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  1. I did the thing and finished a DLC pack. TLOU2 is 100% forever now! I haven't decided which one is next yet, but did install a few games that have some DLC for me to do.
  2. Hello. Hello. I haven't said much in this event yet. I'm looking forward to knocking out some DLCs with you all. Here's my starting list, but my DLC back log runs deep so I will hopefully be adding more as time goes on and I finish some things. I know my first DLC to be completed is going to be from TLOU2. I've been working on it here and there already. I am in the latter portion of the game right now and just need to make it to the end for the final DLC trophy. I'm glad that you can do permadeath by chapter, because if I had to do the entire game, I'd be a nervous wreck. I have died a couple times even on the easiest difficulty. So many things cause instant deaths. It's been an annoying trophy to go for. I had one amusing death as Ellie in Seattle Day 1. That's the most open world portion of the game and you are given a pretty large area you can explore in any order you want. I had explored the entire map. As I was going into the final building, I saw a staircase to the right and remembered there were some items up there. So I ran over there and went up the stairs, grabbed the stuff, and jumped over the nearby railing to get down quickly. The screen went black and white and I had to watch Ellie crash into the sidewalk below like she had jumped off a 5th floor balcony. In reality she was only like 8 feet up though. So I had to restart and lost all that progress. I didn't feel like exploring the entire map a second time and haven't done any of the extras since then. I'm just plowing through the story as fast as I can now. The Last of Us Part 2 - Grounded Mode - 66% Operation Tango - Challenge Mode - 0% Saints Row the Third Remastered - Genki Bowl VII - 0% Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Adventure Pack - 33% Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Lair of the Lost Lord - 0% Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Tale of a Timeless Tome - 0%
  3. Got it on my first attempt after hooking the PS4 back up.
  4. I've done these trophy requirements three times now on PS5. Probably four, but the first time I wasn't paying 100% attention and only took note when it didn't unlock when expected. Ive deleted saves, reinstalled game, etc. I just wanted to give a heads up for others so they don't waste their time. But please respond if you did do this game on PS5 successfully.
  5. I've heard good things from reviewers I trust, but I have no actual personal experience with this game to recommend it. I think Lost in Random looks really good and is flying under the radar. I am very tempted to buy it even though I am trying to limit myself to buying one game a month until my backlog is less outrageous. I would also give a nod to Little Nightmares 1 and 2. They are both great, but the first one has no platinum which is annoying for some. Whispering Willows is enjoyable for a short platinum, but is a okayish game. Inside is good and short. Oxenfree is quite good as well, but three playthroughs for the platinum is annoying. Darkest Dungeon if you can handle turn-based combat and RNG luck. It can be frustrating, but it totally is my sort of game and I loved it.
  6. I didn't start anything! I just said I'd half-ass some badges for it. 😂
  7. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been having some gaming burnout. It felt like it came out of nowhere. I thought maybe it was connected to a schedule change my wife made that affected my sleep pattern. However, today, I was glancing at my stats on PSNP, out of curiosity; and I discovered something interesting. If you look at the chart below, you can see, I generally hover around 200 trophies per month, which honestly is quite a lot to begin with. Suddenly in September, I was close to 500 trophies in a single month, then I plummet in October. I know not all trophies are created equal and I played some fast games like Tell Tale's Walking Dead, but I think this shows I was pushing myself in September. Which caused me to burn out in October. October is now looking more average. I've still been earning trophies in October, but having less fun and being way less motivated. While I was working through the lack of enthusiasm for gaming, I didn't end up taking any big breaks away from gaming like I was considering. I went through some of my backlogged games and tried to find something that would click and draw me in. I didn't find it after picking back up several games I abandoned in the past. So I asked my daughter to play Divinity Original Sin with me, and we've put a few hours into that and will continue to work on it. Then I went to Remnant from the Ashes. Although, its new on my profile, I played most of the way through this on XBOX a year or so ago, it did feel like going back to a backlogged game. I've been wanting to do it on PlayStation since it was announced as a PS+ title in March. I booted it up, and finally I had the game that drew me in again. After the first night playing, I invited @gruffiiti to join me since it's a perfect co-op game. He was gracious and did so, even though we already have a couple of games with co-op we should be finishing instead of starting new stuff. I feel like I've blown my goal of getting to 80% this year since I basically have sucked for three weeks straight. But I should start trending back up after this week. We'll see where I actually end up.
