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  1. Honestly sometimes it's nice to just play something without the stress of trophies or the tinge of regret that comes with adding one more thing to clean up to a profile. I think this kind of thing is normal. How nice is it to come home from work and be yourself? My work personality is different than home personality. Gamewise, usually I'm satisfied if I get to A rank on a game. That tells me I went beyond what most gamers do. Right now, I've hidden a bunch of things but that's just to see how it impacted rarity of trophies and my milestones out of curiosity. I'm not ashamed of my typical 60% ish completion average.
  2. Click the link and scroll through. I don't think you can find easy and quick at this percentage unless there's some weird gimmick to take into account like peripherals needed. Below are a few that I spotting that I am somewhat familiar with that aren't too bad. But you can find ones you might like and check for trophy guides or to find out whats easiest and how long it would take. Moonlighter- Moderate difficulty and 25ish hours needed Transformers: Devastation - Moderate difficulty and maybe 30 hours. Mighty No. 9 - Moderate difficulty and 20ish hours. Kung Fu Panda - Easy but a little on the lengthy side needing about 40 hours.
  3. Beat Saber's No Mistakes trophy. You have to clear 15 songs on expert mode without missing a single note. I think I've successfully got the full combo on one song at this difficulty level. I'm just not fast enough. Although, its been a while since I've put on my VR helmet, I haven't truly given up on trying for this trophy, but I have given up hope on actually getting it.
  4. You make a really good point about this being Skybound and not Telltale and therefore unlikely to be possible to link them legally. What you say about The Witcher 3 is exactly my point. They could have packaged it differently like Spider-Man and kept the same list. They just didn't. Although having all DLC on one disc could be considered a selling point.
  5. Unless you've disabled automatic updates, you'd have the latest and greatest patch already. If you did disable that, you can either re-enable it in Settings. Or you can find ACU on the home screen click the options button and then choose update. It will check for updates for this specific game and not look for updates on everything installed on your system.
  6. I was hoping it was because of trophies/organization. Why have the definitive series have its own trophy list vs having it linked to each games existing trophy list? I'm sure there are more examples, but The Witcher 3 does this same thing, where it has a separate trophy list for the complete edition for literally no reason. TWD Definitive seems even worse because its less trophies for same content. In this definitive series you get 24 trophies including one platinum for playing four entire games. If you play the games individually you'll get 40ish trophies each with a couple platinums.
  7. This is a comedy video and not a tutorial but she does goes over exactly how to group up in this game.
  8. I hope this is still helpful. The answer is "kind of." The more stand alone type trophies like 'Take a photo at the photo cut out" can be done in chapter select. The collectible trophies don't work during chapter select. You will need to pick up all of the things in one play through. There isn't any sort of counter, log, ding, etc. that you picked up a collectible. So you'll have no idea if you missed one or not until the very final one because you either get a trophy or don't.
  9. Finally made some decent progress! I've finished a couple games this week. Disc Jam and Atelier Sophie. The latter one took me a lot longer than I expected. I've been borrowing it for months now!
  10. Life has been kind of crazy for me so I haven't made much progress on things. I think tonight will be a good one for gaming though. Hopefully, I can post a second completion soon.
  11. Hey man. I've had similar issues in the past with trophies I know I have earned not popping. I have a theory on what happens but not how to prevent it. It basically involves the information you've earned the trophy being saved to your save file but not being sent out to the trophy service that would actually activate the code that "pops" the trophy. Future attempts to earn the trophy won't go anywhere because as far as your save file is concerned, you did earn it. So it doesn't bother to resend the information to trophy service ever again. In short, delete your save and try again if you care about it to that level. Sometimes I think its worth it and others I don't. I've had this experience roughly 10 times and killing the save file and doing the trophy requirements one more time always pops it. It sucks in your case that it involves a full play through of a game. Most of the ones I've gotten stuck on not popping were relatively quick things to do in a game.
  12. Yay! I finished a platinum. It has been a little while. Woohoo!
  13. I decided I'd pop in and give this event a try. I'm making a list for the sake of having one. However, I'm mostly just going to play whatever I feel like at the time and see where the chips fall at the end. It's too bad I finished a game last night. I could easily have done that today instead and already had something checked off. 0 - Assassin's Creed: Odyssey 1 - Resident Evil 2 2 - Fallout 4 3 - Atelier Sophie 4 - Mafia 3 5 - Dark Souls: Remastered 6 - South Park: Stick of Truth 7 - Alien Isolation 8 - Child of Light 9 - Lords of the Fallen
  14. Hello. I have an alpha code I'm not going to use. If someone is interested, you can play until June 2nd. Please post if you use the code so I can update the title so others don't waste their time. X96J-94NL-83HN
  15. I would expect the app to be free with basic functions and then if you were a premium member of the site to offer the full set.