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  1. I don't remember any bugs in my playthroughs.
  2. My educated guess is it disables copyrighted music for you automatically, based on other games with this mode. But I don't actually know about this game specifically.
  3. Don't hide your game during a dispute. The staff will just tell you to unhide it or instantly side against you and close the thread.
  4. They can be done before the main game. It's a separate item in the main menu. It will suggest you play the main game first, but I can't see any reason for that since there is no story spoilers or anything like that. For your other question, I can confirm what the guy above me said, you do need two move controllers for it. One controls the brush and the other one holds your art book.
  5. Cousins not siblings.
  6. I agree with DaivRules here. But I would like a combo pass available for cheaper than having both individually.
  7. I hide games but mostly for organization and seeing my list the way I want to see it. If a game went unobtainable (Orcs Must Die Unchained), I leave it displaying. If I decided I'm for sure not going for the platinum/100% (Overwatch) I also leave that displaying. Otherwise, I will hide games that I started and just don't feel like working on right at that moment. My goal is to reduce that back down so I don't feel like I need to hide things to not get overwhelmed when looking at what needs to be done.
  8. My other storage changes but is usually between 80-110gb.
  9. I don't usually care too much about milestones, but I must admit I was looking forward to #100. I didn't plan anything specific. I had a few games I was working on. I let my mood dictate what I play, so it could have been any of them. Dark Souls 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Lego: The Lego Movie: The Video Game lol.I was wondering which one was going to be the one. Then got a text from my buddy @gruffiiti who wanted to check out the recently free game, We Were Here. Since it's a short experience, we platinumed it in one night and it ended up being my 100th.
  10. Gameplay Dreams - Prize Bubble Guide Walkthrough Tales of Graces F - Walkthrough Guide Niche Children of Morta Trophy Guide DLC Kingdom Hearts III - reMind DLC Trophy Guide Formatting Divinity Original Sin 2 Trophy Guide Original Content Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Trophy Guide
  11. I doubt the servers will be shutting off any time soon, even if they decide to cut their losses on Anthem. However, when you go for the plat, check for seasonal events. I had to delay the platinum for a few weeks until the end of the winter one, because the collectables for one of the factions was really hard to find due to a decreased spawn rate.
  12. That sucks. If you don't have a disc anymore, or lost access to a digital game (like you got refunded or ended your PS+ service) I think your only option then is to boot into safe mode and trigger it to rebuild the database.
  13. I'm pretty sure you did the restore all licenses, which works for the digital games. Will you try the thing I suggested in that thread with the disc game. Start reinstalling it, then cancel the reinstall while its in progress. I've done that with games on my own system.
  14. I'm pretty sure they were just upgrading Nioh 2 for free because it's so recent. When they made the announcememt for the remasters, they still had DLC for Nioh 2 that wasn't even released yet. So, they needed to keep the good will of the fans that had already made a purchase. And like someone pointed out, without the first one being free, many may just shrug and buy the whole collection anyway.
  15. For the most part, my games are running better and loading faster on the PS5. Ghost Recon Wildlands and Saint's' Row 4 crashed the system as soon as I launched them. Both times it was so bad the system didn't recover until I physically unplugged the ps5 to force the reboot. However, I've played probably 20 other titles as well near flawlessly. The exception is The Surge. You have to turn down the lens flare effect or you'll get a weird visual glitch. As a side note, Days Gone isn't recognizing the past save file where I got the platinum on PS4, so it looks like I'd need to start that over to do the other trophies. However, I've been reading up and it sounds like that may because I used a disc version before and then downloaded it digitally due to it being PS plus. It's rare that digital vs disc makes a difference, but I haven't reinstalled Days Gone from the disc to confirm the save will work on PS5 or continue to be ignored.