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  1. i was looking to buy a vita second hand but while browsing at what games were on the system i wasnt impressed but i like how this thread might change my mind now
  2. Ive been getting the problem also so will give this method a go.. thanks
  3. i cant seem to get the FREE maps downloaded or installed either 😭 i havent even started the single player yet
  4. nice to hear the servers are still got players on i just got this game through the post today
  5. no worries even though i had 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money Wins i ended up playing another round of blood money and it then showed up
  6. ive just won 5 heists and 5 blood money and the trophy didnt pop for me
  7. BF V (then again im a BF fan after all)
  8. God of War (Came with my PS4)
  9. MAG (Spent hours playing this game) Red Dead Redemption BF: Bad Company Series (I know thats 2 games but i love the series)
  10. its a shame u cannot delete a game from your trophy list altogether even with some % on it... i got disney infinity 2.0 on my list and it will never be in any interest to attempt to complete due to the servers going offline so i just want it gone now instead of hidden or at least have the option to hide it from my list so i cant see it
  11. i dont like this Real Name feature even on the login screen and on the home menu and just wished it showed the PSN ID tbh i have sent my real name to my IRL friends only
  12. Hey i ended up leaving the Lucky Army as there wasn't many players active in the clan 😟 i did manage to find a clan for Destiny 1 & 2 who have many members that are currently active throughout the day so all's good but thank you for making this thread i was very handy to look through the clans
  13. This isnt my clan but i was searching the web and found them its very active and its open to everyone, they have a discord channel and are very helpful.. so if your needing them trophies "Raiding Party" and "Strenght of the Pack" that will need you to be in a clan then i recommend them. Clan Name: D1 LFG Clan Platforms: PS4 Link: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Index?groupId=3073176 Clan Message: We started off as a makeshift group thrown together on a D1 LFG chat group. We were just (L)ooking (F)or (G)ames. Now, we're a force to be reckoned with. The Darkness is reeling. We're not looking for games anymore. Now, we're (L)ooking (F)or (G)uardians, guardians to join us in our quest to push back the Darkness. We're cool, we're chill, and for not knowing what we're doing, we have a whole lot of fun doing it. Do you have what it takes? Clan Membership Restrictions: Open to all.
  14. Awesome joined The Lucky Army cant wait to finally have some team mates
  15. hit me up with a add looking to boost a few PVP trophies PSN ID: ExcideSC