  8. What they said is mostly correct. You don't have to do NG+ cycles though, you can restart with a new character. Three full playthroughs without USB though either way, but starting new characters and doing new builds might be more fun and easier than doing NG, NG+, and NG++ on same character.
  9. Sing Star lol. Just a grind. Nothing hard about it. You can even cheese a lot of it and not actively play.
  10. I'll still be around reading people's posts and stuff. Mostly what I intend by withdrawing is giving myself permission to stop feeling bad about not doing my Halloween games. Most of the time, the pressure of a deadline for an event pushes me farther and I complete more. This time I'm just not hitting the right mental space.
  11. Weekly Update: This was kind of a meh week for me. I'm definitely feeling some burn-out. It started right around when my wife switched schedules and started working from home so I thought it was related to the change in my sleep patterns, but I think I would have made that adjustment by now. I think it's probable that I will be taking a week or two off of gaming soon to reset. No graph this week. I didn't feel like bothering with it since I'm writing this in the 10 free minutes I have before I go into a meeting at work. Greak: Memories of Azur - This game is where most of my time went this week. It's a pretty short experience. It took me about 12 hours to platinum it and I also put together a trophy guide for it since it's a game that's not getting a lot of attention. I liked it and think most gamers would too if they gave it a whirl. AC: Valhalla - Started it forever ago and it didn't click. So I tried it again out this week and it still did nothing to draw me in. I've already bounced back off of it for now. Claire - Kind of a meh horror game. It was supposed to be short, but it's glitched on me a few times now so it doesn't feel short anymore. It's at 96% now. I'll probably go for the platinum one more time this upcoming week. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - This is another one I started a long time ago, but didn't stick. There isn't anything wrong with the game, I just changed profiles and I had all the Uncharted platinums on my old profile. At the time I started this in the past, I just wasn't ready for more Uncharted yet. I've made some progress this time. This particular entry is shorter than the others, so I will probably stick it out until it's platinumed. Plans for Upcoming Week: Finish Claire and Uncharted: Lost Legacy and decide if I should take a week or two off or not.
  12. Well, let's be frank. I am failing here. I am normally very excited to dive into Halloween events, but as I've looked at my list of games for this event for the past couple of weeks, I just haven't wanted to play any of them. I am feeling a bit burnt-out with gaming in general lately and kind of struggling. At first I was like, maybe I'll play a short game that's not on the list as a palate cleanser, maybe another, and another... and another... Anyway, I'm at five games completed outside of my Halloween list since October 1st, close to six, so I'm just going to admit that the Halloween games I chose just aren't getting my juices flowing. Therefore, I am going to withdraw from the event. Don't fear about the badges, I will still provide those for everyone. I'm probably going to take a week or two off of gaming very soon if my mood doesn't improve. This gaming burn-out happens with me every now and then and if I'm being honest, no games are really getting my excitement up lately. So it's definitely time to consider a break. I've probably played a dozen different games in the past few weeks with nothing catching me. The games I've managed to finish are just because they are short enough to be done before I'm completely sick of them.
  13. Don't half-ass it, do the DLC!!
  14. Weekly Update: I had another mostly positive week. I stuck to the plan initially, but I found out Little Nightmares 2 had a free PS5 upgrade that I somehow missed and I jumped over to that immediately and played through it and got the platinum over the course of a couple days. I also decided to finally play Maquette. I knew it was short and I've been curious about it for quite a while. So that game was also started and platinumed this week. The Walking Dead: The Final Season - I finished the final season and am finally done with this series. I did enjoy it quite a lot. I think I would be open to playing the definitive edition some time in the future and seeing it one more time. But for now, I'm kind of tired of it and ready to move on. Hades - I made some progress. Finally figured out the Cthonic Companion thing and think I am making progress with other storylines that will unlock new prophecies and hidden weapon aspects. I can still see I have a long road ahead of me though. Little Nightmares II - I really like this creepy game. It is right up my alley. Atmospheric, dark, twisted, strange. Most importantly this week, short and sweet. I blasted through it with pretty much no wasted time at all. Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala - Nothing new to say on this that I didn't say last week. It's a hidden puzzle game from Artifex Mundi. I think they are bad games, but like to play them now and then anyway. Maquette - I had a good time with this one. The relationship backstory thing wasn't very compelling, but I did appreciate that they tried to tell a story and give the puzzles and level design some symbolic purpose. However, I enjoyed the game overall and the nested copies of the worlds was kind of mind blowing and introduced a lot of fun mechanics. I played through blind and solved nearly every puzzle myself. I had to pull up a video to figure out the pink crystal opened the pink force field blocking an area off and felt dumb I didn't see it that one myself. The speedruns weren't bad. They all had plenty of time if you could keep all the steps in your head. The prologue level was the exception. On that one, you had to jump through bushes and take shortcuts and find racing lines like a car game, but its the shortest and easiest level so it was okay I had to do it five times. Then I looked up the misc. trophies and completed those using chapter select afterwards. It was a nice experience. Plans for Upcoming Week: I'm going to try out a game called Greak and probably make a guide for this site. I've owned it for a while. I know it's pretty short so I think its a game I can platinum within the same week I started it. Afterwards, probably more Hades and Kena.
