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  1. I forgot to post. I finished my first game for this event. Little Nightmares - 3.41% - 100% complete - November 2019 Remaining Games in my list
  2. I don't see this going anywhere. It would ahve to be policed by the mods and what would the team leader board really look like. There's probably only a couple hundred teams. There's no way to definitively prove someone is or is not a team. So it would just be a bunch of drama as people are accused of actually being a team.
  3. I could really use one of those Kara Android's from Detroit Becomes Human because most days I just can't deal with household chores on top of everything else. So let's make that real!
  4. Saw you got your 100%. Any more discrepancies in trophies? I just came back from Skellige in my playthrough.
  5. I can get singstar on Hey There Delilah and My Immortal, but haven't gotten the amount need for the trophy yet because I usually only play this when I have the house to myself. But seems like the Nailed It trophy is out of reach. Will this strategy pop be able to get a perfect song?
  6. I am doing them legit for fun. But it's a known thing that you can play with the clock on the system and earn them whenever. It will show the actual time you earned it, but no one would report it as cheating etc.
  7. I own Nioh as a physical game. I guess I can trade it in or give it to a buddy now.
  8. Yorbie. It was like 50 cents one day so I decided to try it out and it wasn't worth it.
  9. Can you please link up the guide from the PS3 Stick of Truth for the PS4 version as well?
  10. I'm looking forward to the game, but its not important to me exactly when it comes out. I was glad to hear the delay was too avoid crunch and undue stress on the developers. I'd rather see the news article about a delya than an expose piece that shows that Naughty Dog is a shitty place to work for.
  11. I've played a bit of Destiny in the past week. You can get the platinum with the free version. Some of the more repetitive trophies are easy now, because you instantly start above level 20 and with all abilities unlocked. So you don't need to do things in the game to achieve those now. You can't get 100% for free because Forsaken has trophies. From what I've seen, there are not any signs that Forsaken will ever be included in the free to play model. However, Destiny DLC has a history of being super cheap occasionally like Black Friday sales etc. I'd work on the platinum and watch for a sale. That's my plan anyway. I bet there will be a point within the next two months where Forsaken is less than $10.
  12. I'll hop in on this. It's pretty much my intention to finish these sooner rather than later anyway. I think I'll shoot for trying to finish of these per month, starting in November. We'll see how I do. And in no particular order, I present to you my list!
  13. I don't have a dog in this fight, because I never engaged with Fallout 76, but seems like a slap in the face to the people that have stuck with this game through its rocky launch and beyond. It does not seem like much value for the price either. I guess it's a good deal if you compare it to buying atoms flat out because you get about $15 of atoms along with this subscription. But meh. Bethesda used to deliver much more in terms of DLC for the same amount of money. I'd much rather sub to PS Now or Game Pass. Especially the latter because Outer Worlds is included in that and looks to be a superior game experience just by itself.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I'm working on this game now and I'm sure this would have confused me because I'm following a random pre-dlc guide. Have you seen any other trophies that changed with the complete edition?
  15. Set up a gaming session on that part of the site. Someone will likely join up.