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  1. I don't know for sure as I haven't actually played the game, but from just cruising the forums regularly I believe the reason it went obtainable because the community events went away. You need to participate in 20 events for the trophy. However, after being gone for an extended period of time, the community events came back! There were 25ish added to the calendar. If you were on the ball at that point, you could start from 0% and get the platinum. Now there's like four events left and according to @kris345 the last one indicates its going to be the final event ever. So I think you are too late my friend.
  2. Weekly Update: Well, I did better this week. I only started the games I planned on from The Walking Dead series. I didn't spend as much time gaming as I usually do this week. My wife has been wanting to watch scary shows at night. I got sucked into a show called Evil with her and we binged most of it in one day. It was really good. We also watched a metal sculpting reality show competition thing. It was alright. I like those types of shows, but it's hard to recommend them to people. I don't know what it is with my brain, but I am not interested in things like baking, fashion, make-up, flower arranging, modeling, or whatever; but turn on a reality show and suddenly I'm like, "I don't know about Samantha. Her dress design just doesn't meet the brief. What was she thinking with that underwire?! And that color?! Orange is not the new pink. She is just straight up crazy!" Demon's Souls - @gruffiiti got his technical issue sorted out and we were able to jump into Demon's Souls one night this week. I got a few trophies from the session and caught up to where he was in the game. Next time we meet up, I think we are going to 3-2 in his world. The Walking Dead Series - I was pleasantly surprised to see the final season is different than the rest. There is a combat system that isn't all quick time events, and trophies that actually had some (minor) challenge attached to them. The platinum requires more than simply playing through the story. The downside is there are a lot of missable and mutually exclusive trophies, and they did nothing to help the players get back to those decision points easily. A chapter select would be really nice to have. I'm only about a quarter of the way so far, but enjoying this season. I also replayed Season one on the vita and the Michonne mini-series. I don't have anything of importance to say for them, so I'll just lump all these together. Ghost of Tsushima - I'm still in the first zone, but I've done a lot of the side content available here at this point. I am putting it on pause while I focus on my Halloween list a bit. However, I really like this game and I'm going to be returning to it soon. Hades - I got through to the point where the credits roll. So I've officially finished the main story. This occurs on the 10th successful escape from the Underworld. I'm a big fan of Super Giant Games, but I have to say that I think Hades is overhyped. It's good, very good even. However, I don't understand all the game of the year awards, the people saying they were crying at points in the story, and it going on people's greatest games of all time lists. I just wish I had started this one with proper expectations set. It's their best game yet for sure. I just don't think it surpasses their past efforts by much. This is not to say I don't really like this game. I've really liked all their games! I'm going to be happily pouring in more hours into this and having a good time the whole while,. I just wish I didn't have this nagging thought that I'm somehow missing something everyone else is getting that's making this better. Plans for Upcoming Week: I am getting fatigued with all the Walking Dead, but I think I want to just keep going with it and get them done. I need to finish the final season on PS4 and I'm also planning on doing season two on the Vita since I own it already. In the background I'll be working on Hades and Hollow Knight.
  3. Good luck with the no kills run. That's the trophy I'd be most worried about. I'm terrible with stealth. I've got both Dishonored games in my drawer of shame, where I've bought the games and never played them yet. Maybe one day, I'll actually knock these out too.
  4. I've been working on those myself. Almost done with them! After that, I'm going to be playing my Halloween-related football game. I need the trophy for killing 1,000 players. It's tough to get more than a dozen in a game, so this can potentially be going for the rest of the event. I have no idea how many kills I got before when I did the other trophies. I hope you enjoy The Walking Dead though. I've had a pretty good time with them.
  5. That hive grind... pain in the ass. Stick it out man. You didn't get that close just to not get the platinum.
  6. Yeah. Youve always been able to. However,, the ps5 update that came last week made it really easy to tell which version you are playing. So you just make sure you are working on the ps4 version and the trophies will pop with no issues.
