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  1. There are talent points in the stealth tree that will make the petrificus stronger and hit everyone close by etc. That will help, there wasn't a specific spot to farm it but you can sneak up on pretty much anything. You will be able to open all the chests. The platinum bug is from people having all chests open and somehow missing items.
  2. Same here. I ordered off eBay, was careful to make sure it was in Sealed Brand New condition. The DLC code said its good for a number of years yet. So you're fine as long as you get an unused code.
  3. I am up for this event for 2023. Looking forward to moving many games to 100%. So far not off to a great start for DLCs but I have done one so far. Subject 2923 - Remnant: From the Ashes
  4. Haha There he is!
  5. Hey all. I got the badge design down and approved by the event hosts. I will get them posted this weekend at the latest, with the possible exception of the special badge for the first place finisher. I need to redraw the thing in a different way for that one. I expect it to be done this weekend too, but I got other home improvement projects I'm committing to. -- Sorry there was a delay. There was confusion about who gets badges and now who/when they will do posting. Stay tuned.
  6. When I went to a 4k screen with the PS5 the only thing I noticed was text was smoother/more readable. The games themselves look the same to me. I think every game on PS5 is required to have a steady 60 fps on 1080p, but can't remember where I heard that.
  7. It really depends on the game for me. Usually though, I play some of the beginning again so I can get familiar with the controls again. Then jump back to my older save. I don't normally restart due to the story. Even if I need a refresh, there's generally a 10 minute YouTube vid I can watch/listen to to get me back into that and I can usually do that while folding laundry, or taking care of something else and not sacrifice any actual gaming time.
  8. Here are badges!! @blu3st4rdust305 @KyonKuchiki @MAUSZX @DoctorDrPepper @Cassylvania @AugustUnder @Xylobe @MattbluePT @breakingthegreen @Thrillhelm @damcrac5 @CiaraTara @ch4rl1e5_jabs @ShinigamiSensei- Platinum: Gold Silver Bronze
  9. Hey guys. I just moved from Utah to Texas and still settling in. My parents are staying with me and I'm learning all about how I've been an adult wrong for the past 20 years lol. They leave Wednesday and I should be able to have your badges done soon after.
  10. The 1001 model does not have any additional space. I can't download even a small game without a card in mine. The newer model does have a small amount of onboard storage.
  11. I don't want to stir up old drama so I won't go into much detail. Even the quick summary I just typed seemed like too much and I removed it. I'll just say it started with me getting a warning about spamming the forums that I disagreed with and things went downhill. I've changed accounts since then and don't really want to connect myself with the situation again.
  12. I've gotten warnings on this site for incredibly stupid reasons.
  13. Alright here are the badges for the rest us that aren't overachievers! @Arctic Cress @blu3st4rdust305 @Sgznf @damcrac5 @diskdocx @Grotz99 @KillerUni12 @Man of Inaction @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko @Jens @jninja79 @Weskerfan75 @Beth Medusa @PMDStrandbeest @Gretchen27 @SyIaris @Mesopithecus @Dreggit @MissShake @Sardavanua @RoastedPeanut