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  1. Has a following of 48 followers
  2. Likes to make sure they try to get every single trophy (all them 100%'s)
  3. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture This Pattern Is Mine Platinum #6
  4. Impressive collection i suggest maybe adding Spyro Collection to your list of Plats
  5. found out that the copy i had brought was a US version and not the EU version so it wouldnt download the map pack
  6. i was looking to buy a vita second hand but while browsing at what games were on the system i wasnt impressed but i like how this thread might change my mind now
  7. Ive been getting the problem also so will give this method a go.. thanks
  8. i cant seem to get the FREE maps downloaded or installed either 😭 i havent even started the single player yet
  9. nice to hear the servers are still got players on i just got this game through the post today
  10. no worries even though i had 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money Wins i ended up playing another round of blood money and it then showed up
  11. ive just won 5 heists and 5 blood money and the trophy didnt pop for me
  12. BF V (then again im a BF fan after all)
  13. God of War (Came with my PS4)
  14. MAG (Spent hours playing this game) Red Dead Redemption BF: Bad Company Series (I know thats 2 games but i love the series)