  15. That wasn't my experience at all. This game worked just fine when I played with @gruffiiti I think we had one disconnection the first night we played, but we decided it was probably time for bed anyway and stopped playing. I can't recall any other glitches, bugs, crashes, etc. I recommend this game it's quite good. Fun and easy platinum. That sucks your experience was a glitch mess.
  16. I just realized it today. lol. Was watching a video on the psn sale and they mentioned Little Nightmares 2 came with a free PS5 upgrade and I was like, "What?!" Instantly downloaded and started playing it again.
  17. You can do this for offline games, but not online games. You create a guest account and decline to sign into psn. Then you can earn the trophies. When you eventually sign it in, the trophies sync to your account. It will keep the earliest timestamp so you won't run into issues with that. I do this pretty regularly to help people with the VR trophies in Concrete Genie.
  18. Weekly Update: Some of this past week went really well. Other parts were not great for my completion percentage. Overall, I think it was a win though. I should be averaging a 0.5% increase per week. I went up the right amount this week, but I am still a couple weeks behind schedule. However, I am poised to have a big week this week. There are a few games where I am in the late stages and this would be when those silver and gold trophies pop. I'm hoping to jump up a full percent this week. The Walking Dead Series - I replayed Season 2 on the Vita just to get the plat done. I did it mostly while watching tv shows with my wife. I barely paid attention to Vita and just mashed buttons. Clem and AJ ended up in Wellington alone at the end. However, since none of the later games came out on Vita it doesn't matter since I can't continue that story on. From my ps4 playthroughs, I did pay attention and am a little more than half through the final season. Hades - I made decent progress on this trophy-wise, but I'm in the grind portion. There's just a lot of small things that come together over time and the only way to make it happen is to just keep playing. Simple stuff like choosing all the different types of boons from every different god. You just have to play long enough to see them all. The interactions between all the characters is keeping things interesting. You can always find at least a few people each run that have something new to say. Kena: Bridge of Spirits - I thought I'd end up skipping this one for a while since I've been cutting back on game purchases and limiting myself to one per month. I already got Ghost of Tsushima in September. However, Kena was technically purchased by my daughter. so I got to take advantage of it. I knew it was fairly short, so I didn't agonize too hard about adding it to my profile. I've heard master difficulty is really challenging, but I'm up for it! Enigmatis Series - This series is from Artifex mundi and if you've played one from that publisher, you've basically played them all. I have some sort of soft spot for them, even though I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I just get in the mood for the hidden object puzzles, the cheesy voice acting and bad dialogue. I have a couple of hours to go in the final game of this trilogy and then I'll go back to my regularly scheduled gaming. Plans for Upcoming Week: All four of those above entries could be reasonably finished up this week. I only have some doubts on Hades. So the plan is to work on wrapping all of those up and picking back up on my Halloween event game list.