  7. I play a pretty good mix of games. Some are hard, some are easy. Sometimes I play "easy" platinums but on harder difficulties. Control, for example, is rated a 3 on difficulty in the trophy guide. But when I played it, I didn't take advantage of those things that could make it easier so it felt like a 7 or 8. I died a lot and found some bosses to be very challenging. On the other hand, I sometimes take advantage of every glitch I can to make a game easier. Like Titanfall 2, I mostly played on easy while getting credit for completing it on its hardest difficulty. It really just depends on my mood. I often play something hard for a couple hours then move to something easier to clear the frustration. I genuinely like Artifex Mundi games. I don't think their writing is good. However, their art can sometimes be fantastic. That art is usually ruined a little by being strangely animated. Either way, I do enjoy doing hidden object pictures a lot. It reminds me of when I was a kid and stared at them in Highlights magazine. I've also been a fan of Telltale Games firba long time and got the plat for many of them. Im currently working on The Walking Dead series for this account. They are enjoyable despite the platinums for most games simply being to play the whole story which is simple. I've played a few EZPZ plats out of curiosity or simply because they were so cheap I decided to toss them in with another purchase. This is stuff like My Name is Mayo which I found to be entertaining enough to be worth a dollar to me. I'm not exactly proud of that platinum, but I don't think it tarnished me for having done it.
  8. I finished my second game! I'm going to just preemptively announce my third, fourth games too; since they will be finished today and are mostly the same thing. These three games are all part of The Walking Dead series. Specifically, the first three games in the series. I played all three of these games a really long time ago and mostly forgot what happens. It's almost been like a fresh playthrough. I did remember some of the broad strokes, but there were some surprises again for sure, even with larger plot points. I really like TellTale Games' stuff. it's a shame what happened to the studio. I've been hoping someone would come in and fill their void. I want choose-your-own-adventure games of so many different book series and cartoons I watched as a kid etc. I'm curious as to what will be done with A Wolf Among Us part 2 from the studio that snatched up those rights. Maybe they'll be awesome and be the new TellTale. Anyway, I don't think I have much original to say about these since TellTale's games are well known within the trophy hunting community. We've all played them or seen them at this point. They are mostly the same gameplay-wise. It's just a matter of the story and the world changing. I think they're fun and if you like The Walking Dead or zombies in general. You'd probably like these games. I am eagerly anticipating finally playing the fourth game. I've never even seen anything about it. I know it exists and it's supposed to wrap-up Clementine's story, but I know nothing beyond that. My next update will probably be that I finished it and giving a mini-review of that final season. - - 19%>>>21% - 21%>>> 23% - - - - 0% - 17% - 42% - 93% (Full playthrough on hardest difficulty and collectables still to do) - 97% (but quite a grind to finish the last trophy) - 14% - 7%
  9. Weekly Update: Oh man! I did everything wrong for my completion rate this week. On the good side of things, I did follow my plan at first. I finished the Friday the 13th puzzle game and made a little progress on Hades and Hollow Knight. @gruffiiti and I planned on co-oping in Demon's Souls, but he was having some technical difficulties, so we decided to try out Operation Tango instead. No big deal. it's a short game. blah blah blah. I also started Walking Dead Season 2 which was part of the Halloween plan, finished it and started season three. Decided I should just knock these out on the Vita since I already owned that version, so I started season one there. My daughter picked Ghost of Tsushima for our September game purchase and I decided I'd just play it right away and not wait. Then Saturday my wife was like "I want you to play a scary game while I cuddle with you." I suggested Walking Dead Season 3 since I hadn't actually started it at that point and those games are mostly self contained, but she declined. We looked through the games I own and she ended up picking Resident Evil 3. So I think the tally this week is 6 new games on the profile!! OMG!! I'm so bad at this! As you can see from the chart, my completion is trending to get way worse by the end of the year. I can't keep having naughty weeks! Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle- Finished! It's a cool little puzzle game where you play as Jason. You can get the solution at anytime if you get stuck, so the overall difficulty is low. There's a murder marathon mode where you have to string together 30 kills in a row, which admittedly can be a bit difficult. But you need 1,000 kills in that mode, so I think odds are anyone will manage to do 30 kills together before they hit 1,000 total; so the difficulty of that trophy doesn't add any extra time to getting the platinum. Hollow Knight- I beat another boss. I think he was in the City of Tears and I now have the downward dash or something. I can smash the ground really hard and break through weak points in the floor. Not sure where I am going next. We will see. Demon's Souls - Almost nothing was ACTUALLY accomplished, but I bought a spell while waiting for @gruffiiti to figure out why he couldn't launch the game on his console. That incremental progress on the trophy for buying all spells brought the game up to the top of the trophy list. Ultimately, we ended up deciding to switch games and didn't get back to Demon's Souls