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  1. I just wanted to let you all know, my display name was finally able to be updated again from Herr Hieb. I changed it just goofing around one day, I didn't realize I'd have a waiting period to switch it back. I dont think anyone would be that confused, but thought I'd point it out.
  2. I think the trophies would have already shown up if they were coming. You do need Warlords to play because Ubisoft said it's open. To level 40 agents only. Without Warlords you are capped at 30.
  3. I'm posting this one a little early, but I'm going to platinum The Division 2 tonight. I'm claiming the bounty for psycho. There are a lot of people in this game that could count as being psychotic, but I'm going to give it to the Rushers in the Outcasts faction. These are suicide bombers. They come out of nowhere and run directly at you and detonate their explosive vests and blow you up with them.
  4. I started a this account for trophy hunting about two years ago and have platinumed some games twice already because of that. I do find many games are not nearly as good when you go through them again. For example, I really enjoyed the Uncharted series the first time through, but sick of them now. Having a hard time wanting to do finish Lost Legacy, finishing the speed run in UC2, and definitely not doing brutal difficulty this time. For most games I've done twice, maybe the campaign stuff is fun again but the other BS that's usually involved with getting a platinum is grating. With that said, I'd totally do some games even a third time. Bloodborne, for sure. I would do God of War and Spider-Man again. Maybe a few indies too but I doubt something like Darkest Dungeon will get a new list.
  5. Hey all! Score cards are updated and the competition for first is very close. The Claymores have a slight edge over Mystery Inc with 1.6 Bounties remaining per player, vs 1.8. @Kittykat-san come out of the gate strong and all the teams have had an uphill battle to catch up.
  6. Strong recommendation from me for Pyre!
  7. My guess is that it will be left up to the developers and we won't see anything consistent.
  8. I work for a big online retailer, we pre-auth the card at time of purchase to make sure it's valid and has the enough funds and finalize the charge once we confirm shipment.
  9. Hermes' Homie from AC Odyssey. That map is huge. That trophy takes a looking time
  10. My wife snagged one for me. She got a bundle with a lot of things in it for $800 USD
  11. OK. I got all score cards updated as of today. The teams that weren't full had bounties randomly checked off until there was an average of five monsters per person. You have one week to let me know if the random selections screwed up something you were working on. If you do, I'll switch to another random selection so that doesn't conflict. After a week, I feel like I've given enough notice, but exceptions can be considered, Also claiming a bounty for Van Helsing Alliance. I finished Halloween Forever which has a boss called Red Devil. I am using it for the Infernal bounty.
  12. Not super amazing, but just did Halloween Forever. One HP mode is stressful and I failed probably 30ish attempts at it. Was debating pushing it to the side for a while and coming back to it, but pulled it off tonight. I'm surprised that the percentage for it is so high. I was expecting it to be easier because of that. Another one was Becomes the Master from Titanfall 2, the first time I did it, I spent an hour on it a day for several days before I got good enough to do it. Just in general, beating a From Software game was also something I wasn't sure I could do when I first attempted Bloodborne. It became one of my favorite games ever though. I also enjoyed Dark Souls Remastered. I don't like Dark Souls 2 though. My character is sitting abandoned inside of some lava area shortly after the smelter demon, I think was it's name. **Edit** OMG I forgot Beat Saber! I gave up on that Flawless trophy completely. I just thought I just wasn't fast enough to do it. Tried and tried and tried for a while. But couldn't do it. I kept playing the game because I enjoyed it and it makes me sweat. Realized my scores were starting to get close. Got the trophy about two days later after that realization. I would guess I have 5x as many hours as the trophy guide suggests.
  13. Thanks for the review. I thought about that one because I figured it could be used on a lot of different bounties and it's on PSNow. I'll skip it. Lmao
  14. Alright. All the score cards are done,except for my own team. I ended up having a really busy evening, because my wife wasn't feeling well. So I'm just going to put that one off until tomorrow and go relax with some games myself. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes. Also, thanks again to @Spinacheq for suggesting creating them with varying background colors. I think it helped them look nicer.
  15. You can solo pretty much everything on lower difficulties. Otherwise, I'd suggest setting up a gaming session on this site. I think most active players are max level and you can find stuff easily at end game, leveling up will be your challenge. I have a couple of real life friends that play this daily and they are always trying to get me to log in and join them. The main hook of the game is mostly that gear grind and min/maxing your build at the end and rerunning things and doing better and going faster.