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  1. For me it was all about figuring out that very last room. I could consistently get into that room around 24 seconds and then it would fall apart. What helped me most was getting up higher as I was going into it. I've done the trophy several times now and getting up higher is what consistently helps me get through that final room quickly. The prep is in the hallway before the final room. Get up high as possible on the left wall as you're you're leaving the area, way above the orange stripe. When the wall ends jump to the right-hand wall. In the screenshot, they are already onto the right wall, but you should be higher than pictured. Jump before you reach that curve to the right or you'll lose some momentum. Because you are up so high, you should be able to shoot the first guy on the platform from above the tree leaves. AIm yourself towards the right-hand wall then use the mid-air jump. Then aim for and shoot the final guy. If you got your trajectory perfect, you will land on the right-hand wall and be able to run along that without missing a beat. If you miss the wall, but land on the foot path, you're still alright. Hurry and jump onto the wall and it won't hurt your time too much. Then do a double-jump through the door. Slide if you don't quite make it while in the air. When I was getting close to the trophy I had a couple times where I missed the footpath all together and fell into the hole. That pretty much ruins the run so try not to do that. The video above from @JoaLoft is pretty close to what I am suggesting. I'd just try to be up a little higher on the approach so you have a better chance of landing directly on the wall at the end instead of the footpath.
  2. Ultra Rare generally means ultra shitty. People will get hard plats on good games. I don't want to play some garbage for 100 hours just to make people think I'm leet. It's silly. Good devs will think about how to challenge their fans while respecting their time.
  3. Trust me, no one cares about your profile. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just saying you should work on things you enjoy and complete what you like to complete. If you're looking for recommendations of good games, that's one thing. If you're looking for what combination of games you can 100% and get some ladies moist and the men jelly, it doesn't exist. And if you try to define what a "perfect profile" is, there will be many, many people disagreeing with you for very valid reasons.
  4. I'm one of the lucky folks that does all computer work and can do it at home completely. I prefer to work in the office rather than at home, but quarantine has had no impact on my ability to do my job, other than motivation level. haha. Right now, plenty of time for gaming, but when I start up in that class, I will spend a few hours a night for three days a week in class. I'm not sure what the homework load is, but if it's light, I probably still can spend plenty of time on games. I will be playing for the stress relief either way. I just don't know how much of my list I'll get through. I think this will be a good time either way.
  5. I'll make a list. I have no idea how much I will finish since I'm starting a 16-week course in mid-May and I still have full-time employment. Let me know if I need to justify any of the choices. #COOKWITHME: Persona 5 Royal - ULTRA!! #DANCESINGWITHME: Beat Saber - ULTRA!! #CRAFTWITHME: Control - ULTRA!! #HANGOUTWITHME: Borderlands 3 - ULTRA!! #READWITHME: Hatoful Boyfriend - ULTRA!! #LEARNWITHME: Rise of the Tomb Raider - ULTRA!! #GETREADYWITHME: Rime - ULTRA!! #SOLVEWITHME: The Sexy Brutale - ULTRA!! #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Stikbold! - ULTRA!! #BONDWITHME: AC Odyssey - ULTRA!! #WORKOUTWITHME: BoxVR - ULTRA!! #FIGHTWITHME: Castle Crashers Remastered - ULTRA!! #TRAVELWITHME: Mafia 3 - ULTRA!! #GAMEWITHME: The Banner Saga - ULTRA!!
  6. Alright, here are the last requests... @ladynadiad @Leon Castle @ZoutjeNL
  7. You should all be thanking @eigen-space for the badges, I just executed on her vision. Everything from the banksy/graffiti style to the phrase being used were picked by her. If she had asked for a plain badges, that's what you would have gotten. I was a tool in her hand and all the best parts came from her input and decisions. So thank you @eigen-space for setting up everything and having the great ideas that are earning me a lot of praise right now. Also, thank you to @Jens for keeping the wheels on the bus, answering questions, and keeping things updated. I wish you both many successful events in the future.
  8. @AuroraHistoire @Han_the_Dragon @hsn963 @sona_11
  9. I goofed up and forgot to fix the font color when I opened my source file. I fixed them in the previous post now. Would you mind removing the images from your comment so the incorrect ones aren't floating around out there.
  10. @Beyondthegrave07 @FielVeredus @LMGhenry
  11. Hey guys! I will be working on badges this weekend. They aren't too complicated and I expect to turn them around quickly, so you will should be receiving them from your hosts by Monday.
  12. I sit at everyone's lunch table.