this week. Operation Tango - Finished! As mentioned above, this is what replaced the Demon's Souls co-op. It's was a lot of fun and I recommend people to play it with their friends. You must be on different consoles though. No couch co-op here. There's a lot of puzzles that basically only work if you can't see what your partner is seeing. It will hone your verbal communication skills. Here's a sample quote from my playthrough. @gruffiiti "What does the symbol look like?" @Spacey Dweeb "It looks like if the number 9 had a boner." (expecting a laugh) @gruffiiti (Quite seriously) "A big one or a small one?" @Spacey Dweeb "Wait, what?!" @gruffiiti "Is his boner longer than his feet?" @Spacey Dweeb "Oh yeah! It's a massive boner." @gruffiiti - Got it. A Rose in the Twilight - I went back to a level or two and got a missable trophy there. Didn't spend much time on this game yet. Hades - Still loving it. I bought access to the Administrative Room which popped a trophy, but the room itself is pretty lame as you can tell by its name. I beat the game with two more of the weapons. I tried with the last weapon a couple of times, but didn't make it out yet. The Walking Dead Season One (Vita) - Vita version is very inferior to the PS4 experience. Mostly because it freezes while loading things but the game is still running in the background. Not sure if you want to call it dropped frames or slow loading, but you'll frequently have a second or so where the screen is frozen but you hear sound. Usually it's no big deal, but it will also happen when like you've triggered a zombie to crash through a window. They screen will freeze, you'll hear glass break and a character scream then you'll finally see what's going on and have like 0.3 seconds to line up your crosshairs and shoot your gun. I've had to repeat some portions of the game like 10 times before I died over and over until I could get it perfectly right in the time I had. The Walking Dead Season Two - Finished! I pretty much plowed through this one. I remembered most of the plot of this one and there wasn't any surprises this time. Still pretty decent. I don't have much to say, it's mostly more of the same from the first game. Not a bad thing though. I quite enjoyed it. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Don't get confused. They should have called this season three. It's almost a fresh start to the story though. You follow a new family and it bounces back and forth between right when zombies started happening about about 5 years later. I'm not sure if it says precisely, but Clementine is 8 in the first game and she's got to be at least 12 or 13 at this point. Your new group eventually meets up with Clementine and her story continues, but she's more of a side character this time. In the first game you play mostly as Lee and you are responsible for Clementine's health and well-being. Second game, you're mostly playing as Clem. Third game, you kind of know Clem and hang out sometimes. Fourth game? I don't know. But it is the finale and is supposed to resolve her story. So the third one is kind of strange with that shift. I like the new family just fine, but I wasn't here for them, so why am I playing a game that is 90% unrelated to what I actually wanted to know about? This game is Javier's story. Clem just happens to be nearby. Ghost of Tsushima - I haven't done much of the story yet, but I am am having fun running around the map and doing side quests. The game sets a very interesting mood. I think I am going to enjoy this very much, but it will be something I'm playing here and there between all the Halloween stuff. Resident Evil 3 - My initial playthrough will probably go at a snail's pace since I'll be playing it when my wife is up for watching it. The first night, we got the subway fixed and got lost in the sewers. There are some giant fish-like guys that keep swallowing me whole. I used hand grenades on the first couple, but I'm out of those now. I've only managed to kill one with the handgun and it took like 14 bullets. Trying to run past them hasn't seemed to work either. I have the battery. I just want to get up the damn ladder fish man! and No! I don't want to switch to an easier difficulty!! Stop asking! Plans for Upcoming Week: I'll probably keep banging away on The Walking Dead games and working on Hades, Ghost of Tsushima, and Hollow Knight depending on my mood. Demon's Souls with @gruffiiti if our schedules work out. I'd promise not to start any new games this week, but I know I'm going to add more with the Walking Dead series. Hopefully, I'll have these all wrapped up by the next update. If I start and finish in the same week, they should have a net positive impact on the completion percentage, even if it is small.
  10. Doh! I spaced the badges for the people that didn't get all the colors. I'll have them up later today.
  11. I knew what was going on the whole time. I was just scratching my head trying to think how to explain to @gruffiiti's Neanderthal brain that square pegs don't fit in round holes.
  12. I am not as far in as the rest of you. I stuck with the sword until I escaped with it. It took 19 runs, then moved to spear and got it in 4 runs, shield in 3, bow in 4. I got to final boss with the gloves last night on my first attempt, but didn't defeat him. So far the sword is my favorite. I'm not sure if it's just because I stuck with it so long that it's just my comfort zone, but I think that once I clear the game with each weapon, I'm going to go back to the sword and invest all my horded titan blood there. I'm not attached to any of the keepsakes yet. I've just been leveling them up to three stars and switching them out. However, the lucky tooth felt 100% necessary early on.
  13. I'm not sure,but I think this game runs a peer to peer network and therefore servers can't be offline since the players are literally hosting the session themselves.