. Best Male Character Insomniac did a great job with Miles Morales. I am not a giant comic book fan and have no real concept of why and how two Spider-Men would co-exist. This game helped me come around see the value of it. It's great to see some different backgrounds and cultures being represented. I enjoyed the focus on the Harlem community and left the game not only understanding Miles, but thinking he BELONGS there. Very much reflected by the in-game mural. Favorite Plat of the Year I played about 150 hours of Dark Souls Remastered this year and was having a great time. Even when I finally got the platinum, my attitude wasn't like "FINALLY I CAN MOVE ON!" like it is for most games. I was more like "Well, I guess that's it..." I will cross my fingers for a Blue Point Games remake, because Demons Souls looks AMAZING! Wurst Plat Ov Teh Yeer I never bought this thinking I'd be excited to get the plat, but I wasn't expecting to hate it by the end. Since I could not get an actual tournament of the required size going in the game, I spent just as much time creating fake email addresses and PSN accounts as I did playing actually chess, to get the 32-player tournament win for the final trophy. Most Anticipated in 2021 I can't wait to jump back into the world of Horizon Zero Dawn! I've platinumed the original game twice and still tempted to go back for a third helping.