  19. Time for an update! I haven't finished a game for this event a little more than a week now. But I have made progress on a bunch of things. I've been most consistent with Hades and doing a couple runs per day. Outside of the event, I worked on completing The Walking Dead Season Two again on the Vita. Since I already got the story recently, I mostly just absent-mindedly pushed buttons on the Vita while watching scary TV shows with my wife. Midnight Mass on Netflix was pretty interesting! I also worked on the Enigmatis Trilogy from Artifex Mundi. Those games are lame, but there's also something I love about them. I think I am probably nostalgic about hidden pictures games from my childhood magazines. Anyway, I did the first game a long time ago. Now I've platinumed the second and working on the third. They are pretty easy and relatively quick platinums since they take about 5 or 6 hours. I also played Kena: Bridge of Spirits which was pretty good. I finished the story but still have collectables and master difficulty to be getting on with. I may replace something in my list with it. You end up doing a lot of stuff to help spirits accept that they've died and need to move on. So I think it fits the event. It also gets a more spooky vibe in the later portions. If it was going to replace something on my list, it would probably be Death Stranding. I haven't made any decisions yet though. - - 21% >>> 68% - 21%>>> 23% - - - - 0% >>> 60% - 17% - 42% - 93% (Full playthrough on hardest difficulty and collectables still to do) - 97% (but quite a grind to finish the last trophy) - 14% >>> 21% - 7%
  20. Oh gee! I am really in for it then. I feel like I need like 1000 more nectars and I've only gotten three stars on the top row of the keepsakes so far. I know I could look most of this up, but I'm enjoying figuring stuff out along the way. I still have no idea how to get a chthonic companion, unlock a hidden weapon aspect, and stuff like that. Zagreus keeps hinting at something like he wants to tear up agreements but I don't know where those would be. I keep going into the admin room looking, but all I can manage to do is say funny inspirational phrases to the workers in there and have them frown at me in mass. lol. But it could be just as likely that some door opens up I haven't seen yet, or I find a new area when I'm out trying to escape.
  21. That's a good one to get! I'm working on it right now. I still have a long ways to go. I think I'm at 50 escape attempts now. How many were you at when you finished?
  22. I don't know for sure as I haven't actually played the game, but from just cruising the forums regularly I believe the reason it went obtainable because the community events went away. You need to participate in 20 events for the trophy. However, after being gone for an extended period of time, the community events came back! There were 25ish added to the calendar. If you were on the ball at that point, you could start from 0% and get the platinum. Now there's like four events left and according to @kris345 the last one indicates its going to be the final event ever. So I think you are too late my friend.
  23. Weekly Update: Well, I did better this week. I only started the games I planned on from The Walking Dead series. I didn't spend as much time gaming as I usually do this week. My wife has been wanting to watch scary shows at night. I got sucked into a show called Evil with her and we binged most of it in one day. It was really good. We also watched a metal sculpting reality show competition thing. It was alright. I like those types of shows, but it's hard to recommend them to people. I don't know what it is with my brain, but I am not interested in things like baking, fashion, make-up, flower arranging, modeling, or whatever; but turn on a reality show and suddenly I'm like, "I don't know about Samantha. Her dress design just doesn't meet the brief. What was she thinking with that underwire?! And that color?! Orange is not the new pink. She is just straight up crazy!" Demon's Souls - @gruffiiti got his technical issue sorted out and we were able to jump into Demon's Souls one night this week. I got a few trophies from the session and caught up to where he was in the game. Next time we meet up, I think we are going to 3-2 in his world. The Walking Dead Series - I was pleasantly surprised to see the final season is different than the rest. There is a combat system that isn't all quick time events, and trophies that actually had some (minor) challenge attached to them. The platinum requires more than simply playing through the story. The downside is there are a lot of missable and mutually exclusive trophies, and they did nothing to help the players get back to those decision points easily. A chapter select would be really nice to have. I'm only about a quarter of the way so far, but enjoying this season. I also replayed Season one on the vita and the Michonne mini-series. I don't have anything of importance to say for them, so I'll just lump all these together. Ghost of Tsushima - I'm still in the first zone, but I've done a lot of the side content available here at this point. I am putting it on pause while I focus on my Halloween list a bit. However, I really like this game and I'm going to be returning to it soon. Hades - I got through to the point where the credits roll. So I've officially finished the main story. This occurs on the 10th successful escape from the Underworld. I'm a big fan of Super Giant Games, but I have to say that I think Hades is overhyped. It's good, very good even. However, I don't understand all the game of the year awards, the people saying they were crying at points in the story, and it going on people's greatest games of all time lists. I just wish I had started this one with proper expectations set. It's their best game yet for sure. I just don't think it surpasses their past efforts by much. This is not to say I don't really like this game. I've really liked all their games! I'm going to be happily pouring in more hours into this and having a good time the whole while,. I just wish I didn't have this nagging thought that I'm somehow missing something everyone else is getting that's making this better. Plans for Upcoming Week: I am getting fatigued with all the Walking Dead, but I think I want to just keep going with it and get them done. I need to finish the final season on PS4 and I'm also planning on doing season two on the Vita since I own it already. In the background I'll be working on Hades and Hollow Knight.
  24. Good luck with the no kills run. That's the trophy I'd be most worried about. I'm terrible with stealth. I've got both Dishonored games in my drawer of shame, where I've bought the games and never played them yet. Maybe one day, I'll actually knock these out too.